Wild Wild East

The Life Of Wiley

By Melinda Nye
“Coyote in Winter” by wildlife artist John Mullane.

A sharp yip travels across a dark field by Lamington Road. More yips, then howls, then yip-howls follow. People in a nearby lot freeze, car keys in their hands, as the canine version of a devil's fugue increases in tempo. The sound moves west, following a line of woods one hundred yards distant and not nearly distant enough.

"What is that?" someone asks.

"Coyotes," a woman ventures.

"Coyotes? No way," a man replies. "Those are dogs."

The yip-howls stop abruptly. Laughing uneasily, the listeners climb hastily into their cars and drive off. The raucous animals move on, leaving behind a profound silence and the question of their existence.

"No doubt they were coyotes," says Tom McFadden, Outdoor Recreation Planner at the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, the next day. "We've got them here. I've heard them at home. They're everywhere."

Indeed. Wiley Coyote might already be in the neighborhood. The Eastern Coyote (Canis latrans var) has been spotted in every county in the state. Over thirty years New Jersey's coyote population has grown exponentially, from less than 100 to an estimated 3,000 animals. In northern New Jersey, the most concentrated populations have been found in Sussex county and the western halves of Passaic, Morris and Warren counties.

Remarkably, few people notice the wild canine in their midst. Their myopia stems in part from coyote's resemblance to a shy dog. The size of a small German Shepherd, the Eastern Coyote measures four to five feet in length. While larger specimens reside in the Adirondacks; the smaller New Jersey coyotes typically weighs thirty-five to forty-five pounds. Their shaggy fur ranges from a blond-gray to a dark brown that appears almost black. Most people get little more than a quick view of the tail end disappearing into cover, which provides the only clue to the creature's identity; unlike a dog, the coyote carries its droopy, bushy tail downwards.

The Eastern coyote's appearance has sparked to an ongoing debate: are Eastern coyotes part dog, part wolf, or pure coyote? Coyotes can mate with dogs, but usually don't. When coyotes and dogs do breed, the coy-dog pups arrive in the winter. The males don't stay to help and the pups usually die. Survivors seem to keep the reproductive cycle of dogs, with the same unfortunate timing and results. Even so, DNA evidence seems inconclusive. At Leg Up Enterprises in Lovell, Maine, owner Bill Graham ran a DNA test on his coyotes in order to register a product line of deer-repellents. "The test showed no difference between coyote and dog," he recalls.

Many biologists, however, suspect a genetic link exists between the Eastern coyote and Canadian gray wolves. As open country and farmlands created wildlife corridors, the Western coyote apparently traveled north and east until it met up with its kissing cousin. If the theory proves accurate, the Eastern coyote sprang from a truly dysfunctional relationship. When it wasn't busy toying with the coyote gene pool, the gray wolf competed with and preyed on the coyote. Eventually, coyote kharma won the day. When habitat loss and development pressure decimated the gray wolf population, coyotes found a whole new world to exploit.

An opportunist to its core, a coyote will eat almost anything, from rodents to road kill. In the fall it gobbles up grasshoppers. It consumes garbage and amphibians. It loves blueberries and raspberries, but above all it loves ample food, and people provide regular windfalls. Human development -­ with its accompanying refuse and disruption of habitat ­ makes surprisingly good coyote habitat. If, in a northern forest, a coyote might claim a territory as large as 62 square miles, a suburban coyote can thrive in a territory that measures a scant five square miles.

It was only a matter of time before coyotes ambled, swam and leaped in to New Jersey. If the eastbound lane had closed down, they would have arrived on the southbound. Both Pennsylvania and New York estimate their coyote population at about 30,000 animals: 30,000 wily, highly adaptable, long-ranging animals. Increasingly comfortable with humans and not averse to travel, coyotes have swum to islands off Massachusetts. One was caught in Manhattan. Northern New Jersey must have been a no-brainer, like falling in love with the attractive neighbor.

And yet many New Jerseyeans (like that cute neighbor) seem clueless to the coyotes' interest. Coyotes tend to operate under the radar. Busiest during nighttime and the edge of the day, when they are less likely to meet humans face to face, coyotes work farmlands, picnic spots and backyards. A surprise viewing of a coyote jogging through Clinton occurred at four in the morning.

That habitual shyness creates an image problem. The coyote seems doomed to be woefully misunderstood. Animated cartoons depict it as the idiot savant of the animal kingdom: as conniving as Machiavelli and as dumb as dirt. It chases its prey only to fall off a cliff. Adding insult to injury, the phrase Coyote Ugly has entered the lexicon of social encounters, a resonant tag used by anyone who's learned firsthand how a night time strategy of drink till s/he's cute can go terribly wrong.

If the animal kingdom teaches us anything, it is that beauty exists in the eye of the beholder. Coyotes enjoy a pair bond that modern humans can only envy. Divorce rates? Coyotes generally mate for life. The adults will settle into a den, where anywhere from four to eight pups bound forth in the spring. Both parents raise the young, sometimes with the help of older offspring who stick around until they must establish their own territories.

Allan Sampson, a farm manager who takes care of several hundred acres in Somerset and Hunterdon counties, has worked around coyotes for eighteen years. Of the vocal group that has staked a claim along Lamington Road, he says only "they've been behaving themselves. They mind their own business. They're not causing any problem, like bothering livestock or chasing pets or people." He pauses. "Coyotes get a bad rap. Just recently they were blamed for killing sheep. It didn't sound right when I heard an ear was chewed off. Turned out it was the neighbor's dogs. Every time the dogs got loose they made a beeline for the sheep."

To be sure, not all the bad press is unwarranted. In the spring, when they've denned up, coyotes will protect their territory. They might cede part of their range ­ a yard ­ to a large dog, but small dogs run the risk of being attacked. Some coyotes in northern New Jersey have killed sheep, poultry, and the occasional pet. However, this only puts them in league with bear, bobcats, dogs, great horned owls and many cars.

If predation brings grief, it also offers benefits. Coyotes help restore the natural order. As the New Jersey Audubon Society points out, coyote predation of feral cats helps migratory songbirds. They eat Canada Geese eggs, and are among the few predators left in the state that hunt and consume deer. They happily feed on road kill and gut piles left by hunters, and will kill fawns and sometimes adults. They care little about property lines; the Bedminster group dragged a deer down in a field behind Black River Road, waking their human neighbors with sounds more often associated with Africa than with the garden state.

At Leg Up, Bill Graham has learned to take advantage of coyote predation. The company sells 100% coyote urine, a product with a smell like a punch to the head. Coyote Ugly? Coyote Stinky might be more apt. Mr. Graham collects the urine from domestic, penned coyotes who ­ through a system of rewards ­ learn to pee in a certain area. Healthy, meat-fed coyotes release pheromones that scare off deer. Sprinkled around the perimeter of a garden, Leg Up's coyote urine helps gardeners protect their plants. Still, as Mr. Graham points out, "it is not a perfect solution. Deer adapt quickly. They need the reminder of real live coyotes to keep associating the scent with danger."

The coyote might just be here to stay. According to the DEP, New Jersey can potentially support a population of 5,000. Although wild coyotes have a life span of only four years, hunting has had little impact. Capture of the very clever, very elusive animal, with its superior senses, defeats most hunters. In 2002 only twenty-three coyotes were taken during the various hunting seasons. Coyotes have a remarkable ability to increase or decrease their litter size depending on competition for the food supply. Hunting, perhaps, accomplishes at best the same thing coyote urine accomplishes with nuisance deer: it maintains the fear and respect of one species for another.

Coyote attacks on people are almost unknown. Domestic dogs pose a far greater threat. If anything, as wildlife enthusiasts know, the challenge lies in sighting the wary animal. Only rarely do people get a chance to look into a coyote's slanted yellow eyes. In Long Valley, when snow covers the ground and prey is less abundant, it is possible to sit in a farmer's field and call in fox. A squeaky mouthpiece imitates a rabbit's distress call. Rising from the base of a tree, a wavering, high-pitched cry beckons the hungry. Soon a fox races over the frozen ground, its amber eyes focused on the source of the call. Forty feet off, it skids to a stop. Eyeing the camouflaged bulk under the tree, the fox spins, peers once over its shoulder and races off. At the farthest edge of the field, its coat the same color as the dried grass stems and withered bushes, a coyote watches the fox sprint off. Vanishing into a thicket, the coyote disappears.

If rarely seen, the coyote is frequently heard. In the winter, during the January to March breeding times, listen for nocturnal howls when coyote are at their most vocal. They are happy to tell other coyotes, and the world, their location. Stop and listen. They'll fall silent all too soon.

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31 Dec 2017, 18:22
Saw a coyote early this morning while walking our dogs. We are located on a wooded property in Colts Neck near Dorbrook Park. We've seen them on rare occasion crossing the road nearby but this was a first sighting on our property.
07 Dec 2017, 13:04
Thanks for the information. I actually shot a coyote in Middlesex County this year, and I'm having a full body mount done.
30 Sep 2017, 15:30
I'm glad to know I'm not alone seeing these beautiful animals. I get it - people are afraid of them. I have found if you stay calm and walk with a purpose AWAY from them, they leave you alone. I 'm a widow , in my late 60s, who doesn't get home from work until about 11PM. I live alone on a small mountain in the woods. Every night I would pull into the driveway and there at the top , was a group of 5 or 6 coyotes. The first time , I sat in the car -hoping they would leave. They didn't , so I hastily made my way to the back door. I figured out that if I didn't make eye contact , and ignored them (easier said then done), I was fine. This was 3 yrs. ago and they come only once in awhile now. The collar you saw was probably done by environmental to track them.
14 Sep 2017, 13:19
Saw a Coyote last night along the Ridgewood Duck Pond Bike Path about 4 miles in right after the falls.
19 Apr 2017, 02:46
Harrington Park - My 60 lb hound mix dog was barking as I let him off the deck in my backyard last night at about 9:30 pm. Two coyotes casually galloped by my son and I and ran into neighboring yards when we began shouting at them. The coyotes were easily bigger than my dog btw.
20 Mar 2017, 04:37
Saw a Fox or maybe it was a coyote in North Arlington
NJ near cemetery. Is normal around here?
17 Dec 2016, 06:57
Saw a coyote early morning on St. Georges Ave . Colonia, on the corner by Chase Bank .
11 Oct 2016, 11:23
The Coyotes in Paramus look like fuzzy wuzzy german shepards come in pairs BIT A BOY
17 Aug 2016, 12:46
The term Coyote Ugly is used incorrectly here.
What it means is, when you find yourself attached to a girl so ugly, that like a Coyote in a leg hold trap - you'd chew off your own limb to escape.
09 May 2016, 03:35
There is a litter of coyote pups off a secondary road just outside of Flemington. Remarkable. Have seen them playing in the mornings / evenings in or beside the road.
18 Apr 2016, 13:15
Coyotes are predators. Please keep your small pets in the house and if outside please supervise them. They will even team up on larger dogs so be aware. I love God's creation, but we have to be smart, they are not tame or domesticated, they are wild and will eat anything they can catch or dig up. Please don't feed them on or near your property. I know they seem cool to watch but you don't want them habituated to people. Sharon california
31 Dec 2015, 06:01
I was leaving for work at 3:00 AM yesterday when I saw a "German Shepard" running up a hill next to my house. I live in Ridgefield Park where the houses are all pretty close and there are no woods in my neighborhood. Anyway, the animal was running in a very graceful, wildlike manner, not all stiff like a dog. I circled around the block in my car to get a better look and I knew immediately it was a coyote! I heard rumors that we had them in town and now I saw it. Last month, same time of day, I saw a woman with skinny legs walking way down the middle of the street. As my car approached, it was actually a deer. Coyote food? Fifty years in this town and in one month I see for the first time a coyote and a deer.
17 Dec 2015, 06:24
I first heard the sound of coyotes while hiking and camping in Maine. It's entirely different from wolf calls. (Used to hear wolf howls constantly from a neighbor's farm near a vacation property in western Pennsylvania who used them to breed hybrid wolf dogs.)

For the past few years, you can hear them most nights from my property in the sourlands just north of Hopewell NJ. I hike this area almost every day and have NEVER seen one. Lots of foxes, sometimes a bear but never a coyote
25 Nov 2015, 11:29
This article is misleading as some info can be misinterpreted, and also contains false information.

Saying that DNA evidence is inconclusive, and the quote by Bill Graham stating that a DNA test shows no difference between coyotes and dogs is not true. Wolves, dogs, and coyotes all have differences within their DNA and therefore a DNA test can decipher between the three. DNA testing can even be done to determine what breeds a mixed-breed dog is made up of, so of course it can determine the difference between a coyote and a dog.

The article also says there may be a link between eastern coyotes and gray wolves. Eastern coyotes are actually hybrids of coyotes, wolves, and dogs. Hence, they are larger than typical coyotes. They also have a distinctively different howl.
24 Nov 2015, 11:53
I saw a coyote crossing Roxy ave in Edison between Inman and new Dover rd. near the power lines they have been here several years. Also at least 15 yrs ago while on a nature walk behind auto land in spring field . I saw 6-7 coyote in a single file line following the grass berm right before dusk
24 Nov 2015, 02:45
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22 Nov 2015, 16:01
I live in mays landing on 10 acres of land backed up on another 30+ I have a regular 3 that come around to eat leftovers off the compost pile in the woods. I also have a lone coywolf (all black but one small white patch ) they are all very skittish to people. Not to small pets.. 2 years ago they rolled one of my Jack Russell's, I got out there in time to chase them off and get him to the vet, cost me 2000.that was 2 yrs ago. Last Friday -11-14-15, at 4am they got ahold of my old jack Russell who was 15.5 yrs old, they toyed with her like a cat does with a mouse.. attacking, then releasing just to let her stagger away then jump on her again. my other dog alerted me that something was going on, that's what I witnessed as I ran out there. I had to take her to Red Bank and have her put down, she lost a lot of blood, had trouble breathing,was in shock and in a lot of pain. She didn't deserve to go that way. I respect wildlife and understand that's what they do to survive. Just watch your small pets, over the years it seems my white or light colored pets have been their targets. My black cats so far have been fine.
19 Nov 2015, 20:03
I've documented areas within the park on my trail cam for 2 years, I've got 2 pics of coyote in all that time, hard to imagine one day within 20mins you happen to stumble upon coyote.
18 Nov 2015, 07:55
Vin....I have a picture taken in Rochelle Park, by a friend of mine, who's backyard borders Saddle River County Park. It was taken from his deck on the evening of July 10th, 2012 of 6 Coyote. They appear young. 2 days later, I went down to the park to see if I could get shots of them. (side note) While sitting in the woods near his home, I encountered a bachelor herd of decent size Bucks...10 in all...but that's a story for another time. After they went on their way, I stayed in that section of woods and within 20 minutes, I encountered 3 Coyote. They knew I was there and remained very cautious around me as, I, did them. I documented both Coyote and Buck that day in photos and, if interested, can find me on Facebook.
18 Nov 2015, 00:56
Not that I don't believe you but 6 in 1 sighting in the center of Bergen County sounds extremely rare. I've seen 1 tho on the area
Willy Thompson
12 Nov 2015, 06:54
I've been taking pictures and following a pack of Coyotes in Bergen County, specifically Maywood/Rochelle Park area for years. I have seen upwards of 6 at one time. Haven't seen any yet this year, but there are still signs they are here.

https://www.facebook.com/willy.thompson/media_set?set=a.10150288316508394.3 55376.647173393&type=3
09 Nov 2015, 14:04
Saw a coyote for the second time in two weeks here in the Mt. Freedom area of Randolph. Ran from the woods behind my neighbors house across the street into another section of heavy woods. I walked across the street to get a better look and he "stared me down"--didn't move so I backed up and walked about 100 yards to the house. Got my phone for a pic, but when I returned it was gone. Sure he/she will be back--great hunting area for rabbits, etc.
04 Oct 2015, 05:59
A coyote was at rest in my back yard today in Hillsborough township this morning at 8:30 a.m. I opened the patio door to take a closer look and he stood up. He appeared to be very healthy and starting to prance away from me towards the open fields. He stopped twice to look back at me. Very German Shepard-like with his colors and stance.
Coyote Watcher
06 Jul 2015, 18:12
I think I saw a coyote cross the upper field in Fasola Park in Deptford June 22nd. I wasn't sure what I saw and another couple didn't see it cross the field, but it had been watching me walk my dogs the entire time and the couple could see it in the bushes, they claimed it was a fox. I have seen foxes in the area, but this one was larger than my 20 lb and 35 lb dog. And I wouldn't have believed it myself until I saw the post by Frank. It was a tannish color and had a long tail. I took a picture, but I couldn't get close enough to get a good look. I walk that park everyday with my dogs and I have been extra vigilant these days.
06 Jul 2015, 09:05
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25 May 2015, 20:41
Saw one tonight as I was walking my small dog at 10pm in Clifton...Essex county. My dog didn't want to come in and I realized it was bc he saw the coyote. I t was watching us from the side of my apartment building, probably only 20 feet away. It's right by the cemetery so I think that's where it came from. Totally freaked out. No more late night walks for my small dog.
09 May 2015, 21:10
I saw very large Coyote on Almonesson Rd Deptford today cross the road front couple cars. Seem not to be afriad of people few stop to look as he stop in field and look back.. I took picture .. This was right over Turnpike bridge open feild with couple homes set off the road with large open fields both sides... heading west on Almonesson.. I did notifly the local Police since he headed towards the homes there and being not far from ball field... I would please be careful walking dogs or jogging on this road since he didn't fear anyone who stopped to look.. just heads up! Never know if he would attack... He is large for Coyote....
27 Apr 2015, 04:28
Of course cayotes are gonna be out in the streets we're destroying there habitats in the woods by cutting down all the trees !
28 Mar 2015, 06:22
Can anyone tell me specifically where on any given night I can park my car somewhere and hear or see coyote? I live in urban NJ where this is near impossible to ever observe. Thank you. I am not a hunter, just a nature admirer.
01 Feb 2015, 10:24
Sorry I was hoping you'd be able to access that picture
01 Feb 2015, 10:21
IMG_8312.jpeg. Here's one picture
27 Jan 2015, 17:05
In the past two weeks I have 4-5 different trail camera photos of coyotes in Clifton, nj in Essex county by the old radio station
13 Jan 2015, 05:44
Hey bob, there's a coyote behind the lirr in queens. Fyi
02 Jan 2015, 11:05
I moved to Harrington Park NJ a little over a year ago. It was only a week ago that my wife and I spotted a beautiful coyote dodging in and out of driveways near my house. We almost could not believe it. A week later he has been spotted in my backyard. I reported the sighting to the local police dispatch and I was told I did the right thing. Kind of creepy for this Queens born and raised guy to be dealing with this sort of thing.
Steve chnj
09 Dec 2014, 08:53
To the poster above me you are completely wrong!!!!!! I have read dozens of wildlife reports about the Eastern coyote, also have seen a few Documentaries, they all state that the eastern coyote is a subspecies and now are renaming it the coywolf!!! It's behavior and hunting tactics are more wolf then coyote!! It is a mix of the two species therefore creating a subspecies! !!!!! You should be more concerned about the safety of human beings.
Coywolf? Nope
30 Nov 2014, 11:56
To the poster below me: Eastern coyotes have wolf heritage but are nowhere near a mix so as to be called a "coywolf". This could spread misinformation and fear, don't do that.
Steve chnj
24 Nov 2014, 15:29
Saw a large blonde coywolf while I fishing the cooper river in my bass boat. In Haddon nj, I could not believe my eyes, he was more wolf like then coyote. He was walking along the bank as I was fishing he stopped and just stared at me for about 10 seconds and then kept walking down the bank of the cooper river
21 Nov 2014, 05:31
Just saw a coyote in my neighbor's yard in Montville N.J.
30 Sep 2014, 20:35
Just moved to Shamong, near Atsion Lake. Been hearing howling on the woods behind my home,sound like several different howls at once. Anyone ever seen coyotes in this area?
Aundrea Munt
29 Sep 2014, 09:32
9/28 I was running the railtrail in Waretown to Downtown Barnegat and a Coyote ran across the trail in front of me, it turned it's head to look at me but kept going. I turned around and went back because I had my Boxer with me and I was afraid it was going to go after my girl.
Lanette Whitted
27 Aug 2014, 23:37
I was told that there are coyotes in winslow township to kill off the dear population. Is that a true fact
Galloway girl
14 Aug 2014, 06:25
We caught 2 coyotes on our game camera this past week in Galloway n.j. One was a light grey color and the other was a dark color. Both looked very healthy.
14 Aug 2014, 06:23
We caught 2 coyotes on our game camera this past week in Galloway n.j. One was a light grey color and the other was a dark color. Both looked very healthy.
Lisa coburn
03 Aug 2014, 07:42
We live in Newark Delaware in a development near Hockessin. About 12 months ago our dog started howling like a wolf. He is 12 years old and this was completely new. We have a red fox in the neighborhood who does some mean screaming and we thought he was reacting to the fox in an overly macho manner but several neighbors have mentioned spotting a large grey doglike fox. We have seen coyote in the western national parks and we even spotted wolves at Yellowstone and Alaska so we were taken back a few weeks back when we realized we were looking at a coy wolf or coyote on our street. We have now spotted him numerous times usually when we are out walking our dog on our street at night. He does not run away. He keeps at a distance and watches us. Sometimes he follows between houses. There are wooded areas on both sides of the street. Some houses have fences including ours but we have now spots him in our back yard.
31 Jul 2014, 21:55
I lived in Ohio way back on 05/06 for a while and at night I could hear the coyotes howling u a storm! They made different sounds at different ranges and it sounded like not 10-20 but hundreds! Now I live in Morris County again and I had to go up to CCM for something and I took 46 to Franklin Rd. which connects to 10. As I was driving down Franklin in (I think) Denville heading toward the fire house and entrance to 10, a Coyote ran out into the road about 10-15ft in front of my car and scared the life out of me! At first glance I thought it was someones dog and then I realized it was too rangy looking to be a pet and it didn't look like any mutt or pure breed that I have ever seen. It was grey and shaggy, maybe 35-50 pounds. It didn't stop, it just kept going.

Although I have to say, nothing sounds more terrifying then foxes at night. Last summer I was reading a book and the windows were open, and all of the sudden I hear the most horrifying, hair raising, blood curdling screams coming from the hill behind my house. It was different scream sounds and consistent. At first I almost called 911, and then listened some more and realized it wasn't a woman screaming. It was something else. I heard it all last summer, and now it has started up again, last night I googled the sound and found to my relief that it's foxes. Maybe it will eat the nuisance that is the rooster down the road.... Keep in mind that I live in a town proper with no farms. Loud farm animals belong elsewhere.
07 Jul 2014, 10:50
saw one trotting along Route 9 Glenwood country club in old Bridge. Surprised to see them there since there are only patches of forest in OB.
03 Jul 2014, 02:47
In Sussex NJ had a lone coyote walk through he back yard at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Broad daylight. Just wondering if this is a concern?
22 Jun 2014, 18:24
I saw a pack of 4 or 5 coyotes about 4pm in my yard in Clinton Township NJ. I was reading on our deck and saw some creatures in the yard. At first I thought it was a fawn, then foxes and then I realized they were coyotes. They looked to be around 30 lbs or so each and they were similar in color to deer with some black speckles. When they realized I spotted them, they retreated, but one gave a scream first. I was surprised they came right into the yard.
20 Jun 2014, 20:00
3 Weeks ago Thurs. spotted a beautiful well-fed grey and white full-grown wolf sniffing at the neighbors trash cans as I was driving up Washington Ave. I was so STUNNED and first thought of Paulas' two small dogs in danger in Blackwood Terrace of all places that by the time I pulled over to park just past Slader Ave and checked back to safely exit my car I didn't see it or where it went. Believe me, I doubted myself so I shook the image out of my head, but still almost RAN into the house just in case. Thanks to this site I now know it was REAL ! 20 JUN 2014
10 May 2014, 07:20
Coyotes in New Jersey....I live in Eatontown in a townhouse development. Two years ago I was leaving my home to catch a ride to the airport around 4AM and when I opened my front door I saw this animal walking down the center of my street. In my mind I wanted to say it was a german sheppard but I knew by it's body type and gait that it was most definitely a coyote. Makes you wonder what else is walking around the neighborhood at 4 in the morning. I have heard they are breeding in the area off Wayside Road on the fringe of the Navel base(Ft Earl)which boarders Colts Neck and Tinton Falls.
Rodger Williams
16 Mar 2014, 08:53
was walking my dog at Almonesson lake park in Deptford nj and spoted a coyote a lot bigger than my dog about 40 yards from me ,got out of dodge real quick
19 Feb 2014, 14:25
I wouldn't worry to much about it, unless you have small pets they tend to avoid humans.. Fact is were more likely to get bitten by a domesticated dog then one of these wild animals..And if you do go on a walk in the evening make sure your not alone afterall they are wild but very unlikely to attack humans.. Up in your neck of the woods they have more then sufficient to sustain their hunger which is primarily small game and sick and injured deer. Only suggestion is if you see one that looks sick, just make sure to stay clear..
19 Feb 2014, 12:25
Steve, no I didn't see anything. There was a light on in the back of my home but the light didn't extend far enough into the woods. I do know it was a howl like I've never heard before, multiple howls at the same time with different pitches. I know a beagles howl and a regular domesticated dog howl but these were very different.
19 Feb 2014, 09:48
Kim, have you actually seen the animal?
18 Feb 2014, 20:57
As I type this I am listening to what I initially thought was just a dog but now realize since it's gotten louder and different pitches that they had to be coyotes or wolves! I'm a little scared because they sound like they are right behind my house in the woods. I live in Randolph, next to Mendham. Are they dangerous to humans? Will they attack? Very creepy sounds!
06 Feb 2014, 08:02
Dee, more then likely it was a coyote or coywolf that you saw right off to 280.. I've heard deer herds are starting to come down to the meadowlands, due to all of the new homes that have been constructed in more suburban areas, hence the coyotes and coywolfs following them down here.
23 Jan 2014, 04:34
What happened to all the comments? Comments section at end of article says "No comments yet". I have been monitoring these comments for years. Website problem?\r\n
27 Dec 2013, 13:03
killed 2 in s.jersey sat mourn while deer hunting in a blind.first one came right at me shot from 20 yds away.20 min later was checking it out and another one came out of woods and was jogging right towards me.it was not scared.shot at 20 yds.the first one was beautiful.the second was mangy missing alot of hair\r\n
20 Nov 2013, 05:27
I spotted a coyote on Skylands Road in Ringwood, NJ at around 11:00 a.m. His tail looked as if it was bitten - he may have been rabid. I chased him and he ran down Woodland Avenue toward Ringwood State Park. I'm very concerned as I have a cat who hunts in the neighborhood.
16 Nov 2013, 23:35
Tenafly NJ. Walking my dog I saw 2 coyotes on Norman Place at 1am. They are stalking around a few new construction sites. They took off up the hill. Think they might be held up in the Convent grounds or the Golf Course.
14 Nov 2013, 15:27
To the person who reported the coyote in North Arlington, I saw what appeared to be a dead coyote on 280 on the way to that area the past two days. At first I thought it to be a German Shepard but got a good look while sitting in traffic and it definitely looked like a coyote!
13 Nov 2013, 20:55
On way home from friend's house, stopped at Canal State Park in Rocky Hill to walk my dog. We had walked about 15 min down the trail and had just turned around to head back, when I saw a coyote in the brush about 10 yards away. I think it was tracking my little dog. It just stood there and stared at me. I picked up my dog and, without running, got out of there as soon as I could. Won't be walking there again.
04 Nov 2013, 04:03
I live in Randolph, NJ, let my dog out on Friday night about 11:30. When he didn't come right back in, I looked in the backyard and saw 2 (which I thought were wolves) right behind him. I'm not sure if they were coyotes because they were very dark gray and had a longer snout. I had a coyote walk through my yard about 3 years ago and he was beautiful. I recently heard that there was a wolf in Mendham, NJ which is the next town over.
Ian O
01 Nov 2013, 12:30
I saw one while blowing leaves in my backyard the other day. My yard boarders on a large wooded area.\r\nAbout 20 yds. away from me at the time, it just stood there unfazed by the noise of the leaf blower.\r\nAs I walked towards it, it meandered off slowly.
21 Oct 2013, 14:06
Took my dog on a run in North Arlington, NJ, right off disposal road.. Usually let em off the leash and let em flush out rabbits and pheasants.. As I was following him up the hill, I found a rabbit carcass completely eaten just the head and legs where showing..Long behold as I was walking up the hill with my dog, I see a large animal at first I thought it was a stray german shepard, but as I saw it slowly coming down it was definitely a coywolf.. I put my dog on the leash and stood my ground, started yelling at it and it scurried up the hill.. Must say this thing was pushing 70 lbs.. Notified the town about it and advised them to put signs up, since that road is utilized by runners daily.. Be careful and mindful fellow North Arlington Residents..
farm owner
11 Sep 2013, 20:52
In franklinville nj... aug 2013... saw a coyote sitting in my back corral twice now. last aug 2012 I had gone out to turn pool on and he was sitting at the opening of my back horse corral so I ran in to get my camera because I knew if I didn't my kids would not believe me. Went back out to get the pic and he just stood looking at me didn't move. He was very big at least 60 lbs and I swear he looked like a wolf. He was grey. I did get a pic and animal control said it was a coyote. It's weird because I see it during day hours and seems like right around aug he reappears. Been in my yard now three times in the past two years. I think it's cool I got the pic but I do fear for my animals. He seems to like sitting in the corral with my horses I think it's only because of my donkey they have been safe
28 Aug 2013, 11:14
While in Tranquility, NJ in June just off Pequest Rd, I heard a bunch of "dogs" over the river. The next night at about midnight I heard a horrible attack. It sounded as if they were attacking another dog. It went on for about 10 minutes. It was one of the most violent things I have ever heard. The next night I heard dogs again, only this time they were up the mountain and moving. I know they were coyotes, just had never heard them so close and what sounded to be SO MANY.
18 Aug 2013, 10:21
I live inland of Ocean City and travel the parkway north to A.C.to work from Marmora. The other night around 3:20 am I spotted my first coyote crossing the ramp to the N.J. parkway. I first pick up the reflection of its eyes and thought I was a small deer. It bounded into the grassy area and spun around to look at me. I was surprised at the size of this coyote, it was a reddish color, tail was in the downward position long and bushy. Only once did I think that I had heard them at night near my home. I frequently backpack the A.T. trail and am fully aware of what they sound like, My trips never feel complete if I don't get to hear them run past our camp at night.
2 days diet
16 Aug 2013, 04:22
Coyotes in New Jersey 2 days diet http://twodayjanpan.newgrounds.com/news/post/861159
15 Aug 2013, 13:25
Saw one today on Heron Way in Tranquility, NJ. I first saw it from inside our house - it was walking/running along Heron Way. About 5 minutes later, I decided to get the mail - thinking that the animal had wandered off. Nope. It was in our neighbors property and tried to cross Heron Way, but it saw me and I saw him. Then, just like that, he disappeared back into my neighbors yard and into the woods.
11 Aug 2013, 20:21
Saw one in the back of my house in Tranquility NJ yesterday. When I called, it turned around and started to come towards me.. I then yelled and he took off into the woods.
23 Jul 2013, 18:34
Just came in from a late after dinner walk and who passes us by on our very own street in High Bridge, carrying what looked like an egg in its mouth, but a coyote!! It walked briskly by on the other side of the street as we stopped in our tracks at the sight. Our neighbor borders the Columbia Trail, and that was the direction he was heading.
23 Jul 2013, 16:32
This afternoon around 4:30PM my husband and I saw a coyote walk through our yard and into the back corral. It must have heard us talking because it stopped, turned and looked right at us---then continued on its way. Couldn't get to my camera fast enough but definitely a coyote!! We are in the Clarkstown area of Mays Landing, Atlantic County.
19 Jul 2013, 06:25
I live in Sea Oaks, Little Egg Harbor. Never expected to see a coyote! I knew it was too tall to be a grey fox, but it has taken me a few days to come to terms with it being a coyote. Although I haven't heard the coyote sounds, I'll be much more tuned-in for that now.
12 Jul 2013, 06:44
Correction: the date was July 10, 2013 @ approximately 10:45 pm when the coyote was seen on the beach in Ocean City, NJ.
12 Jul 2013, 06:40
My family and I were visiting Ocean City, NJ on July 11, 2013 @ approximately 10:45 pm and we saw a coyote. At first I thought it was a fox however very quickly realized it was a coyote. It was located on the beach right next to the boardwalk near 12th street (there was a beach patrol station and police building where it was). It was trying to escape out of the fencing. It finally found its way out of the fenced area. It appeared the police were directing people off of the beach - those walking on the beach and/or approaching to go on it for that late night stroll.
10 Jul 2013, 07:08
We have been hiking on Monument Trail(red-green trail)on July 4 about 3pm when we saw 2 coyotes on our way.
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02 Jul 2013, 17:43
Salem pennsville road! Jogging along the woods and corn field. Medium build dog like. Beautiful. We pulled onto the shoulder to see.
24 Jun 2013, 07:19
Coyotes in New Jersey are here to stay. If coyotes consumed all the feral cats, Canadian geese,and deer,do not think they will be gone. They will eat just about anything. Your pets, especially small dogs and cats are a favorite food. As the food supply dwindles they have bigger litters up to seven pups. They can have three litters a year. Jersey coyotes are larger, more aggressive then the Western coyotes. They will travel in units. Males have been take as much as 80lbs. It is thought that they carry the grey wolf DNA from inter breeding. A study in Virginia confirm they carried 20% grey wolf DNA.
19 Jun 2013, 05:22
Was it possible to see one in fair haven? Originally thought it was a fox, but now I am not sure.
22 Mar 2013, 18:01
I guess as their environment gets encroached upon they adapt regardless of the population around them. Sounds like you were a lot closer to them than I was to the one here in High Bridge, Hunterdon County
22 Mar 2013, 17:44
I just finished a 3 mile run along the saddle river county park in Rochelle Park, NJ and as I'm finishing up my run around 815pm and I noticed two coyotes along the path. I froze in my path, stood my ground, and backed up without taking my eyes off them. I never knew there were coyotes in such a populated area sure did shock the hell out of me!! Lol
22 Mar 2013, 17:36
I believe I spotted one on the Columbia Trail tonite around 7pm as it entered from Taylor Street. I was not sure what it was initially as I had not seen a fox with the dark brown and black coloration. However, it sure resembled what came up for the Eastern Coyote, although the tail was not bushy and turned up. It was definitely not an animal I had seen in person before.
19 Mar 2013, 22:21
last yr around June i was up at mt creek bike park in Vernon, i was sitting on my bike about half way down the mt when some guys above me were yelling about a dog running down the trail then a medium size coyote came running past me. when the other bikers came down they asked did i see the dog. i told them it was a coyote and they said we don't have coyotes in NJ, i laughed and said you do now...being from pa and live in the woods i see them often and it was definitely a coyote.
john w
10 Mar 2013, 13:27
As a police officer working shiftwork in nothern gloucester county I've seen the all of the usual wildlife but had not seen coyotes until 2010. Two were hit by cars in Deptford Twp. I took pics of one that was still alive but motally injured. It was in good shape and maybe 35 lbs. Recently I observed one cross the road in front of the west deptford High school. It was around 11 pm. It doubled back and waited for me to go by before continuing onto the school property. Smart criter.\r\n
05 Feb 2013, 14:18
\r\n\r\n Coyotes and other wildlife are not a threat to us. We are a threat to them!
28 Jan 2013, 10:00
I heard yippy barks followed by a full howl Sat night (1/26/13). Opened my window and looked out to see a coyote. I whistled, and the coyote looked at me, growled, and ran up the street to howl some more. This was in North Haledon, about 2 miles from Paterson. My 65-lb mixed breed dog has been on full alert on our walks since then!
Jen Cote
20 Jan 2013, 07:55
About 2 years ago I saw what I thought was a very large fox with a long pointed snout cross in front of my car at about 9pm at night in Warren Twp, NJ. I always wondered if it was really a fox because it looked to be about 40lbs and the long nose surprised me. Guess it was a coyote!
08 Jan 2013, 07:55
I agree with the writer about the sighting in Hightstown. Last night, I saw one too while I was driving on Route 33 (close to the Home Depot). As soon as my headlights hit its eyes, I knew it was no dog or deer. Scary...
29 Dec 2012, 00:13
in Essex Fells NJ (Essex County) my chihuahua went out back, disappeared into the woods, a few minutes later barely came out after being attacked but something. Wounds all over and not able to walk. He was 12 pounds with a bad heart and no teeth, previous owner beat his teeth out. Brought him to emergency center & they said it was a coyote. 3 Days later, everything was looking up for Ralph until his heart gave out yesterday &he passed :'( This has been hard on everyone, I just wish I went into the woods sooner to stop this. Notified the police, but they didn't seem concerned. Think of Ralph & take great care of your pets because one day they will be taken from you ♡ RIP Ralph ♡
24 Dec 2012, 03:35
My first sighting of a coyote today at 5:30AM. It walked across our lawn towards the back of the property which is surrounded by woods here in Monroe Twp in Middlesex Co. I've seen foxes here before but this is my first coyote. The street light shines on the front lawn and it's very bright and easy to see that it was a coyote walking across.
10 Dec 2012, 15:52
My son, daughter-in-law and grandson live in Stillwater township near Blairstown in Sussex County. They hear coyotes baying to each other on a regular basis most nights and have seen coyotes on their property often
04 Dec 2012, 14:44
While driving up the on-ramp to 133E in Hightstown an animal darted out of the woods and ran across the road directly in front of my car. I wasn't going fast do I didn't hit it. What was that quick reddish brown creature? Too big for a fox, shaggy fur... looked it up online. A coyote for sure. Hope he stays off our highways.
01 Dec 2012, 06:33
I saw one this week at 9 am walking down Hamilton drive in north caldwell near the elegantly school. The police were following it. It was spotted the next day on small avenue also in north caldwell.
30 Nov 2012, 18:21
For those of you that live in Clifton, NJ near Garret Mountain Reservation there is a coyote there. I saw it once, didn't see any others. There is even a post when you first enter the park. There have also been bear sightings at the reservation.\r\n\r\nAlso...has anyone else seen the 12 point+ buck at Garret Mountain?\r\nJealous of the lucky hunter that sees this buck way off the reservation.\r\n\r\nLast thing. For those of you that don't know, Jersey also has Mountain Lions and Bobcats as well as some poisonous snakes. And the bears visit our back yard often.
24 Nov 2012, 17:46
My husband and I live in Little Egg Harbor. We have heard coyotes howl to one another at night while we walk our dogs. There appears to be 3 different packs that howl/communicate to one another. They get quite vocal at night. Occassionally, one coyote will appear in our neighbors backyard around 3am. It's a little eery sometimes thrilling to hear all of them at once. We can't believe that there are so many in our area!
Brett Champion
23 Nov 2012, 06:20
I guess I've been one of the few to have actually seen a coyote in Jersey.\r\n\r\nIt was way back in either 1998 or '99. I was driving to work headed north on Route 55 when I spotted what looked like a dog crossing the highway. As I got closer, though, it didn't look right. As I slowed down going passed where it had slinked off the road, it turned its body sideways to the road to look back at me. That's when I saw the downturned tail and a head that looked more like a wolf's than a dog's.\r\n\r\nAt the time I didn't even know that there were coyotes living in New Jersey, at least not in southern New Jersey. It wasn't long after that that reports started appearing in the paper of coyotes being sighted, or heard, throughout the area. Now it's a fairly regular occurrence.
19 Nov 2012, 23:58
Where in Clark, NJ did you see the coyote Eric? My mom's cat went missing on Oct. 24 and she lives in Clark. Wonder if the coyote got it.
12 Nov 2012, 20:30
3 am Sunday Nov 11, 2012 my KBD started barking so loud and violently I never heard him like this, than as I was trying to calm him down the howls came in sounded like a large packof cayotes in my front yard, Monday Nov 12, 5 am same howls again my dog going ballistic ....vernon, nj
11 Nov 2012, 06:59
We heard a 'pack' last night around 8pm in Readington (Hunterdon County). Sounded like a bunch of yelping puppies; then in-between there was howling. They became silent rather quickly. Never quite heard these sounds before. My neighbors say they've heard them around 11 at night also a few years ago.\r\nThe area behind our house is 50+ acres of farmland & conservation land. We guess that's where they were.
05 Nov 2012, 09:26
Moved from Jersey to far northern NY about 35 yrs ago and met coyotes on my land. Up here they are mostly a cross between the greay wolf and eastern coyote and are about the size of a large german shepherd. Not the sulky little western type. These hunt in packs and adopt many of the habits of the grey wolf. Eat mostly rodents and rabbits and hares but will take down a sick, old or wounded deer. Of course they eat carrion as well. We also have wolves but they tend to stay in the hills and mountains here in NY state. You folks in Jersey need to understand that they are wild animals and not something you want to trust. When they are frightened they will defend, especially if their pups are nearby.
27 Oct 2012, 00:10
oct . 27 1:36 a.m. me and my buddy were on our porch on wayne nj when we heard crazy howls, then shrieks then cries, then howls ... we have A TAPNG of the sounds on iphone voice memo ... we then about 25 mins later saw a light from a neighbors lawn flash on ... thats when i encountered the Coyote.. was about 35 feet away , bushy tail grayish ... he moved a lil to right outside my view, i didn't know if there were others so i retreated back to house to get flashlight and protective weapon .. while outsde at 2:20 the sounds started again from what seemed like the for bac right of my back yard but maybe one or two houses above... have recording of that as we'll ... really seemed like there was a pack .. so many sounds so quickly \r\na lll around halloween .. pretty freaking trippy and eerie
15 Oct 2012, 20:04
Oct,15 2012 9:15 p.m.\r\n\r\nManalapan New Jersey,Saw sighting of large coyote,we looked at each other,I think I scarred him more. I walked fast to my steps and just hoped it was not going to follow me and it did not,99.9%possitive this was a coyote.
11 Oct 2012, 16:51
\r\n Driving home the last night of September close to midnite something darted across the road from a small patch of woods near my home in Monroe township (Middlesex county).\r\n\r\n Neither I or my passenger could figure out what it was since it was considerably larger than a dog, cat or raccoon, but no where near the size of a deer.\r\n\r\n I was unaware that there were any coyotes in NJ but when I did some online research I found out they had been sighted all over the state.\r\n\r\n Although I only got a brief glimpse of the animal, the size and shape was consistent with a coyote. I can't say for sure but then again what else could it have been?\r\n\r\n
10 Oct 2012, 14:54
i live on sewall ave in clifton,nj,it's a deadend st. along old rail road tracks and i have seen a coyote 3 times. it comes down the tracks and onto my street.last month i was walking my dog at 11:00 pm in the back parking lot of my building when i saw something stalking me on the other side of the fence on the tracks,my dog went crazy, in attack mode.it was a coyote!I ran into my home, again last nite at 3:00 am came out with the dog and there he was rite across the street maybe 25 ft.away, was a litte scared so went back in the house. what do i do about this nobody believes me. i know what i saw i am not crazy
20 Sep 2012, 17:38
has anyone ever had a mangy looking coyote living very close to their house? I "think" that's what this is. Likes to bask in the sun in the afternoon in the field next to my house. I think it stays in the barn next door. The location is Flanders.
20 Sep 2012, 14:29
That was in EAST HANOVER
20 Sep 2012, 14:26
Saw coyote on my nieghbors front lawn about 9:15 A.M.. on 9-20-2012. Looked to be about 40 to 50 lbs.. Called Police was told they had recieved several sighting calls.
13 Sep 2012, 23:45
Sept. 13, 2012\r\n Saw what I thought was a large cat or a small, long skinny dog, trying to drag my nieghbour's trash bag across the street. I realized after staring at it, that it was a young coyote! Never have I seen one in this area and it wasn't scared of me or bothered by the cars going by or my talking. I'm worried about the neighbourhood cats and dogs. \r\n 11:30 p.m.\r\n Hilton St. Clifton
Eric F
11 Sep 2012, 12:57
I saw a large coyote in Clark, NJ last weekend. He/she appeared to be working alone, and scampered off into adjacent woods when I saw it. It was the size of a large dog, no mistaking it for a fox.
10 Sep 2012, 18:20
Opened my garage door to take my Havanese dog out for a walk, when back inside the house for 30 sec-1 min to get a plastic bag and heard my dog barking like never heard before... I quickly opened the door that goes into my garage to see what my doggie was going crazy about... yes, I was faced (2) large coyotes. They were inside my garage and a few feet from my dog and ... I screamed as loud as I could, grabbed my dog and ran inside. these were large size animals. please be careful!
04 Sep 2012, 10:56
West Milford - There is a coyote that likes to sleep on top of our jacuzzi cover. We have pictures.
31 Aug 2012, 14:24
Driving up route 17 towards Sloatsburg NJ and Woodbury Commons outlets there's always packs of Coyotes out there. Every time I travel to the outlets I see a pack of coyotes out ther just playing and having fun like they're protected orr something. The coyotes on the westcoast are much bigger than the ones here in NJ by an average of 20 lbs
24 Aug 2012, 08:35
I rencently saw what I believe is a coyote. The coat is very flat with a long skinny tail, long legs, very narrow and pointed ears. It looks as I call it like a mangy coyote. I spotted this animal in June and now again have seen it two times this week.\r\nWhere can I submit a photo to you to help identify what this is.\r\n\r\nthanks
22 Aug 2012, 08:55
More sightings than I expected. Like with roaches, one visible may represent 20 unseen. Wife seen one for the first time in Flanders and it happened to be walking on the deck. Our concern is cat safety. Have a house cat that does not like to come in. He just plays in the woods. Suppose a bird of pray could also get him.
17 Aug 2012, 09:45
A large deer was found in PineRidge South in Whiting. It appears to have been killed by a large pack of coyotes.\r\nNot a pretty sight! \r\n08.17.2012
16 Jul 2012, 16:17
I live in Cranford and noticed all the coyote warning signs on Birchwood Avenue. Which field did your friend see the coyote at?
10 Jul 2012, 06:53
I live in Cranford, NJ and people have seen coyotes the past few years. A neighbor saw 6 of them in a nearby field at 5:00am the other day, and today he saw one which started following he and his dog. After clapping his hands and yelling, the coyote took off into the woods.
cass garner
05 Jul 2012, 04:33
I just came into the house after gardening and looked out the window to see a coyote loping across my backyard. It was about 8 o'clock in the evening. My husband saw it too.We were shocked! It's the first time we've seen a coyote in our area. We live in East Amwell off of Garboski Road. Most people say they are the size of a small German Shepard but this coyote was fairly large.
19 Jun 2012, 07:15
\r\nFather's Day we saw a female coyote with two babies in the field abutting our yard.the pups were running and playful and the mom was very interested in us keeping a distance. We saw four large ones in the same area about 3 years ago but thought they had left. It's frightening only because we have two cats that hunt in our yard. We are in the Farmingdale area of NJ.
13 Jun 2012, 07:18
Love that Coyotes are back and slowly culling the deer population. Right now, we are over run with deer and the general population is unhealthy. Local Montville/ kinnelon pack has keep very much under the radar. I've been seeing one or two in my backyard more recently.
12 Jun 2012, 13:10
correction: "I can't imagine it WAS a dog." (Drop the "not".)
12 Jun 2012, 13:09
I was in Lyons VA hospital parking lot and saw what I think was a coyote running along with a dead groundhog in its mouth. It don't think it was a red fox (no white tip on tail, body color pattern less regular than a red fox). I also don't believe it was a gray fox given that the groundhog across its mouth just didn't look that big relative to the predator. I would say it looked like a small adult German Shepherd with a somewhat odd coloration pattern that I was unable to memorize. The tail was definitely long and bushy (40% of body length?) so I can't imagine it was not a dog.
03 Jun 2012, 05:30
I live at the top of Schoolys Mountain on the Long Valley/Hackettstown border. We've been seeing what we thought was a fox walking through the woods just 5 -10 feet in from the tree line bordering our yard (maybe 3 times in the past 2 weeks). Yesterday it came in the yard but did not stay long. We were able to get a better look though and now believe it's a coyotedue to its coloring. This is the most we've seen in the past few years. I won't lie....they make me uneasy...my domestic cat likes to play out there.
31 May 2012, 19:36
I live near Campgaw reservation in Oakland, NJ. I got up around dawn this morning, maybe 5:30 am. Upon looking out the window in the back yard, I saw a Coyote roaming as if on the hunt for small animals. It was moving briskly and looking side to side. It didn't move in a straight line like a dog would, rather is made sweeping turns as if scanning the property for rabbits, chipmonks and ground hogs. It was truly amazing. Eventually, it scurried into the woods. The wildlife in Oakland is impressive. Last week, I watched a Hawk take down a squirrel and enjoy a healthy meal before flying away with the carcus in it's mouth. That one I got on camera, but not the Coyote. I guess I will have to get up at dawn more often.
14 May 2012, 19:50
Coyotes woke me up last night. At first I thought it was someone's dog barking but as I listened I could tell it wasn't, the noises were higher pitched and it sounded like yelping, as if they were talking to each other. This morning there were a few garbage cans disturbed in the area. I live in Jefferson Township, Lk Hopatcong side.
11 May 2012, 14:53
Sighted a big cat dead on the side of Rt. 287 South between the exits for 24 and Ridgedale Ave in Morristown just before 9am this morning. His head was closest to the road and I distinctly saw the cat features and big paws, golden tan coat. I was driving back into town around 530 pm and looked for him but didn't see it again.
06 May 2012, 21:12
There was a coyote in scotch plains near the high school around 6am on may 2 while I was walking my dog. The coyote was chasing a cat and didn't see me or my dog, thank you Jesus.
Joe Primiano
02 May 2012, 20:56
Spotted a 1 tonite at 10:45 in. East Windsor well south. Tail was long and moving fast. Definitely not a dopg.
26 Apr 2012, 16:37
Spotted one in Clifton, NJ April 20 at about 6:00 am near the corner of Mt. Prospect Ave. and Brighton Rd. It was running straight up the middle of Mt. Prospect Ave. near the PSEG station like it owned the road. Amazing. Never seen one before in rural NJ let alone suburbia.
Deborah Penn
16 Apr 2012, 13:39
On April 10th we saw a fox crossing the SB GSP out in front of the Paramus Park Mall. \r\n\r\nNot so surprising that these animals are showing up more (perhaps indicating larger numbers) as while we see plenty of deer, we have also recently seen a pair of turkeys hanging out in the last GSP rest area. Sadly, when I stopped to photograph the turkeys they walked right up to my car window, presumably looking for a handout of french fries...I felt like I was driving through Great Adventure...
14 Apr 2012, 08:57
In January I buried my my small pet dog in the back of my yard in Andover Township NJ. Yesterday I discovered that her grave had been dug up and her body has disappeared. All that was left was some fur, no skin and her blanket. She was buried about 2 ft down. Do you this coyotes could have done this?\r\n
Lynne Perez
05 Apr 2012, 20:21
There was a coyote crossbreed in our back yard last night in Mullica Hill. They say it is an Eastern Coyote. Size of a large German Shepherd. Shaggy and has been around for awhile. Our dogs are going crazy.
13 Mar 2012, 12:21
Especially during dawn and dusk, my neighbors and I at different times, have seen coyotes following the railroad tracks\r\nin Franklin Lakes and Wyckoff NJ, Bergen County.
02 Mar 2012, 20:09
sorry, i meant to add to that. Does anyone know this to be true. (about my previous statement)\r\n
02 Mar 2012, 20:08
I don't know how true this is, but i have a sister in California and she said they are very invasive and once they are in the area you will see more and more of them.
Mark G.
29 Feb 2012, 02:07
My brother called me when he spotted a pair of adult coyotes last night crossing Bloomfield Ave in Caldwell. They were heading north in the area of the old jail property around dusk
Dawn W
27 Feb 2012, 05:51
Back in October I heard a pack of them in the woods at end back of the blueberry fields where I live (Mullica Twp. NJ, near Hammonton, NJ-Atlantic County) in the NJ Pinelands. My dogs and I froze as I have never heard them before. They sound almost human. I have lived there 8 years and this was the first time I heard them. Gave me the chills. Never saw them though. I did see one last year, crossing the road in a wooded deserted area in Waterford, NJ (Camden Co.) Gray and mangy, looked like a small shepherd.
12 Feb 2012, 15:50
tracking deer couple weeks ago n spotted 1 coyote circling dead deer carcass. gray fur on rocks n blood. wuz waitin till night to finish em off
09 Feb 2012, 13:37
Had at least 2 or 3 in the woods behind me at night. My 130 lb dog gave chase from within the boundaries of our yard and they ran off. They then began howling a few houses away as if they were trying to regroup.
06 Feb 2012, 16:52
Wierdly, traveling north on Rt. 79 in Marlboro, near 520, I struck something at 3:20AM Sunday morning. Ran just in front of my vehicle and got clocked, making a loud noise and leaving behind fur in the damaged area that sure looked like it was coyote fur: tannish, mangy, between 3/4" and 1-1/4". It was going at least 30 mph because all I saw was a blur to my left. (Couldn't find a carcass, though I briefly looked.) Didn't think they would cross the road like that, 'cause it was well lit.
05 Feb 2012, 15:02
i was minding my own business and i sol a coyote across the road
03 Feb 2012, 06:22
Saw a coyote this morning at Cross Road Park in Holmdel. Crossed the road in front of me while I was at a stop sign calm as could be and taking its time. Pretty cool!
30 Jan 2012, 11:43
I am almost 100% sure I heard a Coyote last night. I live on the border of Chester and Randolph, NJ. No more then 200yds from my house is the Black River Preserve. I heard a bark and then a howl that last for about 5-8 seconds. This went one for about 5 mins. I never heard anyhthing like it in my life. At first I just thought it might have been a neighbors dog barking to get back in the house, but I never heard a dog howl like this. It had to have been a Coyote.
30 Jan 2012, 07:22
I saw a wolf this morning crossing Route 94, just south of Fredon NJ..I've seen many coyotes, I actually have some that live in the woods behind my home in the poconos...this canine was well over 100 lbs, it was bigger than my Akita, in broad daylight it ran across the highway infront of my car into a field. Gray coat, no black tip on the tail..was very husky, not lanky. I called Fish and Game to report it, thinking someone's wolf-dog, or wolf from the preserve may have escaped. It was not a coyote...defintely wolf.\r\n
Miriam Samet
29 Jan 2012, 01:49
Did you guys st the top of these posts just see "the Grey" with Liam Neeson? We don't have wolves in NJ! You need to just realize you re dealing with adult eastern coyotes and move on with your lives. Oh yes, and remember they were here first and they won't eat you! I had one near me for many months and he was shot or died of mange and I miss him, he was great. Never bothered me or my geriatric dog/young boys!
28 Jan 2012, 19:20
I have been looking at your posts and I love your posting names. Someone posted on the link on top right of this page for Lakota wolf Preserve that they had seen 3 wolves also this Jan.
28 Jan 2012, 15:14
My neighbor has a gentleman's farm off of Heulitt Road in Colts Neck. He had four chickens taken by the fox right after Hurricane Irene. One of his chickens ran in to my house for shelter from the fox right after the earthquake! My friend from high school just shot a fox last week in Holland Township by mistake after he was hunting coyote.
28 Jan 2012, 09:16
Charles, I actually live on Cedar Drive, around the corner of New St. and Heyers Mills. I told my mom my story this morning (posted as Ithinkimnotcrazyithink) and she told me she saw 2 wolves in my back yard by the brook a week ago. This is pretty cool.
28 Jan 2012, 08:51
So happy my wife & children were with me (I'm sure they would not have believed me) as we all saw (2) wolves (one larger than the other) last night approx. 10:40 pm on New street in Colts Neck NJ. They both walked past our car as we turned around to follow them as they crossed Heyers Mill Road and ran through the yard of Old Saint Mary's Church.
28 Jan 2012, 05:54
My wife was driving down Hillsdale early this morning when she saw what looked absolutly like a wolf. Bigger than a dog and moved differently. She had a good look, it was only 10 feet away from her car and it was daylight.
27 Jan 2012, 14:46
I recently came across this page and was relieved when I saw that another fellow resident of colts neck spotted wolves the other night. At approximately 9pm last night, I spotted what appeared to be 2 wolves...huge wolves. These beasts were hard to spot due to the fog, but they were big enough and clear as day in the rays of my fog lights.
26 Jan 2012, 21:35
Last night aprox exactly 1:34 am I spotted 2 wolves (yes wolves) crossing rt 537. They weren't cyotes, they were wolves. At least 3 and a half ft tall (noticably taller then the hood of my 09 black altima coupe). I had my brights on them from aprox exactly18 meters away. Grey wolves.. no one believes me..
24 Jan 2012, 16:36
I just spotted a very healthy looking fella two nights ago in Flemington Boro about 8 pm when i was taking the garbage out....I heard a few sharp yelps coming from my neighbors yard and when I peeked around the hedge, expecting to see the neighbors dog, I saw what looked like a small wolf...He took off down the street as soon as we made eye contact, stopping once to study me once more...then, he gave one more little bark and took off out sight...I felt lucky to see him up close like that...
Jeff Wewers
23 Jan 2012, 10:27
Just spotted an adult in my back yard in Piscataway, loping along. Rough, shaggy looking coat.
Susan W.
22 Jan 2012, 12:17
\r\n\r\n01/22/02 Saw a beautiful coyote this morning in Green Village, New Jersey. Ran across the road into the neighbors yard then it took off into the woods out back. Was able to get a great view of it with binoculars and the coat was in great shape and it looked very healthy.
John J
18 Jan 2012, 09:58
Spotted a fully grown adult coyote in Paramus this morning when I parked at work (Mack Cali IV on S. Paramus Road.\r\nHe was on the opposite side of a grassy area along the creek about 100 feet away. After a minute or two of watching him, I got out of my car and he noticed me and retreated into the cover of a patch of trees in the park.
17 Jan 2012, 17:09
I actually saw one this morning. I was driving it was about 8am and it crossed the street right in front of me. I am in Colts Neck.
17 Jan 2012, 15:59
I'm pretty sure I saw a coyote today around 4:00 in Short Hills. I just caught a glimpse of the hindquarters and a bushy gray tail disappearing into someone's yard in a residential area. It didn't look like a dog and was too big for a fox, and was not the color I would expect in a fox.\r\n\r\nI always feel awed and privileged to see wildlife in our midst. And I worry that they'll get run over.
16 Jan 2012, 16:53
Just saw a coyote while driving down valley road in Clifton, nj. Lived here for 8 years and this is the first time.
chris k
15 Jan 2012, 21:04
I was walking along the raritan in johnson park walked upriver from the lot right by landing lane bridge about a mile up river (with 2 50 -60 lb dogs off leash). a big coyote (blond) ran by between me and river road. no problems with the dogs they were down at the river. it was fast and ran straight non stop. i would say at least as big asmy dogs. it was really cool.
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11 Jan 2012, 21:05
trlHrO comment6
06 Jan 2012, 07:26
Just moved to Holiday City South in Berkeley Township and had a Coyote appear on our patio early one morning right after Christmas. Now take extra precaution when putting our little yorkie out to do her business. Is there any type of repellent to put around the yard to keep the Coyote away?
04 Jan 2012, 13:19
I seen a coyote running through a field off tenant rd in manalapan 3 weeks ago...it was 100 percent coyote, not a dog as the field was large and he was making his way through he was visable for a good 100 yards. ...I think its a good thing they are making a comeback in this region...I also have heard them yip at night as I live close to the battlefields and I'm sure they are very close,I have not had any come mess with my dog,then again I don't think it would be good for the coyotes health to do that....lol,I think its the average person reading newspapers and watching sitcoms that are the nuisance to our Society, not the coyote. ..
03 Jan 2012, 15:44
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03 Jan 2012, 15:42
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02 Jan 2012, 12:55
One day me and my friend had a picnic and i spotted a coyote and i told her and she could not see it then she sol it and we ran and we live in delaware
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12 Dec 2011, 23:49
Hey Bowhunter1, How about you keep your cats indoors where they SHOULD BE!\r\nIsn't it Deer season? Go knock yourself out.\r\n\r\nKeep Coyotes and Fox away by keeping your yard clean and free of trash as well as anything else that might attract coyotes such as uneaten pet food.
11 Dec 2011, 19:06
Hi to all,I know some of you out there are anti hunting so i'll just be addressing the peeps that aren't! I'm looking for property that need deer population control since the farmer in Sussex where i hunt just sold his property! :( I will gladly take out any coyotes as well if u wish? Thanks! I am a pet LOVER & have 3 cats of my own, if any coyote ever tried to make a snack of my cats it would be OVER!!! :)
11 Dec 2011, 16:07
Come on people I have coyotes here where I live and no the don't eat are carry your kids away! Small animals yes, the more afraid of you then you are of them , like the wolf the smell of humans bothers them, so most of the time the stay clear, of humans, people should keep a eye on their small dogs and such their always a price to pay when people build their homes near wild life , this is nature you are on their grounds, take lesson from them they are more loyal to their families then humans, what the point to kill a species to extinction because we unbalance the circle, then feel sorry and try to bring them back, I never understand people, they kill to survive , humans kill for fun! Try to fix it rather then kill it , loud noises will scare them away if you are walking your dog, keep a better eye your kids, be worried about stranger with your kids rather then coyotes ,
Bruce Simone
04 Dec 2011, 08:18
I live in Mountainside, off the Watchung reservation. I heard the there were coyote sightings in the neighborhood. Three neighbors lost their cats, one of which, had its remains left on my front yard. Last week at approx 6:45am I was looking out the back yard ready to take my dog out spotted what I thought was a fox until it was directly in my yard. It must have been a young coyote, with long legs, brown fur, and a bushy tail that had a white stripe around the middle of the tail. I enjoy wildlife and wish I could have taken a picture. I was a hunter years ago and always believed that you must eat what you shoot. My wife is nervous for our dog but like someone wrote, I don't let her out without one of us. We also had two bear sightings this summer. Mountainside is getting to be the new wild kingdom.
John Rodrigues
28 Nov 2011, 06:09
I live in Wayne, NJ and my backyard is against a wooded area. Turned on my backyard lights this morning and two coyotes we running around in the yard. Now we know where the big droppings near the dear droppings are coming from.
25 Nov 2011, 15:38
No doubt about it! We live in Wantage and our property abuts the National Wildlife Refuge on the Wallkill River...there is definitely a pack of coyotes that can be heard from inside closed windows on most evenings.
22 Nov 2011, 19:38
i have been hunting in lincoln park for the past 6 years! every year i would see and get lots of deer. but the past two years i have been seeing coyotes and hardly any Deer i put 2 and 2 together!!
17 Nov 2011, 21:05
In the past couple of days, we've had a coyote roam through our front yard here in Oakland, NJ -- both times around noon. The second time we spotted it, I got a very nice picture of it. I wish I could post it here.
15 Nov 2011, 16:46
So, my family thinks I'm crazy because I swore I saw a "wolf" run directly in front of my car last night. Now I understand that it was indeed a coyote and that I'm not crazy. It was right in front of the Mercer County airport on Bear Tavern Rd. it was fast, big and an amazing sight. I'll keep my eye out for more.
15 Nov 2011, 12:56
This article provides excuses to not control coyotes in the suburbs, ones you read on many of the wildlife sites. I disagree, beloved pets need to be protected and ways have to be found to reduce the coyote population. This article provides the usual excuses about not being able to do so and about how useful they are. But, they weren't meant to be here in the east in the first place. Nor were they meant to be near humans, just their cry. Coyote admirers are a scary bunch, liking to see a wild animal in civilization rather than where they belong. Why should their pleasure be respected but not the pleasure of a pet owner being able to safely let their pet outside? When it comes down to protecting pets over protecting the coyote, I side with the pets every time. There's nothing inherently irreplaceable about a coyote.
15 Nov 2011, 11:50
Saw a coyote in Rochelle Park this morning in the county park. Just standing out in the path about 7:30 am. Took my dog and went the other way.
13 Nov 2011, 22:40
I saw two huge coyotes tonight in East Hanover. They looked a lot like wolves.
13 Nov 2011, 16:41
saw a coyote on my back patio cleaning a huge wound on its back,was getting a cup of coffe and there it was,10 feet away and watched him for at least 15 mins,it was very cool,very good looking animal
12 Nov 2011, 09:03
I live near the wetlands in Bayville. On Tuesday at about 9:00 PM., I spotted a animal trotting down our dock. I really wasn't sure what it was. When it saw me it stopped and stared at me until I went into the house. On Thursday evening my husband had an encounter with the animal. He was out walking our small dog on a leash when the animal started walking toward them and stopped under a streetlight. It was a coyote. The coyote stared at them until dog and man had passed and entered our home. I think my husband and definitely my dog were more shaken by this than the coyote!
08 Nov 2011, 14:26
We saw a relatively large, more wolf shaped coyote again today in southern Parsippany near Morris Plains/Denville border. Thick bodied, long legged, with a red bare patch on its hip (Mange? Injury?) It stood and scratched, sizing up me and the Lab I was walking from about 90 ft away. It seemed all too comfortable, and I was glad I wasn't walking a smaller snack-sized dog. It is sandy in color but bigger with a thicker skull than I would expect from an old-style coyote. It is definitely a lot bigger than the coyote I saw in the same park a couple years ago. This one may indeed be from the wolf-coyote cross population, as noted in Scientific American and on the NJ DEP site. The feral cat population has gone down in last couple years here, and the local deer have been making themselves scarce the last couple weeks. I wish it wasn't as bold as the local deer; I would have been more at ease if it was more skittish.
07 Nov 2011, 23:01
I just had a Coyote run across the road in front of me in Mahwah NJ. about 1:00am. This was larger than what I have seen in my own neighborhood of Mine Hill. Once it reached the other side, it stopped, checked me out and moved on into the woods.
Manny 3
22 Oct 2011, 05:41
Coyotes certainly do attack children and Manny acted correctly. Google "coyote attacks children" for more info. A 19 year old woman was killed in a horrifying coyote attack in Canada in 2009, and coyotes will even attack dogs while on leash with the owner. One coyote began dragging away a two year old when the mother stepped inside her house. I see no reason to live in abject terror but coyotes are wild predators that deserve to be taken seriously. They also need to be kept wary of humans. In my opinion people should react to an unwary coyote by running it off off loudly. Don't leav e children outside even for a second, and warn neighbors about the presence of the animal. Also, carry a stick while walking pets, our perhaps pepper spray. Both work on aggressive stray dogs just as well. (I'd suggest a pistol too but this is nj.)
bob p
16 Oct 2011, 13:59
bowhunter,\r\n\r\nIt depends where you are....I live in Clifton NJ and never saw much wildlife because we are a ways from the woods.....so seeing a coyote is/was unusual.....I have had 3 sightings of deer in my town over the last 6 months, and the time before that was probably about 10 years ago.
14 Oct 2011, 17:28
First of all, Manny went a little overboard. Second, I love how ppl are dumbfounded by seeing one, I am always and have seen somewhere around 20 different coyotes and seen 7 at one time in the last 3 months. On top of seeing them everywhere,more often than not they are chasing deer. I am going to put an arrow through the next one I see because there is a pack of 7 that are always near my treestand and I have not been seeing as many deer. As predator population goes up, prey population declines and then predators find another niche or starve. Or I shoot them.
13 Oct 2011, 07:11
I saw a coyote last night in Bayville, It crossed the road in front of me and came out of the woods as I came down my Street it came out and when my lights hit it it turned and ran. I was quite excited that I had actually seen it.
05 Oct 2011, 06:08
Manny Too,\r\n\r\nThe abortion that got away. Your an idiot and ignorant with such a comment. You must have had a bad upbringing so I feel sorry for you.
Mike M
04 Oct 2011, 05:34
I just watched a large coyote for 10 minutes last evening at my house in Clinton Twp, Hunterdon cty. I was on a loud riding mower, and it passed upwind of me, completely ignoring me and coming within 25 feet as it passed by. It seemed not to recognize my presence til much later. As I watched, it entered some trees and walked along a stone row, looking for prey, enjoying the late afternoon sun and pausing to scratch the odd flea. Eventually, at about 50 yds, it noticed me and we locked eyes for a few moments, until I lowered my gaze and my hat hid my eyes. That seemed to appease it, and he gradually wandered off into the woods. It was a chilling, thrilling encounter, and I'll never forget looking into those yellow eyes.
02 Oct 2011, 17:43
On patrol I have witnessed two coyotes taking down an adult doe deer, I have witnessed them killing fawns in the late spring after birth,bringing nine fawns back to their den, I have seen bloody kills of a fawn on a front lawn at a residence. I have seen a dramatic decline of the deer population here in Ocean County. They have exploded in population and that has brought me back to trapping. They are part of our wildlife system and that is acceptable,but there has to be a balance and at this rate they are expanding beyond an acceptable rate.
01 Oct 2011, 16:55
There was a coyote spotted in Wayne, NJ today in two places. We live near a golf course so that may be where it lives.
Liss C
30 Sep 2011, 13:18
I just saw a coyote in Little Egg Harbor a couple of days ago. It was standing on the side of the road, around 11 am. It was very skinny and bounced it's back legs every time a car went by. It was coming in and out of a trail in the woods. I stopped my car because at first I thought it was a dog and didn't want it to be hit by a car. He stared me right in the eye but seemed very afraid. Eventually it ran off and didn't come back. This is the first time I had seen one in this area.
bob p
27 Sep 2011, 19:18
karen in clifton\r\n\r\nMy wife saw a coyote near school 16 (just off chatham terrace) on or about 9/22/11....I didn't believe her till I saw the animal again about 3 days later off of fairfield road....\r\n\r\nIt must not be moving around to far since your sighting was near there and this was months later.
24 Sep 2011, 23:42
I saw a pack at 1:30 this morning in Upper Deerfield Township,Cumberland County.I was letting my dogs out to go do their business and I shined my light in the field behind my house and saw at least five of them.At first I thought they were deer until I saw their tails.It was freaky seeing them.I knew they were around because I heard of them being in the area and I would hear them yelping aometimes.
Manny Too
24 Sep 2011, 22:47
Hey Manny, grow some balls. A coyote in Staib isn't gonna kill anything but some rabbits, etc.
20 Sep 2011, 06:03
Apparently I have a coyote in my area too. I definitely have a fox in my Wanaque neighborhood. In June I recall not being sure if I was looking at the fox as it was far away and under cover. This morning there was no mistake - it was coyote. I opened my blinds and got a very good look at this elusive animal as it was only about 30-40 feet away. Very cool. Between coyote, bear, deer, fox, turkeys, racoons, falcons, hawks, ground hogs, and all other common critters I feel like Marlin Perkins (Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom) here in Wanaque.
14 Sep 2011, 21:16
Saw a pretty big on at 330 am on the side of the road at the cape may county airport in erma last winter, I caught him in my headlights n stopped he just stood there for like a min lookin at me had to be 40 lbs pretty cool like a mix between German Shepard n a fox
12 Sep 2011, 10:59
IN all my years living in NJ for the umptenth time around i have not come across any coyotes until the last few yrs in a town called Juliustown i only seen him twice and he was beautiful all white i will not say exactly what part of the town i seen him in,And as far as the rest of the wild life there is plenty hunting season should be a no go for all animals.but as one person said in a post this state is not the garden state it is the cement state.But so far people have been working to save thousands of acres of pine land and farm land most people dont know this but the deer was once a desert animal not a woods animal because of people it fled into the woods for protection only to be followed in the woods The American Indian used the whole animal not just the meat and they loved and still to this day love the coyote and the wolf and the fox and the bear and all other animals.Maybe we as a people need to Learn from the REAL Americans ( the indians) and RESPECT THE ANIMALS AND STOP BUILDING ON PROTECTED LANDS AND STOP SHOWING OUR CHILDREN HOW TO KILL THINGS its a crime what some people do thanks and enjoy the reading.
Sussex County
11 Sep 2011, 13:17
A few weeks ago well after sunset, there was a raucous yapping and yelping sound from the woods in our yard. It was very un-nerving but had not been repeated until this morning at about 10AM. This time the animals could be seen. Looked more grey than brown but they were about 80 feet away. Is there any reason for increased concern if there is a pack of coyote?
16 Aug 2011, 22:13
I live in Hackensack, NJ. 2 Years ago I saw just one coyote My home borders the Borg Woods. Now there are over 7 or 8.\r\nPer the town the coyotes are protected animals living in a protected forest so there is nothing They can do. But someone please tell Me at night it sounds like quite a few of them behind My fence in My backyard and They make this loud and scary howling sounds so I start throwing rocks and then it stop. Please someone tell Me does that mean they are killing some other animal because it sounds like dogs crying.Or do they sound like dogs also.
15 Aug 2011, 15:11
Saw a pack of 3 coyotes in Boonton trotting down the middle of street at 4:30am. Grabbed my dog & got out of there.
14 Aug 2011, 13:46
Just saw a coyote in my yard in Hillsborough today. Really thin a nd ragged. It seems it has been in the neighborhood for awhile. All the groundhogs and rabbits are gone from area.
Andrea maher
13 Aug 2011, 16:15
It's funny I came across this page.....a lady name Cindy from carney's point said she say one a few months ago....ironically 2 weeks ago I fed a stray dog at the time I didn't realize it but it was a thin coyote The guys across the street were yelling telling me to get away from it n I didn't listen I gave him some cooked chicken n water n it walked up to me n let me pet it but when a car went by he took off. He was very skittish seemed really aggressive before I gave him the food I felt bad bc I could c the outline for his ribs n it was really hot out but now the damn thing keeps coming back every couple of days idk how to get rid of it. If I knew it was a coyote I wouldn't have feed it. Should I call animal control? I haven't fees him since but he still comes back to my house n sits on my lawn
Jim Frohner
11 Aug 2011, 09:45
10:00 a.m. August 11, 2011 saw what I believe was a well fed coyote in my back yard. Pine Avenue south of Ocean Heights.
08 Aug 2011, 06:13
Had a coyote sitting next to my pool in manalapan. The thing did not even run away when I came outside, just sat there and watched me. It finally ran away when my dog came outside.
Sue Sidor
01 Aug 2011, 06:43
Just saw a young coyote early in the morning in North Brunswick in a populated residential neighborhood off Route 130. Very skittish - hid behind a bush in a front yard to watch us, then dashed away under a porch.
31 Jul 2011, 13:22
We have them in the woods surrounding our farm near the Atlantic City Airport.
29 Jul 2011, 03:37
Just saw a huge on across the street on the neighbors front yard.
24 Jul 2011, 19:45
Saw a little coyote on Turtle Rd. in Morris Township this evening! Yikes!
19 Jul 2011, 18:25
I might be crazy but I saw what looked like a baby coyote on Bay Ave near the 34th Street bridge in Ocean City! At first I thought it was a fox but the paws were so large and very "dog-like" in shape. The color and size of the animal also did not fit a fox. A few cars slowed down to make sure it got into the grassy area ok. Am I crazy? Have there been any sightings near OC?
15 Jul 2011, 17:12
Just saw a coyote come out of the woods into our yard here in north hunterdon. cool. He looked at us, walked around, went back into the woods. Funny thing is the bluejays and crows started going nuts, that's how we knew he was around. The birds didn't let screaming up until he went back into the woods.
12 Jul 2011, 06:52
They don't attack people thought, in reality, they're terrified of us. Coyotes only go after some game like rabbits, mice, squrriels, raccoons, etc. All you have to do is give on a good "BOO" and it'll be gone for a long time to come and plus, they're scared of domestic dogs.
12 Jul 2011, 06:49
I saw one in Hackensack a couple of years back.
08 Jul 2011, 13:06
I live in Jackson. I have woods along the side and back of my property. Thought I saw a coyote about 2 weeks ago. It was the size and color of German Shepard but definitely wild animal. Today I saw it again only was brown and definitely a coyote. It seems to be following the same path as the deer in the woods. WOW! Best thing about Jackson is the wildlife. Never know what you'll see. Even a baboon. LOL
06 Jul 2011, 04:03
I just saw one yesterday in Scotch Plains. It's probably the same one I saw about a year ago on the same lawn. I just warned my neighbors to keep their little dogs in the house at night. If it eats the mice and voles around here, God speed!!
Nick Casella
03 Jul 2011, 12:23
I have actually heard some during hunting season in Glouscester County. I was walking to my treestand before sunrise. Looking down to the ground with my flashlight I spotted dog tracks in the fresh snow from the night before. I also found fresh urine. So I knew they were close. As soon as I stepped towards the treestand. I broke a branch with my foot and i heard a bunch of noises in the tall grass behind the treestand. Ive never ran up a treestand that fast in my life.
29 Jun 2011, 19:28
I also spotted a coyote in Hackensack NJ -- at the end of Summit Ave heading to Staib Park last Sat morning at approximately 8:30 AM. He seemed rather comfortable pacing slowly. Every year there is a decent population of Canadian geese who nest and raise their young nearby. This year there is almost none. Is the coyote feasting on goose for dinner? I wonder....
24 Jun 2011, 08:16
At 8:30am I happened to look out kitchen window to see what appeared to be a young coyote going after the remains of recently killed bird (that a red tail hawk had killed only minutes before). I live on the border Frankford/Lafayette in Sussex County, in the Meadowridge development.
22 Jun 2011, 20:30
A cayote chased my dog on the Bernardsville mountain today near Round Top Road.
22 Jun 2011, 20:17
North Hackensack, NJ. I saw a coyote this past Saturday come out of the woods on Summit Ave and run into Staib Park. There were families with small children in the playground area. After realizing what I had seen, I quickly ran into the park to warn the four families. A mother was walking her two year old when she saw the coyote but didnt realize what it really was untill I yelled it out to her. The coyote made it half way into the park and then turned away and trotted into the backyards of homes on Coles Ave. Im guessing that it went back into the woods. My wife had called the police during all this and they told me that there's really nothing that they can do.\r\nThat's not good enough. Will something be done when a small child is attack? This coyote has been spotted in the area many times by my neighbors.
22 Jun 2011, 11:35
Park Ridge NJ - Park Ave midnight - My wife and I saw coyote when we pulled into the driveway and the car head lights shined on him. We were talking about it 2 days later driving in the car around dusk (7PM?) and we saw a 40# coyote run down the walk way to the front door of a house on Park Ave in Park Ridge. (Bergen Cty)
21 Jun 2011, 19:34
We also saw a coyote in Maywood NJ this morning, close to Central Ave and also behind Maywood Avenue School...thought I was going crazy until I saw other comments about other people in Maywood reporting the same!
20 Jun 2011, 15:01
Upper Township; There is a pack of coyote on the railroad tracks between Butter and Church Roads. They may be running out of food because they are coming in from the woods and ever closer to my house in the daylight.
16 Jun 2011, 16:02
Three coyotes in Maywood NJ, small animals will be killed, children are in danger. They are hunting rabbitts in the local park.This is a populated area and this has been going on for a year or more.
06 Jun 2011, 04:16
Early Saturday morning, June 5th, a coyote was running down Quail in the Oak Hill section of Middletown.
04 Jun 2011, 22:37
I hear them howling in the morning usually. It really threw me off at first, I had no idea there were coyotes around here!
31 May 2011, 20:17
Just a bit more ...... \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nTo those bambi haters, you would be happy down here. We don't have any deer left since the arrival of the coyotes and the deer were always content to live in the forest line behind the wetlands and never needed to munch on shrubs because there was more than enough food for them. That is part of the problem. This State has poured more concrete and asphalt than any other per square inch and rarely considered leaving wildlife clearings. It's pathetic to see deer living in the mid section of the Garden State Parkway where accidents will happen but the State and towns have let developers move as close as a human being can live with all that traffic noise. Set backs for animals should have been part of the State's plan but as usual developers won.\r\n\r\nSo while you folks are enjoying a variety of animals in your neighborhoods, we who used to be overly blessed that way now have a single species which is increasing in numbers and seemingly has wiped out every other creature around. They haven't even bothered our garbage cans because their unending killing spree has for two years apparently kept them happy. Soon we hope they will run out of some very beautiful animals to eat and with a bit of luck will move southward and drive the next town crazy.\r\n\r\nThey are not culling the deer: they are eliminating them and so many other much more neighborly animals that live mainly on grasses and fish. And if this keeps up, we will have a new State animal: those adorable coyotes mainly because they will be the only animal left.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nI think year round hunting or at the very least birth control which they would woof down if placed in hamburgers ought to be instituted in some areas now. And this is one of them. \r\n\r\n
31 May 2011, 18:49
I live in Bayville smack in the wetlands which were set aside really for shore birds. Last year in May the coyotes managed to disrupt the family lives of many egrets and they are back and have done it again.\r\n\r\nThe geese and ducks have moved to a tiny residential peninsula because they learned their lesson last year. This year, the osprey nests which are usually full were only half occupied so they, too, are leaving this bit of land preserved for them. We see the coyotes all winter and it's getting close to my applying for a rifle permit. These guys are not timid at all but usually just stand and stare at human beings. \r\n\r\nEgrets and osprey were rare birds at one point and I don't see watching the number of coyotes go up expoentially. One neighbor zonked one out of existence with his car! \r\n\r\nAnd they are sick and now we have seen mange for the first time in decades on the half dozen or so domestic dogs who live here. Can rabies be far behind?\r\n\r\nThey are not cute little german shepherds. They are serious predators that will and in this case have decimated a wildlife sanctuary in a year's time. We have no more deer or cats or rabbits and we only see the occasional seagull sitting on all those acres that were meant for special birds to raise their families.\r\n\r\nI think year round hunting or at the very least birth control which they would woof down if placed in hamburgers ought to be instituted in some areas now. And this is one of them. \r\n\r\n
31 May 2011, 09:59
This morning on the way to work I spotted a good size coyote on Hockhockson Road in Colts Neck. I wasn't 100% sure if it was a coyote until I viewed this site and others for picture verification. Recently, there have been a large number of turkeys in the area as well. I should have taken a picture with my phone/camera.
29 May 2011, 20:11
Ocean County (Toms River) - I've walked my 95-lb dog in the woods almost daily for 4 years. I see deer all the time. Today is the first time I saw a coyote. At first I thought it was a dog. As it got closer, I realized it was a reddish coyote. I wasn't sure if it would attack, so I leashed up my dog and walked quickly down the closest trail that led out to a development of houses. I was beyond scared. It was following us pretty closely. As we started to exit the woods, it came within a few inches of us. Then my dog showed his dominance and it backed away. Then we got the heck out of the woods.
29 May 2011, 17:25
I just saw a medium sized coyote in Maywood, NJ Bergen County - lived in the area for over 20 years and it's the first time I see one - he was right by a main road standing outside a bushed area. I stopped my car to look at him, he looked at me and stared and then ran back into the bush. It was cool to see it but nobody will believe me except my gf who was there with me.
24 May 2011, 20:43
We have been spotting coyotes for the past few years in Edison along the rail road tracks adjacent to rt 27.They trot across our parking lots at work after dark and sometimes just before first light as they head back to the woods near here.Our cameras also pick up turkeys,fox,both red and silver as well as the usual herds of deer which are every where in the state.
23 May 2011, 12:34
add Union, NJ (near Springfield)....had a couple of sightings in the past week in my backyard. There are woods behind our house. Coyote was trotting along.
20 May 2011, 20:08
Add West Orange. I saw one in the woods behind my house Thursday. Usually its deer back there. I watched until it went out of site. Shocker. I didn't know there were coyotes around here.
20 May 2011, 05:41
Spotted one walking through my backyard this morning in Hopewell Township, NJ (Mercer County)
16 May 2011, 13:04
Oh by the way, my sighting(ran thru pasture) was in Carneys Point, Salem county, NJ.
16 May 2011, 13:00
May 16, 2011 \r\nToday a coyote ran out in front of my car in daylight around 1:00P and jumped over a fence and thru a pasture it stopped 3 times to look at me. There have been sightings around here before and I believe I saw a smaller one once around dusk. I thought they were supposed to be small. It was as big as a large german shepherd and honestly I thought it looked more like a wolf. It was brownish with course sort of short matted hair. Actually it was quite beautiful and amazing. We have a 65 lb. female boxer and live right next to my sighting so I will definitely keep an eye on her. She likes to go back in the woods where the coyote was headed. She always comes back looking very excited. My neighbor has a german shepherd that was actually in a fight with one. He took his dog to the vet and the vet said it had got in a fight with a coyote. The dog still had some of the hair in its teeth.
Karen Bryson
15 May 2011, 12:18
Was mystified by the two-stage call of a wild animal behind our home in Forest Lakes in Andover several nights ago--a relatively soft hooting sound followed by an ear-splitting squawk. Heard same sound again during daylight hours yesterday, May 14, and could follow it to movement in our backyard woods. Grabbed for our hummingbird binoculars and there he/she was--a coyote staring right back at me. I telephoned a naturalist friend with a careful description of what I had just observed, never mentioning the word "coyote", and he said that I had given him the perfect portrait of an Eastern coyote.
15 May 2011, 09:17
This morning at about 6:30 am in Colts Neck, NJ I spotted what appeared to be a tan wolf. After doing some research I am certain that this was an eastern coyote. The spotting occurred while I was letting my jack russel out for her morning business, and thank god neither of them spotted each other. My dog is fine, but there are other small dogs and children in this neighborhood, and we have recently found a dead turkey that we are sure is a cause of this coyote. This is the first adult turkey that has turned up dead since these turkeys moved-in about 5 years ago and judging by the presence of a life-or-death struggle, this turkey did not die from natural causes. This may also have a strong correlation with the small child that was attacked in middletown by a coyote recently, but I guess my question is, how much longer should I expect this coyote be around for, and is there any way to protect one's neighborhood from a coyote presence?
13 May 2011, 19:16
Spotted a coyote on School House and Old Stage Roads in the Scullville section of Egg Harbor Township. It was 7:15am and I was on my way to work. The coyote looked tall and thin with a long bushy tail. It was slowly crossing the street into the backyard of a house that has 2 small dogs. I stopped by to let them know I saw a coyote. I didn't want their dogs to get attacked. When I called my husband and told him he said he heard about coyotes in and around our area. I still can't believe I saw it. I wonder if it would attack a person walking small dogs. A person named John commented on this site and said he spotted one in Scullville. I would like to know what street he was near when he spotted it.
13 May 2011, 12:30
I live on the Sussex County side of Lake Hopatcong, where the deer herd in my neighborhood of 15 sq. miles is easily over 60. The destruction of plant life is awful. I've seen many coyotes as well as foxes and bears but nothing seems to deter the deer. I've had to chase them off my deck and out of my potted vegetables. I'd welcome any deer predator into this area!!!
08 May 2011, 11:54
Spotted a coyote while letting my dog run around a large field in Scullville, Egg Harbor Township yesterday. The coyote was not to phased about me (actually starting a slow trot towards me and my small dog's direction). Put the dog in the car and went to get a closer look. I raised my arms and made some noise and it finally angled into the woods. Not sure if it would of went after my dog. Pretty good size, a little larger than and average sized german shepard. Had some interesting markings on it.
08 May 2011, 01:44
Saw one last night in West Windsor on Southfield Road. Beautiful animal
07 May 2011, 03:37
may 7th 2011 03:15 hours i work security overnight in dayton near the turnpike entrance and i saw what seemed to be a small group of them one actually proceeded to chase me to my post house after closing the door it turned and left the rest of the night i saw no traces of them. it looked like a cross between a german shepard and a wolf.
06 May 2011, 09:58
add Pompton Plains, NJ to the list. I saw one twice in the past 2 days. Right across the street in my neighbor's yard. I followed it down the street and across 2 blocks before i lost it. This morning, it was back in my neighbors yard.
25 Apr 2011, 19:44
vandykes ice cream shop there was either a coyote or a fox...had to have rabies...looked sick.
tony ferrero
23 Apr 2011, 12:50
Melinda: Very well-written piece.
22 Apr 2011, 21:02
Mantoloking, NJ\r\nHad a coyote sniffing around in our back yard this morning- it took off like a shot when it spied us through the window. Never knew that coyotes hung around the beach!
22 Apr 2011, 14:23
Very nice site!
Joe Prim
15 Apr 2011, 09:19
East windsor 4/14/2011. Last night around 8:30pm I was putting something in my car when I see this animal running across the street from one house to another. Long tails, pointed ears and too sleek to be a dog. Must have been a coyote.
Karen B in Springfield, NJ
11 Apr 2011, 17:48
I saw a coyote on Hillside Ave in Springfield last night at 6.45pm. It ran across the street from one yard to anther with something in it's mouth. Silly me - at first I thought it was a fox, but much too big.
Karen B
06 Apr 2011, 06:55
I live in Flemington in a condo complex. Early morning hours of 4/5/11 was awakened by a sound I never thought I would hear living in such a populated area. Definitely coyote, the unmistakable howl followed by the almost hyena-like cackling with eachother. I am from NC and we have coyote everywhere in the rural area I live. A note of reassurance to those native born city folk, these animals are very reclusive and hardly ever want to purposely interact with humans. Unless they are sick or injured or, of course, you have the misfortune of getting inbetween a mother and her pups. They are hunted in NC, but not very successfully as they are very very smart and even though they love a free meal, are very wary. I have read that a hunter who laid bait watched a coyote for several hours just wathcing the bait and never did come for it. I don't think we have to worry much about our kids and animals, we just have to be smart. Don't leave your pets outside without supervision or unless they are in a fenced yard. A real fence, not the invisible kind. Those are great for keeping our animals in, but not good at keeping other animals out.
25 Mar 2011, 10:00
Found large prints in my front yard of my home in Cedar Grove. I have been told that others have seen a coyote on my street.
21 Mar 2011, 15:42
CLIFTON NJ: not sure if it was a fox or coyote it was pretty big and seen at 7:15 pm.in the park at school 16 on grove street. my neighbors called police to ask if they could put traps but they said no , this is the second time they said no to traps . these foxes or coyotes are in a park right by a grammer school but no one is concerened about the children.
19 Mar 2011, 18:06
My son was out in the woods on a tractor ride and saw a pack of Coyotes or wolves eating a deer, the animals started after the tractor, then dispersed.\r\n\r\nJuliustown, NJ\r\n
17 Mar 2011, 09:12
I saw 5 coyotes at Dunkerhook Park in Paramus on a Sunday afternoon around 3 p.m. I'm not walking there anymore. Much too scary for me!
15 Mar 2011, 19:04
I live in Cedar Grove, bordering Little Falls and Wayne. After all the rain and the river flooding i think these cotoyes might have traveled up hill a little bit. i was outside getting something out of my car and about 25 yards away in the moonlight i see what resembled a German Shepard with a real thick long bushy tail. now im almost certain that there are not any homeowners with German Shepards in the area, but just how he looked and moved im almost certain that it wasnt a shepard but indeed a coyote.
Lisa B
02 Mar 2011, 11:02
I live in River Vale, NJ and I saw a three legged coyote pass through my backyard (back leg was missing). He stopped and turned to look at me as I snapped a picture. Beautiful animal. I use to feed a couple of stray cats, but now I know why they are not around anymore. My neighbor saw a coyote last summer staring at his two pit bull dogs. He had to scare it off.\r\n \r\nTo Deborah Penn in an earlier message: the coyote you saw crossing the parkway didn't make it. It must have gotten hit by a car because it was all over the road.
J. Salgado
01 Mar 2011, 11:42
Q. RE: ARE CYOTES COMING TO YOUR AREA in the US if you don't cull your heards of deer? \r\n\r\nQ. Where have they been sited so far in the US?\r\n\r\nQ. How dangerous are they and have they been known to attack kids?
22 Feb 2011, 11:59
Just a note from Roselle, that the local vet clinic has posted that there have been coyote sitings.
18 Feb 2011, 20:55
Live in Franklin Township in the Somerset section, 1/2 mile from the Quail Brook golf course. My property back up to woods that run from Easton Ave south well past Amwell Rd., broken by residential streets along the way. I was walking by one of my second story windows yesterday and out of the corner of my eye I saw some motion. When I turned to look I saw deer running through the woods at the back of my property, which is fenced in with a cyclone fence. I see my local deer herd almost every day so I am familier with their normal movements. What got my attention was that they were not moving in their normal fashion. They were bounding along at a rapid pace, hopping left and right as they ran. I was thinking this was strange as I started to turn away when something else cought my attention. A few seconds after the last of the deer passed by a smaller, lower, longer, furry figure ran through the brush. I stopped and stared for another ten minutes but only saw the deer herd come back, although from a slightly different direction. After all of the deer had passed the last few deer stopped and turned aroud and were very still, as if watching for something. This is the same look they give me when I am walking in my backyard and the can sense I am there but don't see me. At first I wasn't sure what the animal that was following them was but after thinking about it for a while I decided it had to be a coyote. It was way too big for a fox, it wasn't a small wild cat ( it had a long full tail) and was quick and stealthy. I have seen coyotes in the wild in AZ and I am sure that this is what I saw. I have recent photos that I obtained through my job of coyotes that are currently roaming in Montgomery Township to our southwest so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for some them to have travelled up to where I am. The funny thing is that I think I saw one in the same area a few weeks ago when i was in the backyard walking around with my dog in the early AM with a flashlight. I heard a some movement in the woods and shined the light in that direction. What I thought I saw was the largest fox that I had ever seen but thinking back now I think I know what it was. Also, last year in late Fall my wife was out at night doing the same thing and she saw something that she described as a odd looking dog or fox at the fenceline, but being the typical male I dismissed it without thinking too much about it. Now it makes a little more sense.
18 Feb 2011, 16:34
More about the coyotes of the Bayville wetlands.\r\n\r\nJust came back from treating not just one dog but now it's up to two who have serious cases of mange. Never been seen around here before and one of the dogs is in very bad shape and the owner can't afford vet bills. Found help on the internet but this is part of what coyotes bring with then when they move in.\r\n\r\nPlease understand I really love animals but this teddy bear stuff I am reading misses the point. With these coyotes who have killed off all the other animal life, now we see disease. And if you do some research about coyotes they at least in this environment which has been preserved for birds, makes the coyote the predator king of lands that were in the main paid for by citizens who saw the need for refuges for egrets and osprey and yes, eagles. They either get eaten or lose their homes out of fear and in their stead we have way too many sick coyotes that are not easy if even possible to get rid of.\r\n\r\nWay too many animals have been pushed to the end of the line around here because of overbuilding nearby. Should the coyotes end up taking over, it will be harder the next go round to get interested people to restore NJ wetlands which need all the help they can get.
18 Feb 2011, 05:36
Franklin Lakes, NJ, Bergen County, about 8am.\r\n\r\nOn my company's large (200+ acre campus), 2 coyotes, on snow covered field. Appeared to be hunting mice (the way you see artic fox do, rising up in hind legs, pound snow with front paws). Third time in last 3-5 years that I have seen coyotes on this property.
15 Feb 2011, 06:29
Just saw one this morning in Harding Township, NJ right in my front yard. Was sniffing a grass patch that our dog had just spooked some geese from.
10 Feb 2011, 15:24
Pine Hill NJ. 2-10-11 4:45PM. It was either a coyote or a wolf walk thru my back yard
03 Feb 2011, 17:26
Unbelievable, I've lived in Sussex co. for 11 yrs. and last night was the first time we heard coyotes. And, our house backs up to walkhill wildlife refuge. Really eerie but they stopped as soon as we turned on flood lights.
30 Jan 2011, 14:23
Upper Township, NJ--- Riding down Corson Tavern Road last night and watched a coyote enter the woods on the side of the road. It was not as large as some described by others, but there is no question that is what it was. With numerous campgrounds in the area (open seasonally), woods, and residential trash cans there is a ready food source.
26 Jan 2011, 12:27
Coyotes in Bayville in the wetlands from former AT&T pole farm all the way down throughout the town's wetlands. Have killed off deer, rabbits, some geese, cats and worst of all no birds will use these wetlands anymore from ducks and geese to egrets and osprey. The birds stayed away last Spring and all that seem left are some starlings! Never seen anything like this and there doesn't seem to be a way to get rid of them. Hunting according to what I read here isn't effective.\r\n\r\nThey are nasty and seem to be increasing in number.
Wiley Coyote
23 Jan 2011, 16:34
Well, seems like those pigs that walk up-right with rear legs are all upset about us and just darn scared. I guess if they had not moved out here and cut the trees and sterized everything they would never know we were here. So sad, I guess we will just keep moving on like always.
22 Jan 2011, 07:49
we seen a coyote on haddenfield road on 1/22/11 this coyote runs behind a school #16 On jan 3,2011 we also saw what we thought was a fox but realize now it was a coyote it came after me and my little dog thank god i made it home in time, we called the police and health dept and ask if they would set traps because of the school and they said no. hope to god these children will be safe.
12 Jan 2011, 17:02
I live in Caldwell near Caldwell College and I saw a Coyote yesterday while walking my dogs!
10 Jan 2011, 08:01
I live in South Plainfeild Nj and i always see packs of coyotes here but they are not agressive to people theres at least 40+ coyotes here.
06 Jan 2011, 22:08
You can add Old Bridge NJ coyote habitat list. I've spotted a solo coyote in my neighborhood three times over the last several weeks. Although there is a farmer's field nearby and presumably a lot of rodents, I am concerned about my dog and my neighbors' pets. Any advice?
Deborah Penn
05 Jan 2011, 19:29
Just saw a coyote about 9pm tonight crossing the GSP past the Northbound Westwood exit. What a surprise! I looked carefully while headed south on my return trip and sure enough, I saw it trying to cross to the opposite side just north of the Toll Booths.
05 Jan 2011, 06:25
My husband and I were traveling North on the Parkway (I think near Tinton Falls) around 3:45pm January 3rd and are quite sure that what we saw was a WOLF...it was too large to have been a coyote. We've seen both while in Wyoming and we both agreed, it was a wolf. Has anyone else seen a wolf in NJ?
04 Jan 2011, 12:18
Coyote on Haddenfield Road, Clifton on 1/3/11
03 Jan 2011, 20:04
Patrick, I used to live in Oldwick ... saw many up in your neck of the woods pheasant hunting and fly fishing ...the Coyotes are now heading into mating/breeding season .. and hence their vocalizations and calling to each other, and other family packs become more regular and more intense from now till march when spring litters will arrive ... \r\n
03 Jan 2011, 18:54
Nice Post. Was drawn to look for it since I was just hearing coyote howls about 9:45 PM in Long Valley on Beacon Hill Road. Definitely not dogs, although it got some barking after the high-pitched howls spooked them.\r\nThanks for the post.
john vincent
03 Jan 2011, 13:04
Coyote sighting in Clifton, New Jersey near Grove Street.
03 Jan 2011, 12:19
Coyote sighting this morning in Clifton, New Jersey. Grove Street area.
28 Dec 2010, 21:26
Virginia ... slim chance it's a wolf in that area ... coyotes often look heavier than they really are due to thick winter coats ... though, genetic testing of the eastern coyote shows a cross breeding with eastern red or gray wolves, perhaps in Canada, then they migrated south to the eastern states .. so they are often larger/heavier than the thiner "wiley" western coyote ... in NJ they average about 35-50lb ... yet some have reported ones much larger, Perhaps 60-70lbs range ...
28 Dec 2010, 18:23
my husband and i were driving along king george road near dewy farms in warren last week and saw something dead on the side of the road.the closer we got we were trying to figure out what it was.we decided it was a coyote or a wolf,but didn't know if there were any in nj.after reading all the comments on this page im sure thats what it was.it seemed larger than 45 lbs and was pretty furry.
09 Dec 2010, 16:33
Live in Randolph, have been hearing coyote cries at night for a few years. A pack woke me up a week ago, started as one then turned into a concert of 4+. Stops as fast as it starts. Have seen them while running on the Randolph Trails near Mendham. Thought at first they were big foxes, but now realize they were coyotes. It will stop and stare then trots off looking back the whole time. I usually don't think about them as much as running into a bear (have been as close a 20yds to a momma and cub that darted out of the weeds in front of me-that woke me up fast!!!).
Al McI
03 Dec 2010, 21:02
Here in Egg Harbor Twp, saw two pups run through lit yard, late at night. Mama must have been near. A friend saw won near Estelle Manor. It was black.\r\nAnother, near me, wondered what the horses were staring at, off in the woods. She thought, at first, it was a large dog.\r\nA friend,in Cape May, lost all their ducks, and the animal really scared her, as it snarled at her, when she was outside.
07 Nov 2010, 11:24
I find it hard to believe only 3000 coyotes have brought the deer population down to record lows. I my self have seen plenty of baby deer bodies all over the woods in the southern part of the state. It seems to most of the people that I talk to feel that the coyotes are getting the babies as soon as they hit the ground. Who and whatever reason they had for releasing these animals into the eco system needs their head checked.\r\nThere used to be plenty of deer where now there are only a few here and there in our WMA's and state parks.\r\nWas it the insurance companies releasing them to kill off the deer population so there claims would go down?
04 Nov 2010, 07:57
I live in Westfield on the north side of town. As I was looking out my backyard window on a sunny afternoon Oct. 23, I was surprised to see a coyote passing through the backyards of my neighborhood. I live 2 blocks from the down town.
Bob E
31 Oct 2010, 01:58
10/31/2010\r\nOcean County NJ, had 2-3 Coyotes yelping behind house in Silver Ridge Park back by stream that flows to Toms River. Last week wife saw one trot across the road by the Club House about 10:15pm, coming back from shopping.
Edward Knauer
28 Oct 2010, 19:00
The term "coyote ugly" is described here as "drink untill he/she is not ugly". My understanding is the term descibes waking up the next day with someone "ugly". You then chew your arm off which is under your night's partner to not wake them, and then slip away, like a wiley coyote will chew it's leg off to be free of a very inhumane,and mosly illegal steel trap.
16 Oct 2010, 10:25
Thanks for this informative article about coyotes. One of the great things about living in this area is that we are privileged to share it with such a variety of intriguing creatures. I wish that, like the coyote, more of us would be willing to adapt our thinking and behaviors so we can live peacefully and enjoy the presence of our animal neighbors. As the article states, they maintain the delicate balance in nature which we have upset in so many ways. Without them, it's lost. Their intelligence and loyalty is also amazing.
12 Oct 2010, 18:36
I often ran into a pack of coyotes at Hilltop Reservation in North Caldwell several years back. They've done alot of developing up there so the pack has vanished. Last year there were a couple running around Essex Fells but they haven't been seen this year. I always walked with my German Shepherd so they left us alone but another walkers dog was attacked by a protective mother at Hilltop. My Financees friends pug was attacked and killed last week in Kinnelon. \r\nWest Caldwell
06 Oct 2010, 13:53
I posted a while ago and now I've got a picture! It's of the smaller one. Randolph's animal control says they think it's a fox with mange, but I'm waiting for Fish and Wildlife to give me their opinion, I think it's a coyote with mange personally. I've never heard a coyote, so maybe this isn't one (?). I wish I could post the photo.
06 Oct 2010, 05:09
heard this sound on street in Raritan (Somerset Cty) about 1:45am this morning. Listened for a few minutes, thought it sounded like a hyena/coyote mix. Didn't know NJ actually had coyotes until this morning when I found this page! I assume thats what it was Wild!
21 Sep 2010, 02:58
We live in a small rural town in the Pinelands along the Mullica River and we have coyotes. Last evening near dusk there was one eating a deer carcass in the cranberry bog. It had no fear of cars slowing down to look. We have heard them at night but never saw them. Someone in town did get a photo.
14 Sep 2010, 08:30
I live in Cumberland County New Jersey, southern most part. We say a coyote trying to get into our trash a couple days ago. I never thought they were areound here.
07 Sep 2010, 20:46
Randolph/Mendham border: All summer I've been seeing what I thought was a fox around our property. I thought it was a sick fox, lanky, no hair, long pointy ears, but it didn't quite look like the fox that had babies in our barn last year. I jumped out of my chair in seeing tonites feature on Fox 5 News about the coyote in Rye Brook, NY, the video clip they kept showing looks EXACTLY like what's been roaming around here.
05 Sep 2010, 16:44
I had a pack of coyotes in my yard early this a.m. (about 3:30) \r\nThey were trying to figure out how to get into the closed chicken coop.\r\n My dogs went berserk, but I worry about my outdoor cats. They do not want to be indoors and it has proven to be very difficult to keep them in, even if it IS for their safety.\r\n Is there a way to deter the coyotes from returning? I don't want them harmed, but I also don't wish to hve them use my home as a buffet table either. Any help would be appreciated.
24 Aug 2010, 11:32
Jim - jamesrotchford@aol.com\r\n\r\nNancy ... sorry for your frustration, but there is not much the Town of Westfield or State can do, remove 1 or 2, and the Coyotes just replace themselves a week later ... and the history out west shows the Wiley Coyote just adapts to predation/removal. I've done a little research here around Union County, talked to the WPD, seems they have been around here a while ie; Cranford/Mountainside/Chatham/Madison/SP/Plainfield\r\n\r\nSeems the only reasonable measures one can take is to talk to/warn neighbors, keep small pets (and small children) indoors/and/or under close supervision, don't leave food/pet-food outdoors, cover garbage cans securely to discourage foraging for human/pet food in your neighborhood. Although they are most likely there/looking because of natural food sources ... Rabbits, Deer, Mice(rodents) ... so remove bird feeders as they attract many unwanted rodents.\r\n\r\nA wild animal, like all, they should not be approached and/or confronted. And animal behaviorist know their fear of humans will lessen with more close, frequent contact. Aggression is rare in Coyotes, yet they will snarl, and/or show/bare teeth if confronted or cornered.\r\n\r\nIf they are healthy (no signs of mange/rabies/parvo) report it, but let them be ... things like aggressive/unusual behavior, or a bad/mangy coat, or excessive bad odor indicates one of the above and is dangerous to all other animals and/or pets ... so be sure to repot that ASAP\r\n\r\nIf you have any question? I've left my email above\r\n\r\nJim\r\n\r\n
24 Aug 2010, 10:20
I saw a small coyote crossing our street in the middle of the day 2 days ago. Then last night I saw the same type animal but larger in our driveway in Westfield near Jefferson School. I'm sure it was a coyote as I got a good look at it as it was walking right in front of my car as I was pulling into the driveway. It didn't seem to be too scared of my car headlights but headed into the bushes. I called the police who told me to call animal control in the morning. When I called them, they said it was probably a fox. When I said it looked like a coyote, not a fox, they told me to call the health department. When I called the health department, they said that animals have a right to live in the outdoors and didn't plan to do anything about it. It's concerning that I think there are at least 2 coyote wandering around our neighborhood without any action being taken by animal control, the health department or the police to warn residents.
18 Aug 2010, 00:22
Just picked my son up from his friends house in Maplewood where we spotted what we thought was a fox, but then realized it was much too tall (about 2 feet) and about (3 feet in length) larger than a fox would be, about 25 to 30 lbs, with a very long tail. We actually watched it for quite some time with our headlights right on it. We tried to take a picture of it, but of course my sons phone was dead and by the time I got my phone out it had slipped behind a tree...It was across the street from the golf course on Valley, which leads right up to the South Mountain Reservation in South Orange.
17 Aug 2010, 21:51
August 16, 2010 Coming home from work at Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital 9pm, just took Downey Road (access) to 202, past The Green Knoll Grille, spotted a (what I thought was a fox) but too large, pointed nose, dark grey, bushy tail with a white tip at end. It was walking right in front of my car, not too fast. It actually looked into the headlights. I thought it was a fox but they are usually fast and don't even look when crossing the road. It was taller than a fox. It went through the guardrail and into the small section of woods. Lots of homes there.
Jim E. Martin
16 Aug 2010, 07:57
15 August 2010\r\nWe have just seen a coyote in our backyard in West Berlin, NJ. Never saw one before. My daughter spotted it and said is that a coyote? It was a shock. He saw us at the door and stopped. He then proceeded to turn around and walk away. He looked a lot like a german sheppard. We have woods behind our home and a lot of geese hanging around. Maybe he was looking for them.
15 Aug 2010, 22:31
Westfield, NJ .... 11:4pm, 8/15/10 .... south side of town on Willow Grove near Lambertsmill road, Talcot Road. I confirmed reports of Coyote in neighborhood, as I just "called in" a small juvenile Coyote with a hunting/call tape of a "distressed rabbit" .... it investigated same then got spooked by an on coming car ... slipped back across the street .... triggered 2 neighbors motion lights ... then headed for the cover of back yards ... citing too quick to even photograph ( lens cover was still on) ... Damn, hate when that happens!\r\n\r\nThis Coyote was healthy, "relatively small" by known NJ-Eastern Coyote adult standards and my years of citing's in Western NJ, I used to live near the now famous here "Lamington Road Pack" North Branch/Oldwick... and (definitely not a fox, way too big), guessing that it is/was a young juvenile male (spring born?) displaced? looking/working a new territory ... approx. 30 lbs. .... quite light/sandy colored sides ... with the typical, but unique to the Coyote gate/prance ... tail and head held straight to low ... short/narrow/conical/pointed muzzle ...\r\n\r\nThis Coyote, and/or others? has been seen during the day up close by many neighbors ... crossing the street and in many of the local back yards .... rumors have it that some/someone is/are feeding it ... although many feed cats outside too ..... there have been many citing's all around neighboring towns ... Plainfield/SP/Mountainside/Cranford ... so just a matter of time for us ... I have warned neighbors with small children and small pets to be wary, but not panic ... so far he/she has been well behaved no obvious kills/or garbage raids ..... we border a large park and woodlands/golf course, so there is plenty of natural food sources, Deer/road kill, rabbits, chipmunks, rodents, etc .... and Coyote, if they can't gulp in one bite, tend to eat after carrying prey to good cover ....\r\n\r\nI have 2 large dogs, 100lbs. + , male and female, they are Spinone Italiano's (an old/ancient hunting/pointing breed) and a small but quite tough female Golden Retriever .... and as reported before, they know this guy/gal is "out there" somewhere near/in their territory.... so figure this Coyote will avoid this property if he/she can ... plus back and sides are 6 ' high fenced/dog proofed ... and coyotes don't like a place without a good/fast exit either ... my neighbor spooked it one time and it got cornered in their back yard fenced area .... \r\n\r\nBest to let them be if they don't cause any real trouble here .... and a big part of me is very pleased to see wildlife return/adapt to what little we leave them as habitat ... I'd rather see us adapt well to them, or at least give it a real American try for now ... and not panic as some neighbors already have ... although I don't recommend it ... I have known people who have had Coyote's as pets, rescued as pups (and know and support 2 wolf refuges) .... these are living beings, often quite loving, with feelings ... just trying to make a go of it where they ended up, by chance, by adapting ... or perhaps it is/was in a bigger plan well beyond our ability to grasp? I have looked into their eyes ... scratched their muzzles ... been licked lovingly ... as if they know us ... and they have ... the good and the bad for millions of years ... I hope we learn to live with them, humanely ... and don't kill and harass them when it's not needed\r\n\r\n
14 Aug 2010, 08:05
i live in south orange nj right by the south mountain reservation. i often hike there and see deer, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and raccoons but once i swear i either saw a large fox or a small coyote. it was 3.5 feet long 25 lb and 20 inches tall
08 Aug 2010, 09:21
I saw a coyote on crossing Johnston Drive in Watchung, NJ a 1/2 mile up from Bonnie Burn on Wed.,Aug. 4th 2010, mid morning.
03 Aug 2010, 20:38
Westfield, NJ (Union Co.) there has been a few reports of Coyote on the south side of town near tamaques park/ willow grove road/lamberts mill roads and bordering streets (have not seen any myself, nor head any night howling) I've seen many for years all along Rt.78 like phantoms slipping into the underbrush and moving through open fields and near spruce run res.(like Clinton and lamington road reports and others near by) \r\n\r\nMy rear yard, near the westfield park is 6' stockade fenced ... although I have noticed my 3 dogs (2 Spinone Italiano's/pointers and a Golden Ret. showing more interest in night air scenting and alerting barks ie; Hey Master, there is something new out there in our territory! Also, our outdoor cat shorty is on alert most days and nights now, sticking very close to home, pensive, looking around, always on guard. Will report if I actualy site/confirm one or evidence of same. Numerous siteings have been reported on here in neighboring Cranford
30 Jul 2010, 09:01
I've seen coyotes twice around our house in the Boy Choir School neighborhood in Princeton,New Jersey. Also came downstairs one morning to find bloody footprints & bloody drag marks on the terrace outside the living room doors. I didn't know it was coyotes I'd been seeing until a neighbor told me on July 29, '10, that he saw one behind his house a few weeks ago on a sandy spit in the middle of Stony Brook, which runs through and around the small college town of Princeton. Very scary that they are coming into our yards and onto backyard patios, when here in suburbia we all keep beloved house pets.
Diane Scholz
30 Jul 2010, 04:04
While taking my morning walk 1/2 mile east of Hackettstown Hospital along the road heading towards the track and ball field I saw the prettiest coyote just trotting across the path with a rabbit in it's mouth, still squirming. He glanced over at me and kept on walking. He was absolutely beautiful
27 Jul 2010, 13:18
Allendale NJ, Bergen County NJ, photo of coyote with groundhog in it's mouth.\r\n\r\nhttp://celeryfarm.net/2010/07/coyote-at-the-celery-farm-.html #comments
23 Jul 2010, 08:39
likewise , http://www.sec.gov , per , http://www.merriam-webster.com , small
23 Jul 2010, 08:38
individual 103 resulting gps
21 Jul 2010, 09:17
i took this photo monday july 19, 2010 in saddle brook nj <http://www.flickr.com/photos/expobill/4810208748/> the poor animal looked very hungry and dazed, and ran away when he saw me.
Dona Schneider
17 Jul 2010, 04:03
Princeton Twp. - Three coyotes were in my front yard last night, yipping away around midnight. What a strange sound. They ran off when we turned a flashlight on them, but you could see the eyes clearly, then the tails running away.
17 Jul 2010, 02:50
We saw a coyote about 10pm on New Vernon Road just east of the Great Swamp. It was trotting along the road and ducked for cover as our car approached.
10 Jul 2010, 19:01
On July 4th, I had company who said that they saw a coyote run across the street to my neighbors house. It was approximately noon. Three nights ago, my husband and I were awakened by a scream outside. I heard a sound which resembled a dog but not exactly. More scary. Then a few minutes later, I heard a cat screaming in my backyard from one side to the other. I turned on the outside lights trying to see what was happening but it was too dark. The next day, I saw a coyote walking across my front yard and down the side yard to the woods. I found out that the scream that my husband and I heard was the neighbor coming home late that night. When he was walking from his car to the door, a coyote started to bark and snarl at him. I have occasionally seen one but this is very frightening to see it so close. Also, this many times in a short length of time. I live in Sussex County and do see many wild animals. I think I am more afraid of the coyote than the bear.
28 May 2010, 18:49
Franklin Lakes - Bergen County\r\nMy son and I just saw a lone coyote in the wood behind our house. We jumped in our car and followed it down the street until it disappeared into a woods. 9:30 PM. Two weeks ago I saw a large bear across the street. Wild!
Mary J
25 May 2010, 12:52
Saw a coyote this morning in a field just off Rt 519 near Belvidere NJ. I've lived in Phillipsburg NJ all my life and never saw one till now.
24 May 2010, 20:21
My wife said she saw a coyote last night(5/23/10) while she sat on our front porch.We live in Somerville NJ very near The Medical Center.Last week we noticed a mutilated skunk corpse in the front yard.It appears from reading the posts on this web site that the Coyote population mey be increasing.
Anna Marie
24 May 2010, 09:58
Saw one chasing a small deer in Clinton Township. We were visiting friends. They have a pond, and we were just sitting and enjoying nature. All of a sudden we heard a yelp, and as we looked up we saw two small animals chasing each other around the other side of the pond. They were just about 10 feet away from each other. At first we thought that the one chasing was a fox, but then our friends said probably a coyote. The pair raced around the pond and behind a barn. The first animal passed almost close to us and we saw that it was a small deer. It disappeared into the wilderness, and the coyote never appeared again after it passed behind the barn. That was something I thought I'd only see on National Geographic!
22 May 2010, 20:06
heres a youtube vid of the one in my Backyard in Teaneck, havent seen them lately, iv'e noticed the Rabbits and Deer are back so maybe the coyotes have moved on to a different part of the woods....\r\n\r\nhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zxVWqSVObY
22 May 2010, 13:49
Well, it seems as though at least one coyote has indeed established itself on our 150 acres here; on the outset it hardly seems like enough- until you see how much food he has to eat. As I mentioned in an earlier post, he'll never run out of food here: groundhogs, rabbits, geese, wild turkeys etc. While much of Deptford is developed our propery remains a lush reserve- with some open areas nearby. The Coyote has been seen multiple times and seems to have realized we do not represent a threat. Yesterday he ambled on out to watch me on the lawnmower, he plopped down in the shade and when I got closer to him (I wanted to get a better look) he actually got up and trotted towards me much to my surprise. He stopped about 25 feet away, sniffed a few times, then calmly trotted off. Got two pics of him with my crappy point and shoot too!
Oleg D
21 May 2010, 05:58
I saw one last night at about 8:20PM on the Lyndhurst/North Arlington border right behind the North Arlington Fire station.
18 May 2010, 17:55
Just saw a large coyote in our yard here in Liberty Township (Warren County)---I have lived in northwest NJ all my life and have never seen one before. I was wondering where the group of deer that normally hangs around our neigborhood had been lately---the coyote's presence may explain why they are making themsleves scarce right now.\r\n
17 May 2010, 14:44
could I have seen one today (5/17) actually 4---climbing down the rocks by the south exit to the NJ turnpike from Liberty State Park? They were huge and at first I thought that they were dogs--wolf/shepard looking.
12 May 2010, 17:18
Driving N on the GSP today 2 miles before exit 38 I saw the biggest coyote I ever seen walking along the hwy. It definetly wasn't missing any meals.
04 May 2010, 19:11
we have a coyote as a pet she is 12 years old now had her as a pup she is the most loveing dog we have ever had and was great with the kids. she is shy at first but onces she konws you she makes you feel loved
04 May 2010, 11:58
I live in South Jersey, and was driving my miniature horse down a wooded trail in Williamstown this morning. I saw the back end of a gray shepherd size animal trotting away from us..either a coyote or wolf!! We have a large deer population, I saw turkeys shortly after. So this gray 'dog' has plenty to eat. After reading the above article I am less afraid that the animal might attack me or my tiny horse!\r\nMay 4, 2010
04 May 2010, 09:47
In Midland Park
04 May 2010, 09:45
I saw one today in my back yard early AM walking my dog.It was behind some trees and saw my dog but not me so I was able to get a good 10 second look at it before it noticed me and took off fast.BTW, it had breakfast in its mouth, Looked like rabbit stew to me!
30 Apr 2010, 13:24
i live in vernon, nj right by the mountain and yester day me and my son (hes about 15) went to my job wich right behind is a 78 acre of woods i always go in with him and we often see deer, foxes, owls, turkeys, and skuks but yesterday we saw a large coyote about 5 feet long and about 50 lb and 30 inches from the ground to the shoulder as soon as i saw him i said in my mind wow what a big coyote it later ran away and on my way home im preety sure i either saw a bobcat or a young cougar it was about 6 feet long had a long tail and was tanish
liz mcq
29 Apr 2010, 19:37
i live in the bronx, ny... the northwest corner. i have seen coyote twice in the past month! the range the greenway area by the hudson river. it's always fun to tell people that we have not just raccoon, skunk, muskrat, but real coyotes in the bronx!
28 Apr 2010, 11:03
Rockaway Twp (White Meadow Lake): \r\nMy daughter saw a coyote in a neighbor's yard yesterday morning, and then this morning a neighbor scared away a coyote attacking a pet cat.\r\n\r\n\r\n
26 Apr 2010, 19:57
We have spotted a large grey coyote in the woods behind our neighborhood in Hawthorne NJ in Passaic. We were about 20 feet from it when we spotted it. I wonder how the deer live in those woods with this coyote there. I must say that I have not seen from the turkeys in a few days! This is our first sighting of a coyote in these woods.
21 Apr 2010, 19:21
And now Deptford NJ joins the list. While a well-developed area renown for its mall and retail fortresses, we live on a 150 Acre property which has always been a sort of nature reserve. I noted I hadn't seen the foxes in several months, but I had been seeing remains of Groundhogs, wild turkeys- even a raccoon. There's so much other things for a fox to eat here it seemed unusual that the foxes would be after anything that big (although we've typically had big foxes here). Finally we spotted the Coyote, once last friday, and yesterday. This guy was pretty huge, on monday as he basked in the sun we approached slowly to about 150-200 feet.He calmy stood up and appeared over 5 feet from nose to tail, maybe longer. His back looked about 30 inches from the ground. He then sauntered off into the woods. Needless to say we are very excited to have him (and hopefully others) here; the ground hogs are un-checked and out of control... though not for long I'd wager.
15 Apr 2010, 10:36
We saw a very sick coyote in the middle of the day on Essex Road in Tinton Falls on Sunday April 11th. It crossed right in front of us and then doubled back. This animal looked feverish/dizzy and its coat was sparse.\r\nJay
14 Apr 2010, 05:42
Well I've seen like 8 or 9 coyotes in the 10 years I've lived in wayne,nj. I did not know where else to post this but I saw a bobcat last night after fishing wanaque river in west milford. I was coming down awosting road, and came running down the mountain was a bobcat, 3 times the size of a house cat. Light brown color, spots, short to no tail. Ran in front of my car as if I was following it up the road for a few seconds, then it went back right to go up the mountain, stopped halfway up looked down at me, ran back up. It was crazy, they have some long leaps ill tell you that.
13 Apr 2010, 02:15
From Chesterfield.\r\nListening right now to coyotes yelping in the fields. Im up foal watching on a horse farm and its a exciting distaction..mares are quiet, no action tonight.
10 Apr 2010, 14:07
i have a pack of coyotes in my neighborhood of denville and one of them is howling right now
10 Apr 2010, 00:45
Two coyotes sightings in the last week in Ridgefield Park. Makes sense since they've been seen in other surrounding areas, but Ridgefield Park is a difficult place for them to show up in because of the I-80 highway cut and the sound barriers. However it got in here, I assume it'll be staying, since it'll be pretty hard to leave. Also have a decent sized whitetail population in the woods near I-95. This could get interesting. From the sizes mentioned on here, this is a medium sized one, kinda timid and cautious.\r\n
Chris B Smith
26 Mar 2010, 21:38
Just leave the damn animals alone and let nature run it's course.
26 Mar 2010, 21:36
Lots of ignorant people here talking about killing and eradicating coyotes. The reason their populations are increasing is because deer populations have exploded and are at all time historical highs. If any animal should be allowed to be hunted at anytime of the year without a bag limit, it's deer. The only reason hunters are needed to manage game is because we killed off the eastern predators many years ago. Predators like coyotes (originating in the west) are here to fill a niche and there role is to thin the deer/rabbit/rodent populations. The end result will be far less ticks, fewer automobile collisions and flowers and shrubs that actually survive for more than one season. I for one am enjoying the reemergence of predators. Coyotes are amazing creatures that cannot be eradicated regardless of how much they are hunted. So for all of you "big hunters" out there...keep on killing them because studies show that as coyote populations decrease their litters increase tremendously! As one poster said, ask any western rancher how their eradication program went in the 60's and 70's? Complete failure...the coyote population exploded.
16 Mar 2010, 13:10
Hi Glenn - At Colliers Mills we could hear them in the bushes about 25 yards away. It was nighttime so we couldn't see them. It was hard to tell how many of them were howling but there were quite a few from the sounds of it. \r\n\r\nYou could get a caller at Dicks or Cabellas. You can order one online, might cost you about $50.00.
12 Mar 2010, 09:09
Thanks, JMS88... That sounds pretty intense!!! How many usually respond and how close do they get? Where do you get such a device?
12 Mar 2010, 09:04
Glenn - If you are interested in Coyotes get an electronic caller and go to pretty much any state game land. We called them at Colliers Mills two weeks ago and got them in pretty close. I've also got them in close down in Chatsworth.
12 Mar 2010, 07:35
In mid February we saw a Coyote in our backyard in Ridgewood, NJ. Our three cats were out and we believe it was after them. My husband & I first thought it was a dog in our backyard, the cats were high tailing it onto our deck with the coyote in pursuit. We went outside to chase it away, it was about 10' from our deck. Upon a closer look we knew it was not a dog and a coyote. It turned immediately when we yelled and flew over our fence like a deer. We contact our town hall, showed no interest and seemed not to care to inform people with animals and small children. Contacted our vet, Ridgewood Vet to alert people with animals and small children.
10 Mar 2010, 11:16
My wife and I went for a walk with our son in his stroller and small dog at Monmouth Battlefield State Park in Manalapan/Freehold the other night (3/1/10). It was near dusk, getting tough to see clearly, when we ran into an unidentified animal. I gave my wife the leash and ran ahead to get a closer look and check things out, but it disappeared before I could ID it. \r\n\r\nAfter checking out this site, I gather it was a coyote. In the moment, I thought maybe it was a large fox and then even thought to myself, couldn't have been a coyote around here! Must have been a skunk or raccoon. But, it was quite large and had a different walk/gait than a skunk or raccoon. Who was I kidding?!? What really solidified it for me, was the tail. It was tall and its tail didn't touch the ground, but seemed to droop down.\r\n\r\nI'm very intrigued and would like to return in hopes of seeing more...
05 Mar 2010, 22:55
I was up very late on Dec 27th 4:30 am I went out to have a cigarette and from out of the corner of my eye, I saw what first thought to be a dog. I live in Gibbsboro, NJ so I didn't think that coyotes were occupying NJ especially in the Southern part. He/she stopped and squatted & when I first saw it, it looked very much like a wolf. It had long legs and a huge head but had the color orange in it. Since then, my brother in law and my husband have seen this 1 coyote. It mostly has been seen late nite or early morning and especially the nite b-4 garbage/trash is being collected. I have a small dog and I am afraid to go out at nite with him because he even looks out into the woods with a drooped tail.
04 Mar 2010, 15:57
Has anyone seen coyotes in Salem County,\r\nNew Jersey? I heard one two years ago, about 1:30 in the morning. I was out in our barn, one of our miniature mares was birthing her foal. I am concerned they may attack our little horses.
28 Feb 2010, 20:53
I saw one around 4 AM in my driveway in Moorestown NJ this morning. I let my dogs out to do their stuff and my one lab ran full speed at the end of our drive way which is not like her. I noticed something sitting there and NOT moving as she was running up. She then got up to the coyote and stopped about 2 feet from it and they both just stared at each other. I walked over because at first I thought it was a fox. This is the most craziest situation I have ever seen but this coyote was LAYING down the whole time because one I got close enough it got up and ran like a dog with its tail between its legs down my street and disapeared. I could be wrong because it was dark but in the street light i saw this animal was clearly a dog like animal and white/brown which foxes in my area are mostly red and small. Whatever it was left scents in that area because my dogs will still not leave that area alone!
28 Feb 2010, 09:06
On Feb 28th saw one in millstone twp nj, at 4AM
27 Feb 2010, 19:11
I see that some people have commented that they have seen/heard coyotes in Egg Harbor Township. Just wondering where. I live in EHT and have never heard or seen them.
21 Feb 2010, 16:22
We used to live in California, in different areas around LA, so we became very familiar with the sound of coyotes.\r\nAlso, had an encounter with a pack of them as they came down from the hills and were walking down the road just across from our house. When I opened the front door they stopped and just stared. Just a way of life. After moving back to NJ, we easily recognized their distinctive cry. My daughter & I saw a couple today in the woods behind our house in Chesterfield.
19 Feb 2010, 08:16
While fatal attacks on humans may be uncommon, fatal attacks on pets and livestock are not. Young children also are attacked more often then adults by Coyotes. \r\n\r\nRead all about documented Coyote attacks on this website:\r\n\r\nhttp://www.varmintal.com/attac.htm\r\n\r\nI'm not saying you have to fear for your life when you enter the woods, however you should always be cautious. \r\n\r\nThe animal rights/tree hugger types would like you to believe that attacks by Coyotes are so rare that you don't need to worry about it. Well, just by reading the website I posted you can see that people right here in NJ have been attacked by Coyotes. If one happens to kill your pet or attack your child, it doesn't really matter how infrequently those attacks happen. \r\n\r\nJust be cautious and alert if you are in an area where Coyotes live.
19 Feb 2010, 08:13
Hey Melinda,\r\nNice article and website. FYI the term "coyote ugly" does not refer to someones appearance being as ugly as a coyote. This expression stems from an old joke, where a girl is so ugly that after having sex with her, if she fell asleep on a guy's arm he would chew it off to get away...the way a coyote does to get out of an awful leg hold trap. So, it is actually only insulting the woman, not the coyote. Thought you might like to have the history of the phrase.
19 Feb 2010, 07:44
Mark - I carry a pocket knife with me everywhere I go. Whether it's in the woods or on the streets of NYC. The time you will miss a knife the most is if you really need it and don't have it. Whether you're protecting yourself from a coyote or a person.\r\n\r\nI'm not trying to overstate the danger that Coyotes pose. I merely said that "Coyotes can be very dangerous". This is not my opinion, it's a fact. \r\n\r\nI'd bet the family and friends of Taylor Mitchell wish that someone would've given her some good advice about coyotes. One thing I do know, if she had a knife she would've stood a better chance of defending herself. Nothing wrong with carrying a knife for protection.
05 Feb 2010, 11:36
We have them here (Gloucester/Salem) - we breed Russian Ovcharkas that we kennel on the side of our land and they were going off a week back - howling and clawing - our neighbor spotted two coyotes coming out of our woods. He said he shot at them :( and they took off. Today at 12:37 exactly - I had a very large CAT - 40-45 lbs - sashaying her way thru my same woods on her way to the tree nursery 2-3 acres behind my land. She has been spotted many times around here. I swear if I see a bear - I'm going to start selling tickets!!!
30 Jan 2010, 11:04
JMS88, I'd be cautious not to overstate the threat posed by coyotes. Other humans are way more dangerous than any coyote could be. Would you personally carry a knife in NYC? Each year there are plenty of humans killed by other humans.\r\n\r\nMark
25 Jan 2010, 10:14
Coyotes can be very dangerous. \r\n\r\nhttp://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33509516\r\n\r\nMy friends from Canada know one of the RCMPs that dealt with this case. They told them that the woman's intestines were hanging outside of her body when they found her. \r\n\r\nDon't think for a minute that you are safe from Coyotes. Always carry a knife with you when you are in the woods. Coyotes are an opportunistic predator and if they sense weakness they will attack you.
Tom M
22 Jan 2010, 12:10
I saw one in Clifton in a residential area near Garret mountain. It was new Years day.
20 Jan 2010, 21:27
I'm so glad I read this! I was the cute neighbor in the beginning of article when my father suggested to me that the stray, fast as lightening dogs that I saw at night on my way home to our Clifton (Passaic County)residence were coyotes. No way I said and for months it baffled me and every time i would try and get a closeup on me they would disappear into the nite. I'm glad i came across this article. Very interesting!
18 Jan 2010, 19:14
Just tonight they are howling like crazy out in the woods behind our house. There must be quite a few of them and it's going on for quite a while. The Macnamara Refuge in Upper Township, Cape May County is loaded with coyote. We live near there, near Cedar Swamp Creek.
17 Jan 2010, 13:50
My wife and I saw coyotes on the Rutgers Piscataway campus 6-7 years ago when we used to drive our daughter there for early morning swim practice. They frequent the large landfills throughout NJ. They're way less likely to cause serious harm than deer ticks though. I say shoot all the deer ticks.\r\n\r\nIf only coyotes liked Canada Geese...
Alice - Hunterdon County
12 Jan 2010, 15:21
Being in technology I have the good fortune to work from home on occassion. Today was such a day and as I was working on my computer with my peripheral vision I saw a flash through the window in front of me. My gaze immediately followed movement and I watched two canine.. in my mind 'are those foxes?' chase one another back and forth across the creek that borders my property. No doubt the pursuer was driving off the lesser rival as the chase passed out of sight. I sat absolutely breathless being new to this area and the excitement that over took me was the certainty that I had just seen my first coyote. The heavy coat and even heavier bushy tail were as unmistakable as the coloring of the larger of the twos coat, a golden brown with the barest hint of auburn towards the head which mutated as it ended at the tail into a sandy golden gray. If I may say so, pretty cool! =D I will close saying that I do have feeder for the birds and I love the outdoors. With the snow we have received over the last several weeks there are still a couple inches of hardpack left and I have noted the very canine trails that remain along with the other wild life, now my evidence has been substantiated. It was great finding both this reference as well as the fellow chatters. Thanks.
03 Jan 2010, 06:11
Noreen.... You seem to be the one that needs educating. Before you go on a rant and accuse hunters as being "uneducated hicks" perhaps you should do a little homework. The majority of hunters,including myself are educated, employed and own our homes. Just because you do not approve of hunting does'nt give you the right to attack and berate us. \r\nThe majority of hunters abide by the laws set forth by the state. Most hunters do not hunt for sport, we consume what we shoot. Hunting is also a way of controlling animal population. Would you rather see an animal starve to death \r\nYou need to figure out what makes you so angry (divorced,unmarried,insecure) and focus on fixing youself before you attack others that you do not even know.
30 Dec 2009, 20:08
Hick Hunters! Get educated! Bet you live with your mom and don't have a job. The only danger to people is when cruel hunters shoot coyote in residential areas! And those who post here who love wildlife esp coyote should not give away specific loctions of sightings unless you want these sick crazy hunters to be shooting them in your backyard!
27 Dec 2009, 22:54
My wife saw one 6 ft away from her. It was a female as she was squatting to releive her bladder. She thought it was a wolf & I told her she was crazy. My brother in law & neice told me that there are coyote's all over NJ. I contacted NJ state Game commission & they confirmed it! What's next. Lions & Tigers & Bears! oh my!
27 Dec 2009, 06:18
My fiance was hunting and brought home a coyote, and I have also seen them in the woods behind my house. They are really very pretty and I think we should leave them alone, while yes, any animal can pose a potential threat at any time, we run the chance of getting bitten by an ordinary dog, or getting run down by a car, does that mean we should go around shooting dogs and maiming careless drivers? ..\r\nThey are part of what makes up the echo system, you would think we would learn and leave things alone. And if you want to get technical , Man is responsible for most of the killing that gos on in the world.
24 Dec 2009, 16:08
My dog was barking in the back yard this afternoon so I took a look. There was a light brown dog walking away into the woods and I realized it wasn't a dog and too big for a fox - had to be a coyote. We live in Roxbury Township in the Berkshire Valley section
12 Dec 2009, 08:20
We have had a injured coyote in our back\r\nyard now for about 5 months. looks like\r\na car clipped him..front leg is lame..\r\nwe give him a can of dog food every night to keep him away from our feral\r\ncats...it works..
09 Dec 2009, 11:34
I live in Denville, NJ and have seen a coyote cross our yard twice within the last 2 weeks. The latest time was 2 days ago and I beleive it is making a home under some old trees not to far from our garage.
08 Dec 2009, 12:13
Kill all the coyotes
07 Dec 2009, 18:35
Spotted one coyote in Teaneck Creek Conservatory on 12/6 in early afternoon. Seemed to be alone - snow on trail bridges had one set of tracks only. No other tracks - no people tracks, etc. Coyote walked all the trails in the park - once. Beautiful animal, I estimated 60 lb. But after reading about coyotes, was probably smaller with a lot of fur. It wasn't agressive - simply wanted to get away from me & my small dog. I've run into my share of loose dogs in the park - dogs are scarier.
07 Dec 2009, 17:54
Alan is right, but crude. The coyote population is too high and some must be harvested. By the way, it is legal to shoot coyotes any time, anywhere as long as a hunting license is present. All kills should be reported. Also I've been a hunter for more than 36 years, i know what im talking about
06 Dec 2009, 15:04
I live on a large farm in Knowlton Township and I see coyotes often in the back fields. Usually they're small and straggly and they creep low to the ground. Twice I have seen a very large impressive coyote: Once last spring and just an hour ago while pulling up my driveway. If I didn't know better I'd swear it was a wolf. Last year I saw him at the top of the hill staring at me. I thought he might be a Siberian husky or something similar until he started to move. He walked more like a cat than a dog. Tonight, if it was the same animal, he sprinted across the driveway into the upper field. I've seen coyotes before when I lived in Mansfield, but this is definitely the biggest coyote I've ever seen.
02 Dec 2009, 16:00
another one in teaneck, this time in my back yard, my motion sensor light didnt seem to scare him either - just casually walked off into the woods !\r\n\r\nthe other night fire trucks sped past with sirens on. after they passed i heard a pack of coyote howling right in the woods behind my house ... \r\n
19 Nov 2009, 12:10
Alan-you are obviously clueless, not to mention condoning illegal activity. Coyotes are here to stay and the more you kill the more they reproduce. Eradicating coyotes is impossible as most western ranchers will tell you. They are becoming more prevalent because the deer population is out of whack and can support large coyote populations. Stop attempting to play God and balance predator/prey populations...leave the damn animals alone ya hillbilly!\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n------------------------------------\r\nAlan\r\n2 3 Jun 2009, 07:54\r\nThese animals are a nuisance and their numbers need to be reduced. Due to an absence of management by residents, coyotes are losing their natural fear of humans, which is further worsened by people intentionally feeding coyotes. Do your part, like I, and hunt these pests like rats. No need to report anything, shot and bury. Future residents of this great state will thank you.
19 Nov 2009, 12:10
Alan-you are obviously clueless, not to mention condoning illegal activity. Coyotes are here to stay and the more you kill the more they reproduce. Eradicating coyotes is impossible as most western ranchers will tell you. They are becoming more prevalent because the deer population is out of whack and can support large coyote populations. Stop attempting to play God and balance predator/prey populations...leave the damn animals alone ya hillbilly!\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n------------------------------------\r\nAlan\r\n2 3 Jun 2009, 07:54\r\nThese animals are a nuisance and their numbers need to be reduced. Due to an absence of management by residents, coyotes are losing their natural fear of humans, which is further worsened by people intentionally feeding coyotes. Do your part, like I, and hunt these pests like rats. No need to report anything, shot and bury. Future residents of this great state will thank you.
18 Nov 2009, 14:17
Glen Rock, Bergen County, NJ \r\nEither a very large gray fox or a small coyote walked along my rear fence line at 1:00 PM today. It was really light colored, splotchy sides, tail held horizontal; approx. 25 lbs. From what I've read a fox only gets to be a max of 15 lbs. Isn't that the size of a large cat? Also, the tail being held straight out is a way to identify a coyote. My yard backs up to the PSE&G right-of-way property, a.k.a. "the gully", which has lots of rabbits, and leads to the Bergen County Park. My dog charged after it with all her hair standing on end and it was so unsettling she has been barking ever since (4 hrs)! http://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/coyote_info.htm \r\nhttp://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/speciesinfo_fox.htm#gray
17 Nov 2009, 19:04
Saw 5 coyote this morning while bow hunting . They were chasing deer one had the mange real bad.One was yellow or white looking,3 pups grey/black didnt get shot.i am located in Sayreville.
steve frederiksen
11 Nov 2009, 13:43
Saw one this morning in Freehold at first light in a field off Waterworks Rd.
11 Nov 2009, 08:58
South Harrison, Gloucester County, I saw one aroun 9:00 a.m on a Sunday a few weeks ago just hanging out and interacting with deer for a good 25 minutes out in open farmland. Unfortunately, last night my wife and I heard one that was about 150 yards from our house and then when I borrowed an electronic caller to see if there was just one, there seems to be at least two adults and at least three pups. I'm not sure what to do about them as I have a small boxer that I'm not too confident in his aggressive abilities if he stumbles upon them one night or morning. I'm going to try and get some pictures while I decide what to do
08 Nov 2009, 15:24
Guteb Tag Ich haise Goga
07 Nov 2009, 20:10
ok i didnt read eveybodies yet but im down here at the bottom of the walt whitman bridge in jersey and we have coyote,fox and deer . i was suprised to say the least but i understand they just travel the banks of the delaware pretty kool huh!
06 Nov 2009, 05:33
Cut and paste this link!\r\nAll the experts claim this is soooo rare but really there have many many attacks just not fatal and they don't make the national media.\r\n\r\nhttp://www.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/Music/10/29/canada.singer.kil led/index.html?eref=rss_latest\r\n\r\n
06 Nov 2009, 04:15
I just spotted a mangy looking grayish brown animal running through my yard. At first I thought it was a fox but I now believe it was a coyote. I live in rural Readington NJ, and the fox was heading towards our neighbors horse and lamb farm.
Darrell G.
05 Nov 2009, 09:55
I saw a coyote on Garret Mountain in West Paterson, NJ right outside Berkley Business College. I have heard people say that they have seen them in the park but this is the first time I've ever seen one. At first I thought it may have been a grey fox, but after seeing the picture of the Eastern Coyote, I am sure that was what it is.
Anne Marie Ramirez
20 Oct 2009, 07:24
I live in Cranford, Union County. Yesterday around 10 am there was a young coyote in my backyard. What a sight, it was a beautiful animal.
14 Oct 2009, 21:35
In the past two weeks there have been over four sightings of coyotes in smithville nj atlantic county in the middle of the day... scarey!
14 Oct 2009, 19:49
Cranford is surrounded by large reservations- north(south mountain), west(watchung) and south(ash brook swamp) - last year Sue recommended a great web site www.easterncoyoteresearch.com\r\n
14 Oct 2009, 18:45
Today in suburban Cranford, I saw a mystery animal slinking through our yard in mid afternoon. I had seen this animal sitting on the school grounds a few months earlier and stopped my car to try to figure out what in the world I was seeing. After coming to this site I am convinced I am seeing a coyote. Why is this animal wandering through the neighborhood in broad daylight? It seems lost.
14 Oct 2009, 09:56
During the summer my husband told me he saw a coyote in our Oakland NJ yard.I wasn't to eager to believe him until I saw one this a.m.It walked across my lawn in the yard and into the woods.Checked out this site to see pics\r\nand it looks just like what I saw.Very scarey---my kids or I could have been out there.
12 Oct 2009, 07:26
I was walking my dogs last night in quiet Williamstown and I swear I heard a Coyote howling!
11 Oct 2009, 18:56
Saw what looked to be a coyote in Teaneck off of fycke lane, right next to the conservatory,,, \r\n\r\nkinda scary considering i have 3 dogs and my back yard connects to the conservatory woods ...
11 Oct 2009, 09:41
Saw two Coyotes this week. One on the golf course at Alpine Country Club and today running into the Tenafly nature preserve on the border of Cresskill/Alpine/Tenafly. Is this a time of the year that they come out more often?
05 Oct 2009, 21:02
In Cresskill, in the valley by the RR tacks- I saw a coyote in my back yard last week around 8am. Not very happy about it.\r\nPicked up the local paper today and article and picture of a bobcat in Alpine, NJ - yikes!
05 Oct 2009, 13:58
I live in Stanhope NJ and saw one standing on someones front lawn on Dell Road. It just stood there looking at me in my car as if to say "where do I go?". Since that I have heard there have been numerous sightings around town.
02 Oct 2009, 07:24
On the Hilltop in essex county we woke up to six of them in our backyard last night howling.
30 Sep 2009, 19:02
Branchburg, NJ\r\nWe have seen a coyote in our backyard on each of the last two days. Both sightings were in the early afternoon. It may have made a home of the space under our shed. Today, it found a comfortable place in the grass, layed down, and remained there until scared off by my daughter who quickly approached a window. It ran around to the side of the shed out of sight.
30 Sep 2009, 08:54
I have a picture of a coyote I got from my trail camera. I live in Western Passaic County
John Sbraga
26 Sep 2009, 14:36
I was hiking on the Batsto trail with my dog when we came up on 3 Coyotes on a sand road. They watched us for a bit and then ducked into the woods.
25 Sep 2009, 08:11
I saw a small animal, thin and probably about 1' tall, early this morning at 5.30AM in Budd Lake, NJ. Its tail was also droopy. It did not walk like a dog, I am confused; is it a fox or a coyote? \r\n\r\n
15 Sep 2009, 11:33
I live in Tewksbury NJ (Hunterdon Co) and was driving with my dad around dusk past a field and saw what we assumed was a fox jogging at the tree line across the field from the road. We quickly realized it was a coyote and slowed to a stop to observe it, the coyote eventually just slipped in to the trees. Very cool to see, as long as the coyotes leave my beagles alone!
08 Sep 2009, 18:03
I saw a coyote walk across Forest Trail in Indian Lake, Denville a week ago around 6 pm. I wasn't sure what it was at first - it looked sort of like a dog but definitely was a wild animal. It walked right onto someone's lawn and dug up something near their tree and ate it. Yesterday in Denville on the other side of Rte46 past Gardener Field a big black bear ran in front of my car.
03 Sep 2009, 19:42
I live in western Passaic County. The third week of August of 2009 I saw a coyote around 8:30 pm. I was jogging/walking around the lake. The thing started to snarl at me. I have never been so scared. I walked away at a fast pace, looking back to make sure it wasn't following me. Then when I lost sight of it I ran as fast as I could home. I don't think encountering a coyote is lucky or a beautiful sighting, not when you have no where to go.
01 Sep 2009, 09:25
On the driveway to work (off Westbrook Road in West Milford, very steep and to the top of the mountain) yesterdy I saw birds and bunnies scattering and realized a coyote was chasing the bunnies. He looked at me a moment before sauntering off; didn't seem to be disturbed by me. I did, however, close my office door instead of letting in the breeze.
31 Aug 2009, 16:20
Saw a coyote crossing Diamond Spring Rd in Denville right near the Boonton Twp border. It was carrying something in its mouth, perhaps a pup as the tail was very bushy like the coyotes. Went so fast across the road I couldn't really get a good look. This was in day light, about 6 pm.
31 Aug 2009, 11:10
im live in gloucester county. i saw one coyote run accross a field over near the bridgeport speedway. more recently behind my house in logan township (beckett) one came up in my backyard. also you do hear em howl sometimes. as of now i havent gone out to try and shoot one yet just because they havent caused any problems. i dont have cats nor do i like cats. my dog is a full grown male boxer and is big for a boxer so im sure he'll be ok. i have a 7 year old but honestly their is enough rabbits and turkeys around here to eat i doubt i have to worry.
28 Aug 2009, 11:58
I just saw a coyote in Mountain Lakes, NJ while driving on Powerville Road.
27 Aug 2009, 22:26
I live in hopatcong nj i'v seen one every other day run down lakeside blvd in front of my house the one day it was 715pm it had a cat hanging from it's mouth .....
20 Aug 2009, 07:35
I live in Chester, New Jersey and\r\npresently have a coyote living in\r\nmy back yard along with cats, fox,\r\ndeer, and racoons...\r\nShe has been hit by a car and has some\r\ninjury to her front paw, making her\r\nsomewhat slow moving..\r\nShe comes out of the back every evening\r\nbetween 6:30 and 7:00 p.m. looking for\r\nleft over cat food, eats and goes away.\r\nShe is a beautiful animal.
19 Aug 2009, 07:39
I live in Verona, in Essex County and they have become part of everyday life along with foxesand the ever annoying deer.
09 Aug 2009, 12:21
Its 3:00 in the afternoon and I saw a coyote slinking across my back yard into the woods. A half hour later, he went back the other way. I wasn't sure at first if he was a coyote so I went to this site to see the pics. Yup, it was one.As long as it leaves my 6 dogs alone, I don't care.\r\nLast year we had evidence of 3 killed fawns on our property. I suspected, now this confirms it. We are not alone!
26 Jul 2009, 19:08
all of you hunters are about the same old stuff! There has never been a deer shortage! Since coyotes don't hunt in typical packs like wolves they are not taking down trophys. They might get a tick ridden fawn which will likely die anyway! I don't think there is a bigh enough coyote population to put a badly needed dent in the deer population. maybe you should focus on more deer hunting and leave the coyote's alone!
26 Jul 2009, 12:55
I am from Camden County, South Jersey and I have taken 3 coyotes of all phases. The first coyote I killed was in Evesham Twp., and it weighed 42 lbs. The other two I took out of Batsto they both were 38 lbs. This coyote population has to be lowered or there will be no more deer for us to hunt.
25 Jul 2009, 22:07
3:00 Sunny Day last summer/08, Saw Coyote crossing road, in front of the abandoned old West Milford Jungle Habitat entrance. It was coming walking west comming from the high mountain ridge that is on the east side of Greenwood Lake, NJ. He/she was a large adult 50-75 lbs. and beautiful. It was walking down the ridge line towards Munksville Reservoir. Excellent Excellent excellent.\r\nLived in New Jersey 53 years and this is the first I've seen one! Also saw about 5-6 black bears the last 2 years. Is the new road kill in NJ going from squirel to bear and coyote?
25 Jul 2009, 05:37
I live in Woodcliff Lake, NJ, in Bergen County, and saw a coyote in my driveway about a month ago. It went down my driveway, crossed the street, and went into woods there.
22 Jul 2009, 12:25
Where did you see the coyote in Watchung? I drive through there regularly but have never seen one.
curious in East Hanover
15 Jul 2009, 18:50
I like in East Hanover and for the second time this week, am not sure if i saw a fox or coyote. Unfortunately I don't think it'll let me get close enough to see details. Any tips on getting a better idea? Both times he was lying in grass under a lamp and his head pops up when he sees me, then runs straight to the small wooded area. Thanks a lot:)
13 Jul 2009, 08:58
Last night I saw a coyote in Watchung Reservation. My wife travels through the Reservation regularly and has seen coyotes on a number of occasions.
09 Jul 2009, 05:47
I seen a coyote July 8, 2009. He was crossing the street on a back farmers road in Stewartsville,N.J. around 12:00 noon. I stop while he crossed and he then stop and turn back and pause and we just lock eyes at each other. At first I thought it was a German Shepard but realize that it was a coyote. He then continue into the Corn Fields. I've seen a Mother Bear and her Cubs, and one Old Male Bear that weight around 500lbs in my back yard. I have a Fox that lives up the lane in the Corn Fields which I see mornings and in the evening when coming or going home. I've lived in the surrounded area most of my life. My Grand Parents are natives. But up to three years ago is when I started seeing more of these animals. I guess they dont have enough places to live anymore do to all the development. Sad but True!
07 Jul 2009, 17:18
Just saw an adolescent coyote in my backyard in Stewartsville, NJ. 7:15 pm on Tues., July 7th. This is the second time we've seen them in our yard...last time was a few winters ago.
Frelinghuysen, NJ
05 Jul 2009, 18:45
Listened to the howling at 11 PM on July 4th. Then the coyotes were surrounding the house at 3 AM and very vocal with yips. Jumped up and called my late night straggler of a cat in, at which point the yips stopped. They started up again at 4:30 AM. I've noticed my neighbors 20+ feral cat population appears to be dropping. Neighbors report spotting "three german shephard like animals eating a dead deer". Glad they are around...just need to take care to get the domestic cats in.
27 Jun 2009, 06:08
This week I saw a coyote standing on a driveway in Glen Rock...it was unusual and amazing. Wish I had taken a picture!
23 Jun 2009, 18:42
I'd first like to start out by saying that I think Steve & Alan are ignorant. Obviously you are afraid of somthing you know nothing about. Coyotes are not harmful to people, and people need to get smart and learn to live with them.Coyotes control mice, rats, squirels,rabbits, geese and they eat their eggs out of the nests and yes even some deer, all of which we have to many of.Obviously hunters are just using this coyote killing thing as just a reason to kill something. I personally do not have a problem with someone hunting to put food on the table but this is just for the hell of it! Have you ever seen the condition of some of the sports field from the goose droppings? I guess it's ok to have your kids playing in that!Get smart people!!! They serve a very positive purpose! Leave them alone and let them live to help our great state. Oh buy the way do you how many motor vehicle accidents those deer cause and how much money is spent on the vehicles and medical bills?Coyote's couldn't kill enough to put a dent in that population.NJ has packs of wild dogs which pose more of a threat to humans than Coyotes because they are not afraid of humans.
23 Jun 2009, 11:29
6 June 2009 Rockaway Twp. (Dover mailing address - neighborhood closer to Route 46) Years ago, I heard and saw only one. \r\nIn the past month we have been hearing coyotes around our neighborhood and my neighbor confirmed he woke up to find one at his sliding glass door staring at his cat inside. Last night my husband came home to see one in our front yard catching some kind of critter. We're very scared now for our cat because she goes outside. I bring her in at night, but from what I've been reading, these coyotes are plentiful in NJ and can be out at all times of the day and night. I'm also worried about my neighbors who walk theire dogs in our neighborhood and will warn them all.
23 Jun 2009, 07:54
These animals are a nuisance and their numbers need to be reduced. Due to an absence of management by residents, coyotes are losing their natural fear of humans, which is further worsened by people intentionally feeding coyotes. Do your part, like I, and hunt these pests like rats. No need to report anything, shot and bury. Future residents of this great state will thank you.\r\n
19 Jun 2009, 10:38
I live in Franklin Park (around Sudyam Rd), and saw a coyote this morning (5:00 am) enter my property and walk across to my neighbours. Never seen one before.
Joe Russo
06 Jun 2009, 19:55
I have seen three coyotes in Colts Neck, NJ. Also heard a pack attacking a deer one night...music to my ears (can't stand the deer anymore). Nature at it's best.
01 Jun 2009, 18:01
a pack of 5 was nearly flattened on the southern tip of the parkway in Cape May Court House, Cape May County last night. luckily i was able to stop in time.\r\n\r\nmay as well have been deer in the headlights.
21 May 2009, 22:56
VERNON, NJ-There have been coyotes up here for as long as I can remember. I have always heard them and (less often) seen them all over up here. There are many people with questions about coyotes versus wolves and stuff like that, so I have some information that might be helpful:\r\nYes, there are wolves in Northern NJ at the least (I saw one a few years ago and it was monstrous! (the height of a very small bear, though weighing much less). I asked a wolf expert that I met in Virginia if it was possible and he told me that it was entirely possible because they have been seen sporadically in the northeast coming out of Canada and re-inhabiting many areas. \r\nCoyotes are typically 30-45 lbs. (but have been found much larger in other parts of the country)while wolves are usually twice that size. \r\nThey are about 30-35 inches long (not including the tail). \r\nUsual pack size is 6 closely related adults and pups. \r\nThey are, by nature, diurnal (active both day & night), but in order to avoid humans, they have become mostly nocturnal. \r\nCoyotes CAN & WILL breed with domesticated dogs and this results in an individual referred to as a coydog. Coydogs are more dangerous than coyotes because they retain the hunting instincts of a coyote but do not fear humans nearly as much as they should and will readily prey on livestock and pets. \r\nCoyotes are typically not dangerous/aggressive: there were only 48 verified attacks on humans from the year 1998-2003 while in comparison, there are over 4 million attacks on humans by the domestic dog. \r\nCoyotes are PREDATORS which means that they hunt, so yes, small dogs and cats are in danger of being attacked/killed/eaten. This is made worse by the fact that domesticated animals, like cats & small dogs, do not know to be as afraid of other animals as they should be-Chihuahuas think they are Great Danes & a black lab that I had a few years ago used to cry to go outside & play with the bears (they looked just like her, so I think she felt they were just big black dogs). Domesticated animals have been bred to depend on humans for food & safety and therefore, should not be outside unattended anyway. \r\nGrowing up in a dense wildlife population area with plenty of bears, coyotes, foxes, skunks, possums, raccoons, at least one wolf and now a rumor of mountain lion (can't wait to see that!!!)I have learned that they wild animals really do leave you alone if you leave them alone. It is when people interfere with the natural order of things (by feeding them for example) that these creatures become dangerous. These animals were around long before we were and we humans need to keep in mind that the more we encroach into their territory, the more we will be exposed to them which, of course, will make accidents increase-it's an inevitable occurrence. \r\nUse your brain in nature. If you have to go out at night and you are afraid, carry a whistle or an air horn to deter curious creatures.\r\nSorry this was so long, but I hope this helps someone.\r\nPS-hunting should be for food purposes and dangerous cases only, not just to kill a beautiful animal that has more rights to this land than you do. I was raised in a hunting family and have no problems with hunters, but we use the meat from every animal killed.
19 May 2009, 19:02
I love them and I haven't seen one yet but we have heard them at night in Egg Harbor Township!I do believe that they control the rodent population and the geese which we have too many of. I don't believe that they do enough damage to the deer population that every time a hunter crosses paths with the coyote they feel the need to kill them. It is ashame people kill them because they don't understand them and unless one is sick just like a racoon you have nothing to be afraid of.People need to get smart and coyote educated and learn to live with them! be better pet owners and don't leave your dog's unattended or your cat's outside at night.I guess there is no protection for them in NJ.
18 May 2009, 11:31
Frenchtown, NJ\r\n\r\nCoyotes came and took a 2 week old baby lamb from my farm. Found a coyote nail in the pen. Baby was taken with no trace left to him....
12 May 2009, 13:04
Twice this past week we had coyotes in our yard which backs up to the woods in Camden County, very populated area. Both times were around 7:30 am...they were foraging under our deck and around the yard, probably looking for stray cats which have a tendency to hang out in the woods and wander up to our yard. They stayed for about half an hour, just wandering around in and out of the woods. As others have said - cool to see the wildlife, but definitely don't want them hanging around. They went running off when they heard us yell at them. My husband was able to get a couple of photos.
06 May 2009, 14:42
In today's local paper, Express-Times out of Easton, it was reported that a woman in White Township of Warren County saw a coyote take off with her small dog in its mouth. The Fish and Game was called but the dog was gone. The coyote came back a little while later to the woman's yard.
29 Apr 2009, 05:59
Toms River, NJ\r\n\r\nAs I approached our townhouse development entrance road off rt. 571, my headlights caught a coyote crossing from a wooded area to the backyard of one of the townhouse buildings. It was about 9:00 at night. The coyote was as big as a medium sized german sheperd but scampered away as a wild animal scampers with tail down as it heads for cover. I've been around domestic dogs enough to notice the difference. It actually put me on guard with this new knowledge that a rather large wild animal was living near our backyard, we have a 3 yr old daughter who likes to play in the backyard. Toms River is a heavily populated town along the Jersey shore not far from the ocean. But Toms River still has plenty of woodlands and natural habitats mingled throughout the community. This siting was right next to the grounds of Toms River North highschool, across from Bey Lea Golf Course on rt. 571.. I was shocked to see such a large wild animal still living amongst the human population, and doing a good job staying un-noticed.
Barbara Hymer
26 Apr 2009, 10:03
I think there is a dead coyote on the shoulder of the Cedarville/Millville road. I saw it this morning leaving Millville between the airport and the four way stop. Very beautiful and dark.
20 Apr 2009, 18:56
My friend and I were in her bedroom when we heard them howling. Her big german shephard was barking back at them and he wasn't allowed to go outside because he would go and attack them. Later in the next day, she found some that she took pictures of. I live in south jersy and it was amazing to see a picture of one.
19 Apr 2009, 13:40
I live in White Township of Warren County near the border of Liberty Township. Last night we had our bedroom windows slightly open. We were both abruptly awakened hearing the distinct howls of coyotes on the mountain across the street. They seemed very close and howled for about 2 minutes and then stopped. Does anyone know why the coyotes howl? We have seen turkeys in the area we think the coyotes were last night and wondered if it had something to do with the hunt.
17 Apr 2009, 17:47
We saw a coyote in our yard today, 5:30 pm in Landing, NJ. It stopped looked, and ran off into the woods.
17 Apr 2009, 06:44
Coyotes again in the headlines.\r\nKnowledge of wildlife can allay fear of wildlife.\r\n \r\nI can highly recommend Dr. Jon Way's\r\nwebsite "easterncoyoteresearch.com" and his book "Suburban Howls" (which can be purchased from his website, signed and with color photos)
16 Apr 2009, 16:36
Was pruning rose bushes in my 1 acre wooded back yard in Lincoln Park NJ and heard a stray cat scream and run high up a tree only to see what was I thought a fox chasing it. I walked towards it only to have it stop, turn, look me in the eye before inevitably running across the woods through my neighbors back yard. But, it was not a fox. It was without doubt a coyote. And, not even dark out yet. I'm going to have to watch my toy poodles very closely now.
16 Apr 2009, 13:41
Mt. Arlington Garden apartments. Walking around parking lot and on sidewalk. Been hearing them in the colder months for the past two years. Saw them in fall of last year and two times this past month. Feel sorry for the cats that live here.
15 Apr 2009, 16:51
I found bite marks on my gutter, that was ripped off and lying on my front yard, and later found that there was a rabbit hiding inside the gutter. I am almost positive that it was a coyote because of the puncture wounds it left on the ends of my gutter. It was probably chasing the rabbit and the rabbit ran into the gutter. The coyote probably ripped it off trying to get to the rabbit. Anyways, i think it's pretty amazing that these beautiful animals would be in many of our towns...
15 Apr 2009, 11:36
I have seen 2 coyotes in the past year and a half. One in my backyard in Egg Harbor Township. The other a last week on the side of Rt 40 in Mays Landing, unfortunately, dead. Come to think about it, I may have seen another a long time ago also in my yard. My mom said it was a fox, but I thought it was way too big for that. They're pretty cool to see!
28 Mar 2009, 06:51
I can only say this... for those of you who have been lucky enough to see this beautiful majestic animal, count your blessings! So many animals are going, or have gone extinct in the recent decades with chemicals, taking away land, hunting, etc...and to know that this wonderful creature survives fills my heart. While looking for information on the web about NJ coyote I came across a few web sites WITH PICTURES on coyote hunting in NJ. To see this "hunter" holding up several different coyotes broke my heart. To my knowledge, they are not yet so abundant that we need to kill them! So proud was the hunter... so sad for the hunted.\r\n\r\nSo, again, I just say that if you have actually seen a coyote consider yourself lucky.
24 Mar 2009, 04:03
I was astonished on my way to work the week of March 16, 2009, when a coyote ran across a road in a wooded area close to a creek which I have driven through at least a thousand times. He paused when he got to a patch of woods and looked at me briefly, and appeared like a medium sized, grey wild dog with a shaggy coat and shaggy tail that hung downward, but wild nevertheless. I had never seen one before and never knew they existed in New Jersey until I checked out the comments here.
14 Feb 2009, 14:24
We've been hearing packs of coyotes at night in the woods along suburban creeks in Mercer County, near Titusville. Very noisy, sounds like hundreds of yipping puppies!
07 Feb 2009, 20:00
About a year ago, while driving down route 73 south a coyote ran out in front of me in cedarbrook winslow township.
04 Feb 2009, 06:03
While out walking my dog in the Kings Cove section of Lake Hopatcong I spotted, off in a small parcel of wooded area, what looked to be a very large fox, but after some researching on the internet I now think it may have been a coyote....Also spotted, just a few days ago, after opening the garage door early one morning, what may have been a fox on my neighbors property running towards the frozen lake....
04 Feb 2009, 03:52
I live in Pilesgrove Township, Salem County and hear coyotes several times a week and also have seen tracks and scat around my grandmothers farm here and also around the state ground on East Lake Road. I am an active hunter and anyone with problems or concerns in my area are welcome to contact me.
02 Feb 2009, 17:28
Last Wednesday I saw a coyote in my backyard in Summit NJ.
01 Feb 2009, 15:47
I witnessed two coyote jogging away from homes skirting a field just outside of Sparta, NJ in Sussex County. That was the first time that I saw two at the same time. I had to check websites for info on size as I thought that they might be too big, but there they were - coyote!
26 Jan 2009, 08:27
My husband and I saw a pack of coyotes chasing a grouping of deer on our property in Long Valley, NJ on 1/25/09 at around 4 PM...we thought they were foxes, but realized they had a different look...do they attack deer?
26 Jan 2009, 06:53
I live in North Haledon, NJ off of Squawbrook Run - Passaic County - I've seen a fox run across my lawn around 11 am - My Dad said that he saw a Coyote around 7pm one night - Question - Do they attack cats as there are a few fereal cats in the neighborhood ~ Also do they attack people? Thank you.
25 Jan 2009, 10:38
We live in Bernardsville, on Jockey Hollow Road, and last night at midnight I was woken up by a continuous round of three barks about every 5-10 seconds as the animal traveled up the hillside that we live next to. A neighbor's dog responded by barking back, that's how I know it wasn't a dog's bark by comparison. Our neighbor downstairs saw a coyote a few weeks ago, running alongside our house and up the same hillside.
Sheila Zeilmann
23 Jan 2009, 18:16
Pretty sure I saw a coyote crossing Ellis Mill near Richwood Road in between Glassboro and Monroeville around 530 AM.
21 Jan 2009, 14:39
This is the second time I have seen a coyote. This morning in Berkeley Heights by the Connell building. It looked pretty healthy. I almost thought it was playing as it bounced through the open field. What a spectacular creature.
20 Jan 2009, 11:56
I heard howling from several individuals last night around 2:30 am - absolutely beautiful and bone-chilling at the same time. We've seen several coyotes in our area (Jugtown Mountain).
19 Jan 2009, 12:43
Big Mike\r\n\r\ndo you have pics from the somerville circle coyote?? I live around there would love to see them. Been hoping to see one in that area
18 Jan 2009, 09:00
Saw two coyotes in my backyard walking through a frozen over ravine in Chatham Boro NJ on 1/17/2009
Big Mike
16 Jan 2009, 10:20
I caught a Coyote at the Somerville Circle in Jersey. Right by Staples. I think it was going toward Rt28..This was about 5:30 Am Thursday. First time I ve seen one in the area and I lived in Somerset county for over 50 years..Beautiful animal..
13 Jan 2009, 13:26
Ken: From Long Valley relax the coyotes have been here for many years. No need to call the police or animal control they are aware coyotes are in Washington Twp. If you have cats or dogs don't leave them out unattended. Are you concerned the coyotes are in the patch of woods near the school because the coyotes may attack children? Coyotes are nocturnal and are probably sleeping when the kids are at school. You must be new to the area from the city right?
13 Jan 2009, 13:16
On way home from work around 930 seen my first one on fortescue rd in fortescue nj head down crossing road always see foxs this is the first coyote I have seen here was very nice to see!.
13 Jan 2009, 09:46
I have just gotten into coyote hunting in the past year or so and would love to hear about more recent sightings or sounds. Also, if you would like me to come to your property to take care of the coyotes I would be more than happy, I live in Burlington County but am more than happy to travel. Larger farms are better as you need to be 450 feet away from houses when discharging a firearm, unless written permission is given, then I can hunt closer. I hope to hear from some of you soon.\r\n\r\nThank you\r\n
11 Jan 2009, 16:30
My friend, who lives in Jackson, NJ, claimed that a woman and her dog were viciously attacked by four coyotes. She was out walking her dog. The coyotes killed her dog....now, all the area man are going out coyote hunting. They killed a male coyote this morning. They also killed the pups in the den. If they are so shy, why did they attack that dog on the leash w/ it's owner? Should these men be out hunting these animals?\r\n
10 Jan 2009, 20:12
East Brunswick, NJ\r\nI was walking this evening alongside the cemetary trail in Frost woods. There was a light dusting of snow on the ground. It was about 5:00. Basically, dusk so I was heading back to my car. When a coyote crossed over my path. His nose to the ground. He was 15ft. in front of me. I growled loudly, and stomped my feet. He turned around and ran off into the brush. I walked briskly, but did not run out of the woods. Their not really big. Brown color, bushy tail, pointy face, tail was straight, but drooped down. WOW!
10 Jan 2009, 20:12
East Brunswick, NJ\r\nI was walking this evening alongside the cemetary trail in Frost woods. There was a light dusting of snow on the ground. It was about 5:00. Basically, dusk so I was heading back to my car. When a coyote crossed over my path. His nose to the ground. He was 15ft. in front of me. I growled loudly, and stomped my feet. He turned around and ran off into the brush. I walked briskly, but did not run out of the woods. Their not really big. Brown color, bushy tail, pointy face, tail was straight, but drooped down. WOW!
08 Jan 2009, 09:52
I've been seeing coyotes around our area, bordering Watchung Reservation in Mountainside, for the last couple of weeks, in the cu-de-sac where we live, at 7:00 am, loading kids into the car for school, at 4:00 p.m., walking the dog, driving home in the evening, you name it. Are they definitely coyotes and not wolves? Any thoughts?
04 Jan 2009, 08:56
I live in Towaco NJ. My Husband has been telling me that he has seen a coyote on the border of our property about 6:30 Am when he prepares to let our Dog out. He does have Bird feeder near where coyote has been spotted. He also has raspberries, Mulberry plants and blueberry plants. Well the other night just about dusk when I was going to let my 110 pound German out, I see this thing out of the corner of my eye in the rear part of my yard. It was smaller then my dog Gray in color Very bushes tail it was about 35 feet away from me. Very Healthy coyote Beautiful. I was a little scared and made very loud noise and it ran into back trees. I also have a Black Bear that has been visiting our home for many years goes after the bird feeder. Last year encounter with the Bear in Front of my house ou cant hear them when the walk they are so quite. I was on my porch he was walking down my front path towards street. About 15 feet away that was Scary. We live near alot of protected woods.
30 Dec 2008, 12:14
I was walking home from the train station in Metuchen around 7pm last night and turned the corner onto my side street when I came face-to-face with a coyote no more than 20 yards away. We were both standing in the middle of the road eying each other up. I took a couple steps to my left and he took a couple steps to his left and took off past me on the opposite side of the street. I watched it bound away and disappear between some houses. Then I turned to walk toward my home and another coyote, this one bigger, ran out between my house and my neighbor's, this time only about 10 yards away. It sniffed a telephone pole across the street and ran off in the opposite direction of its mate.\r\n\r\nIt was a thrill to encounter the coyotes in Metuchen (a little green patch bordered by the turnpike, parkway, and Routes 1 and 287). Still, this morning I went to Home Depot and bought motion detecting exterior lights. I have three- and six-year-old kids, an although I doubt the coyotes pose a real threat, I still don't want them hanging around.
29 Dec 2008, 23:20
hello it was dec 30 2008 my wife and i were outside of our apt in madison nj when out of know where this dog looking animal came running past us it was around 12:30 am it was about 20 ft from us it just looked at us and kept going
29 Dec 2008, 23:20
hello it was dec 30 2008 my wife and i were outside of our apt in madison nj when out of know where this dog looking animal came running past us it was around 12:30 am it was about 20 ft from us it just looked at us and kept going
29 Dec 2008, 23:20
hello it was dec 30 2008 my wife and i were outside of our apt in madison nj when out of know where this dog looking animal came running past us it was around 12:30 am it was about 20 ft from us it just looked at us and kept going
23 Dec 2008, 20:47
12/23/08, I seen a large coyote, Standing on the side of route 287 at the 287-208 merge in Oakland n.j., 11:00 p.m. in the snow.
23 Dec 2008, 20:47
12/23/08, I seen a large coyote, Standing on the side of route 287 at the 287-208 merge in Oakland n.j., 11:00 p.m. in the snow.
23 Dec 2008, 20:46
12/23/08, I seen a large coyote, Standing on the side of route 287 at the 287-208 merge in Oakland n.j., 11:00 p.m. in the snow.
20 Dec 2008, 17:46
I've lived in Jackson, NJ. for 8 years and have acres that touch about 300 acres of green space with a large lake and many blueberry acres, inwhich my family picks for many recipes throughout the year. We have encountered four different coyotes in these 8 years. This December I was awaken not by the usual owl population, but, by the howling and yipping of coyotes. I opened the bedroom window to listen and I thought it was sirens and then realized it was coyotes. I had goosebumps kneeling on my bedroom floor. It sounded like five different voices. Prior to this in October I filmed a coyote eating below my bird feeder, the film was sketchy, but it was filmed around 4:30am, and you can make out the coyote leaving the yard.
20 Dec 2008, 14:24
Long Valley, Morris COunty, NJ \r\n\r\nLS, You probably were hearing coyotes last night. My property is right on the Califon border and I had one standing in my back yard this morning. It looked a little mangy.
20 Dec 2008, 08:17
Califon, NJ\r\nHunterdon County\r\nI heard coyotes last night howling at about 10:30pm. Barking, yips, and long howls. Hard to tell, but it sounded like more than one animal, and it was close to my house. The howling went on and off for a couple of hours. It was a very cold night and it sounded like they were on the move. I have also seen tracks in my backyard, either fox or coyote.\r\nSaw what appeared to be a fox or coyote this morning in the hay field behind my house as well. \r\n
10 Dec 2008, 18:49
definately saw one today on top of the leaf dump in demarest nj at 4;12pm only this one haslong mangly hair on face almost looks like aderanged white wolf .dec 8 2008 .Its been spotted by quite afew people around here along with wild turkeys and probably about 50 deer living in the nature center here
09 Dec 2008, 12:12
Mountainside, NJ\r\n\r\nI was driving through Watchung reservation in the morning in the spring and saw what I first thought was a dog, run right in front of my car. It stopped a few yards away in the woods when I realized it was a coyote. I then learned that females sometimes come out during the day to hunt if they have cubs.
08 Dec 2008, 05:53
There are measures to take to avoid problems, protect your pets, and put you at ease. \r\nDr. Jon Ways website www.easterncoyoteresearch.com) covers steps for coexisting in areas with coyotes as does this website: www.rockvillemd.gov/residents/coyote.html which mentions fencing with rolling tops. See http://www.coyoteroller.com/home \r\nMight be a good investment for small farm animal enclosures.\r\n
07 Dec 2008, 19:51
I live in Far Hills and have a pack of 5 or more coyote's who live on or near my property. My family hears them cry at night at least once a week. And I found the remains of a deer less then 50 feet from my house. Only the bones and legs were left. I also have a large dog who is let out all night. I'm not very concerned, but if I could get they pack to move on, that would my preference.
05 Dec 2008, 14:41
I have definately seen coyote in our pasture several times this past year. I hear barking at night from them and foxes. One early morning (I found a site online) and recorded it with my phone i replayed fox calls and several times in the same area to see what would happen, then i was able to catch a glimpse of them peaking out to find out where the noise was coming from I also heard calls calling back. It was Pretty neat... The coyote worries me a little as I have chickens and sheep and (horses, which i know they wouldn't touch). This is one reason why I have to lock up my baby lambs when they are born. I think it is so cool to see these wild animals coexisting with us. After all...It's their land too. We live in Far Hills.
28 Nov 2008, 04:34
I hear either a fox or coyote howling each day at night.
27 Nov 2008, 18:16
Really informative reading in "Suburban Howls" by Dr. Jon Way an expert in coyotes.\r\nYou can buy it from his website www.easterncoyoteresearch.com\r\nHe has shown with DNA studies that the eastern coyote is a hybrid of western coyote and eastern red wolf...see recent article in "International Wolf" Magazine, which can also be accessed from his publications section of his website.\r\nHis reasearch also shows how removing one coyote from a territory can result in larger coyote population.
26 Nov 2008, 21:42
I saw a coyote run across route 611 (Aldine-Shirley Rd) in Elmer, Salem County, NJ.
25 Nov 2008, 04:19
Saw what looked to be a very large coyote walking the streets of Monmouth Beach, NJ last night. I Followed it around town for a while in my car until it walked behind a house. I have seen many coyotes and wolves in my lifetime, and it looked much too big to be a coyote..
25 Nov 2008, 04:19
Saw what looked to be a very large coyote walking the streets of Monmouth Beach, NJ last night. I Followed it around town for a while in my car until it walked behind a house. I have seen many coyotes and wolves in my lifetime, and it looked much too big to be a coyote..
23 Nov 2008, 17:33
Ken, from what i understand there is no need to call anyone, coyotes are very skiddish and they will not normally bother people. I know in other parts of the country where they have always been, people just coexist with them. they are extremly adaptable and will probably become as common around here as raccoons. after all we're the ones that have forced them into our enviroment,by taking over theres. i think that's really sad. God forbid we leave a patch of woods and not build another Target or housing development.
Ken Johnson
23 Nov 2008, 06:47
About twice a week during the fall, and again early this morning I've heard multiple coyote "voices" in Long Valley. I live on top of Schooley's Mountain, between Naughtright & Drakestown Roads, and they are becoming increasingly strident. I can differentiate at least 5 "voices," with at least 2 immature "pup" sounding voices mixed in.\r\nUsually they can be heard in the morning between 5 & 6AM. But recently I've been hearing them at various times during the night when I'm up.\r\nWhat is most troubling is that the howling is coming from the wood lot adjacent to the small farm pond immediately behind the new Cucinella Elementary School.\r\nShould I call Animal Control or the Police?
Ken Johnson
23 Nov 2008, 06:47
About twice a week during the fall, and again early this morning I've heard multiple coyote "voices" in Long Valley. I live on top of Schooley's Mountain, between Naughtright & Drakestown Roads, and they are becoming increasingly strident. I can differentiate at least 5 "voices," with at least 2 immature "pup" sounding voices mixed in.\r\nUsually they can be heard in the morning between 5 & 6AM. But recently I've been hearing them at various times during the night when I'm up.\r\nWhat is most troubling is that the howling is coming from the wood lot adjacent to the small farm pond immediately behind the new Cucinella Elementary School.\r\nShould I call Amimal Control or the Police?
Anita, Alpine
22 Nov 2008, 13:38
Just wanted to update on the coyote living in my yard with my 3 dogs (1 lr. 2 small) It has finally moved on and I am so thankful. While it was an incredible sight to see the potential danger to my 3 domestic animals would have increased as his stay increased. I was terrified letting my dogs out at night and found that an outside radio turned loud to a talk station works well to scare them away to take care of you and yours. Thank goodness I don't have to be out there anymore now that its cold
21 Nov 2008, 06:34
Heard them !! I live in Hopatcong .. just inside Sussex cty. I was cutting up some small limbs of a tree in my driveway this past Monday night ( 11/17/08) at approx. 7 pm. when I heard howling off in the distance. This was the first time hearing a coyote howl .. I stopped doing what I was doing and just stood there .. listening. I was not sure what it was I was hearing at first .. not until my neighbor across the stree spoke up and said to me " do you hear em .. the coyote ?" "COYOTE ?!" I remarked back. "Yes, coyote ..we have them in the area now - didn't you know ?" No, I didn't ... do now though and love it. I have no kids, just two small ShihTsu's. I will just keep a better eye on them when we put them out .. the more wild life the better. However, I've heard we now have mountain cats in the northern part of NJ as well. I hope this is NOT true as I do a lot of hikeing in Mahlon Dickerson Reservation.\r\n\r\npeace all,\r\ngerry
18 Nov 2008, 09:45
I live in Alpine, NJ and have had for the past 3 days a wounded coyote. He seems to find solace in my yard as he has a large wound on his hip as if he's been attacked. I have a golden ret. about 90 lbs. but which is blind, I also have two tea cup yorkies so my concerns are great. I hope all these comments are true and they don't usually attack. I'm charging my camera and getting ready to take pictures since their only seen briefly, this one seems to have found a home.
17 Nov 2008, 02:15
Coyote howling woke me up at 4:30am. Heard what sounded like a small dog as well.
03 Nov 2008, 05:56
My wife saw a coyote on our neighbors lawn this morning in the Pine Ridge section of East Brunswick.
28 Oct 2008, 07:32
Allentown NJ\r\n\r\nIn rural area near Cox's Corner my husband heard coyotes howling last week.
26 Oct 2008, 16:50
Heard Coyote howling COLE Airfield on different nights @ twilight\r\nBurlington Co.
23 Oct 2008, 01:25
There is a pack of Coyotes in Blackwood, NJ. We just saw one of them crossing Little Mill last night. It was tan with a bushy tail. We havent seen the pack but hear them almost everyday and their loud yips and howls stop abruptly, as if they were orchestrated. Sounds like adults and young pups too. They left a fawn leg in front of my house recently.
20 Oct 2008, 18:57
I saw a coyote this evening running through my yard in Oak Ridge. It was about 6 pm, I was getting the kids in from the car. It ran by, my neighbor saw it too. I asked, what the heck was that. He said a coyote! Woh
20 Oct 2008, 10:17
My wife saw a coyote in Chatham this am
20 Oct 2008, 07:28
Had a coyote in my yard at 6:30 this morning in White Meadow Lake, Rockaway. Scared the heck out of me! Beautiful little guy though. 3 days ago something darted between my house and the next door neighbpr's and I thought it was a fox. Could have been perhaps this coyote!
11 Oct 2008, 20:17
On Thursday October 09 Rt. 15 South just past Sparta Lake Mohawk going down the big hill where the police sit. 07:30 a.m. a large grey coyote the size of a German Shepard darted across 4 lanes of traffic heading east. Both myself and the driver in the lane next to me had to slam on our brakes to avoid hitting it. My first live sighting.
10 Oct 2008, 17:28
I killed my second coyote this year already its only Oct..
06 Oct 2008, 14:53
Coyote spotted in Morris Twp. 07960 on 10-06-08
01 Oct 2008, 19:05
Nancy, I think people should be aware also, we're not used to them in south jersey and they can and will kill and eat cats and small dogs. i know someone who lives in California and is used to their presence, they told me people will not usually let thier dogs out alone, especially in the evening.I guess we should get used to our changing enviroment, since we are pushing all of these animals out of thier habitats.We need to adapt.
01 Oct 2008, 17:26
Today is the second time I've seen coyotes in the local cemetery in Cherry Hill. They are not foxes. I'm not terribly concerned but think people in the area ought to know they are here.
29 Sep 2008, 13:42
I saw one crossing Rt 10 (Powder Mill, Parsippany) at 3am this morning going into the catch basin by the shopping center. It ran right out in front of my car!
24 Sep 2008, 21:27
I observed a coyote in my neighbor's yard in New Providence, just sitting there for about a half hour today. This is the second time we've seen it. Turns out our neighbors have seen it too and so have some kids in the schoolyard near our house. Not as healthy looking as the coyotes we saw at Yellowstone, but definitely a coyote.
18 Sep 2008, 18:18
I saw a coyote in west windsor nj. It was during night and i saw it. I put it on a thing called mountain lions in nj but they just took it out
15 Sep 2008, 06:40
I am aware of 4 coyote sightings in the town of Fair Haven, in Monmouth County. Last night was my first sighting. It lasted less than a minute but it was exciting!
ben schwartz
09 Sep 2008, 12:34
Saw a coyote on Waterloo Road at Waterloo Village Sep 9, 2008 at 1230.
08 Sep 2008, 18:18
I"m pretty sure my sister and I both saw a coyote on the outskirts of Pitman,in Gloucester county. We both saw it from the back in a clump of woods, and thought it did not seem like a dog.smaller than a German shepard,yellow, and fluffy tail.
05 Sep 2008, 20:49
Went for a ride with the top down tonight, and almost wished i had it up....just a little scared i guess...when i spotted 3 coyotes (one of which looked like a large wolf) in a pretty neighborhood in Warren..somerset county. Good thing my min-pin (who thinks she is a pit bull) was not there, otherwise she may have tried to go after them.
28 Aug 2008, 12:34
East brunswick, NJ 08/27/2008.. about 11:30 AM Wednesday morning at intersection of Arthur and Summerhill just north of East Brunswick HS.\r\n\r\nDEFINITELY saw a young coyote as it crossed from west to east on Arthur. It settled down under a tree on the little island on the Northeast corner of the intersection.\r\n\r\nNo camera otherwise I would have stopped for a pic. Light brown, long lanky legs, long snout, long ears.. like a giant fox but with long legs.\r\n\r\nCOYOTE
27 Aug 2008, 18:17
The past few weeks it's been crazy around here(Denville) with coyotes just about each day they are in my yard.The male usually comes through around 8 AM and heads toward the back of my property...usually around noon the females are strolling through and then around 5PM they start to yip and yip and then in the night they howl.....it's driving me NUTS !!!! I'm so fearful to be in my own yard.\r\n\r\nIs anyone going to do something BEFORE something awful happens ??\r\n\r\nBesides our local animal warden and police....can anyone "really" help ?
21 Aug 2008, 10:01
Wazzz up, Recently I've been hearing a lot of talk about coyotes being seen by neighborers. My neighborer and I were talking about a month or so ago and he was telling me about a coyote that walked along the woods line of his property, then he told me about another neighborer that lives down a road between our houses who had also seen a coyote and a black bear. I was so excited. I love watching all the deer around my house and in the yard along with all the other critters, anyway today was the best. I was looking out the front living room window this morning watching the deer in the field across the road at approximately 6:15am. I went out to take pictures of the deer as i was watching, in the far back of the field I seen what I thought was three deer trying to catch up to the rest, guess what? It wasn't deer they were coyotes! "Yeehaw" Three beautiful coyotes, at least, I believe they were coyote. They were about the size of a medium dog, maybe a little smaller but not much, but not as small or short as a fox. All three were like a faded brown mixed red and gray with a very light to white chest. Its very hard for me to explain. I live in Southampton NJ.
19 Aug 2008, 21:11
My son and I were walking our dog (a 5-month-old whippet) in Mercer County Park Northwest in Hopewell Township near Blackwell Road this evening (about 7:45 pm). We ran into a man with his three Rhodesian Ridgebacks. He was telling us about seeing coyotes in the area in the past when suddenly we spotted a very large coyote walking casually across the the field about 200 yards from where we were standing. That was the first coyote I had ever seen in NJ. The ridgebacks went crazy at the sight of the coyote, but he didn't seem concerned at all and ambled in full sight across the field and into the woods. This canine looked very much like a german shepherd in conformation, color and size, although I'm sure it was considerably lighter in build. Still, I would be surprised if it weighed less than 50 lb. Needless to say, we kept the whippet on his lead until we got back to the car!
19 Aug 2008, 03:59
This past Sunday, on Gallow Hills Rd,, Westfield -- Union County -- at about 11 in the morning, I saw a coyote crossing the parking lot of the Greek church located there. And I wasn't the only one who spotted it. A guy on a bike was looking as incredulously at it as I. " Is that what I think it is?" I asked. The answer was yes. I know there are a lot of deer around here ... but a coyote!\r\n
Deb Kominek
08 Aug 2008, 21:19
I have been feeding a stray dog with in a factory parking lot in Budd Lake but now I'm wondering if maybe it is a coyote. It is not very large, maybe the size of a Border Collie & has fuzzy gray fur, looks like a mix of German Sheperd-Husky. How can I tell if it is a coyote or a stray dog? I read it is bad to feed coyotes.
07 Aug 2008, 18:29
On April 6 2007, my daughter and I encountered a coyote in River Edge, NJ. There was a lot of flooding from rainfall the night before and schools were closed. I was released from work early that day. We ventured out to see what type of damage was done with the flooding. I was going to bring my 2 yr old son and thank god I didnt because as my daughter and I were walking we spotted a coyote. I looked at him and said softly to my daughter is that what I think it is...needless to say the Coyote heard me..stopped in his tracks and started heading towards us...afraid of what he may do to my daughter...I grabbed her and started running to the nearest house that I thought would have people in it...I guess with the noise we were making we scared him away. The people probably thought we were crazy, but I didnt care, because I needed some way to protect my daughter. I know the flooding brought the Coyote out of the wooded areas behind the houses, but til this day we are exceptionally cautious when we are out at dusk or dark....Thank god my son was not with us. Bergen County NJ
07 Aug 2008, 16:10
I saw a coyote last week in Basking Ridge. It cut right through the pasture. It was around 7:00PM and quite a few people and horses were around. It looked like it was on a mission and had no interest in the activity going on around it. What a magnificant sight.
06 Aug 2008, 20:02
Saw large coyote trotting up Sagamore Ave. in Teaneck this morning at approx. 10:30. Seemed to be coming from Farleigh-Dickinson Campus/Hackensack River. Beautiful red animal!
29 Jul 2008, 09:20
Coyotes have been very vocal in Hopatcong for the past several months, It is a perfect sound to listen to at night, it's a good reminder that we still live in "the country"
26 Jul 2008, 19:34
i have a place at crystal spring in harystown NJ and the othet day as my husband and I were arriving to our get away place i saw what i thought was a dog until i saw that it was a coyote i told mu husband and he said i was crazt tonite while we were sitting on our patio we heard a coyote howling then he believed me sowe looked up this webb site and relized that what i saw was indeed a coyote,now i am concerned because i always walk my small dog before we go to bed at nite.what do i do now is there something i could do to protect my dog in case the coyote comes around while i am walking him.
25 Jul 2008, 05:58
I spotted a Coyote around 11:30 am yesterday on a residential street in Leonia. It was standing in the middle of the road just staring at me and my dog. It looked a bit thin compared to picutres I've seen on the internet-probably about 25 lbs with a thin tail and light brwon in color. It ran off when it heard an approaching car. I spotted the same animal last winter around dawn but had no idea what I was looking at.
18 Jul 2008, 18:16
Denville NJ \r\n\r\nHad two coyotes on my property this evening around 7:30 PM. The male was very healthy looking and the the female looked like she was suffering from mange.\r\n\r\nBoth coyotes were extremely close to my back deck and I'm just happy that my children were not outside playing.
14 Jul 2008, 13:24
11 and 12 July, 2009 after midnight; I heard what I think were coyotes northwest of The Depot Travel Park in Cape May, NJ.
Tourne park
09 Jul 2008, 21:11
Last weekend before sunset we saw a good looking coyote crossing a park field in Denville, Tourne Park Rockaway river access area. It was about 50 feet from a McMansion neighborhood. \r\n\r\nThe coyote was quite large and healthy looking. It's movement and gait was effortless, much faster and smoother than domestic dog's. The coyote appeared very cautios but stopped at safe distance and looked at us for a moment before disappearing to the woods.
29 Jun 2008, 09:22
This morning at 6:30 I headed out of my house for a Sunday morning bike ride here in suburban East Brunswick. As I got to the corner, I looked to the right and saw a strange elongated animal sitting in the street about 50 yards away. I brought my bike to a halt and the animal stood and started moving behind shrubbery on a neighbor's property. It was clearly a dog -- or was it? I realized that it looked an awful lot like the coyotes I had seen on vacations in the west. I rode my bike to the spot where the animal had been sitting and saw mulberries on the street. By then, the animal was gone. I am fairly sure it was a coyote, possibly stopping in my neighborhood for a morning snack. I'd never previously heard any reports about coyotes in our area, but I'm fairly sure that's what I saw. There are still woods and farmland around here, despite the steady growth of Macmansions and big box distribution centers all over the region. I'm not sure whether I should notify my neighbors -- especially those with kid -- as I don't want them to be unduly alarmed. I'll likely report this to our local wildlife authorities. A fascinating experience here in suburban NJ.
24 Jun 2008, 09:45
HOPATCONG, NJ - A coyote has been living in my shed. We have cleaned out the shed and patched up all the holes and now he cannot get in anymore. He still hangs around in the backyard. I have a dog and one night had to let him out at 2:00 am and as I was watching him the coyote came running out of the woods to try to attack him. I also have children and they are scared to play outside. It is very scary because I have seen him many times and he does not seem to be afraid of me.
14 Jun 2008, 18:25
I saw a large, grey coyote at just past midnight, this week. My wife and kids were taking me to a local hospital because of back pain and we spotted him going up a driveway to someone's garbage. I live in Del Haven, NJ. I didn't know coyotes were in this area. At first, we thought it was a wolf. It was right across the street from a wildlife area.It was a beautiful animal.
02 Jun 2008, 21:48
I was in Bernardsville at the train station at 10:00pm on 5/31/08. I saw a small thin coyote on the other side of the chain link fence. I was about 15 feet away. He looked thin and his coat was short, it may have been matted down from the hard rain that night. He appeared to be young. I live in Colorado and was astonished when my husband said it was a coyote. Out in CO the coyotes are tall and lanky with big feet and they're silvery-grayish black. The one I just saw was reddish brown & black. I thought it was a funny lookig fox at first.
31 May 2008, 20:57
Wayne, NJ - As I walked my four small dogs less than a week ago a neighbor told me to be careful as there were coyotes in the area. "Coyotes! You're kidding!" She wasn't kidding. Tonight, as my husband and I returned home, we saw TWO coyotes crossing our street. Then they headed down a neighbor's driveway, turned around when they met a fence and spotted us looking at them, and ran in another direction. We live in a very residential area and I was quite surprised to see them. If you live here, please be careful. They were not aggressive towards us, but my neighbor did say that they had attacked some small dogs in the neighborhood.
20 May 2008, 12:32
I thought I was crazy! This morning around 8:15 I saw what I thought was a loose dog on Cozy Lake Road in Oak Ridge. As I slowed down and got a good look at it I decided I needed more sleep. A coyote in broad daylight in Oak Ridge? (It actually looked more like a wolf then a coyote). I drove to work thinking I lost my mind! This was right near the new golf course so I am sure some golfers were running for their little golf carts.\r\n\r\nI guess it's time to warn the neighbors that have dogs and cats outside.\r\n
19 May 2008, 20:07
So glad I cam across this web site! I guess I am not going crazy! We just moved to Mendham and I believe I saw a Coyote running through my backyard a few nights ago! Hackettstown, Sucussana & Oak Ridge are all right in the area to us. I have small children -- this worries me.
14 May 2008, 19:30
I live in Oak Ridge NJ. We've had coyotes every day this past week, one is very large which looks like a wolf!! They have even walked within 4ft of my son very unafraid of him..This is getting very scary, since we are seeing them so frequently and they are getting so close to humans maybe they are rabid, not to scare anyone, usually they are afraid of people and run..Does anyone know if they are only nocturnal or is it usual for them to be out during the day?
11 May 2008, 07:46
09 May 2008, 10:49
Saturday morning at ten, my German Shepherd out on the sunny gated deck started barking in a different tone. A very large cat-like animal was sitting on my neighbor's deck rail looking into their glass sliding door. They were not home and they have an indoor cat. Eventually it got up to calmly leave after staring at us aloofly and I observed its nimble gait, gray body and long bushy tail with angled black stripes. It had small facial features and was skinny, probably a young coyote, and the Black River is at the end of our street in Succasunna.
Concerned Visitor
08 May 2008, 09:17
My mother spotted a skinny looking brown coyote on her property in a wooded area near Hackettstown NJ/Independence Twp, April 2008. It appeared during the day and was not at all afraid of her, just seemed to be "assessing the situation" from just across the driveway from where she was standing. I lived there for over 30 years and never saw one, now residents are reporting seeming them more frequently. Often the children and pets play outside, is there a way to deter them, at least from around the house? Will they harm an adult?
Concerned Visitor
08 May 2008, 09:16
My mother spotted a skinny looking brown coyote on her property in a wooded area near Hackettstown NJ/Independence Twp, April 2008. It appeared during the day and was not at all afraid of her, just seemed to be "assessing the situation" from just across the driveway from where she was standing. I lived there for over 30 years and never saw one, now residents are reporting seeming them more frequently. Often the children and pets play outside, is there a way to deter them, at least from around the house? Will they harm an adult?
West Milford Mom
04 May 2008, 19:41
I live in Oak Ridge, NJ and during the past week our neighborhood has been visited by what everyone says is a white coyote; it's the size of a small german shephard with long whitish hair. I have not had a chance to see it, but all 3 sons have & this morning my neighbor was walking his beagle & my youngest son was walking home from a friend's home and suddenly this animal was walking towards them. My son got to our porch & turned to see this coyote follow our neighbor & dog right to his lawn - my neighbor shouted at it and it slowly moved away. It has also been seen eating road kill and another neighbor thought it was a lost dog & tried to approach it before realizing it wasn't a dog. Very strange to have this animal sighted so many times in the past week, as I've lived here 20 years & have never seen one yet.
03 May 2008, 05:35
To learn more about coyote, I highly recommend the book "Suburban Howls" by Dr. Jon Way.\r\n\r\nTo order the book, or to see where he may be making a presentation, or even to sign-up for field study with him...visit his website:\r\nwww.easterncoyoteresearch.com
21 Apr 2008, 06:49
skylands visitor....anything about the mountain lions?? i submitted a valid email. is the gonna be a story run about the mountain lion???? if so how do i get a copy?? are you going to develope a page on these beautiful animals??
16 Apr 2008, 21:03
My wife and I were just out in the back yard and heard what sounded like a large pack of coyotes in the woods just next to our house. How large of a pack can these critters travel in? I have lived in Cape May County for 31 years and never heard anything like it. It was just like what they described at the top of this page. There could have been 6 or 8 of them, maybe more. It started off as one howl, then a couple different yips, then more joined in with the yips. It went on for probably 3 to 5 minutes, which seemed like a long time being that it was only about 50 yds from my house. What an experience!
gary van wyk
11 Apr 2008, 20:49
April 11: Pair of coyotes killed my neighbor's cat last night. She saw them outside. We live adjacent to South Mountain reserve in Essex County: South Orange/West Orange border. (Our raccoons seem to have disappeared -- just hope the coyotes don't bother our foxes).
Britt S.
11 Apr 2008, 09:09
I live outside of Branchville NJ and spend alot of time in Wantage Twp. I have seen and heard numerous coyotes in both areas: Riding my horse through Bear Swamp in Stillwater I spotted two and follwed one for a awhile until he had enough of my presence and turned twords me and my horse to snarl and bear his teeth (I got the hint and left him alone) and in Wantage at a friends horse farm, early in the morning we saw a small pack try to attack and kill one of the baby horses out in the pasture. She survived with only a scratch but now has developed a bad habit of attacking all dogs that she sees, even the friendly farm dogs. And years ago at a bonfire in Warren County a small pack circled my friends and I as we sat around the fire at night, just curious of us I suppose. They were very good a staying out of the light, but we could see their shadows and hear their yips. All in all, they dont bother me. Its just New Jersey wildlife and I love it!
09 Apr 2008, 12:53
Saw a coyote running south on 206 just south of the Route 80 exit. Time was about 2PM
07 Apr 2008, 18:47
Today, as I was working from home in Scotch Plains right next to Plainfield, I spotted a coyote in my backyard. At first I thought it was a dog, but it moved like a fox but much larger and was reddish grey with a down turned furry tail. I have also noticed that the deer population has thinned out recently. Perhaps thats the reason. I was happy to see this beautiful creature as I was to see a pair of red fox frolicking in my back yard last year.
07 Apr 2008, 11:36
Just moved to Absecon. We're very near the back bays but also near heavily wooded areas near the airports. Last week, at dusk, my husband and I saw what we thought was a coyote walking along a wall (which is one side of a pond behind our house). It walked like a cat, was very large and golden tan. It took off into the woods but then I thought maybe it was just a dog. Thought we were seeing things! The way it moved though, it had to be a cat of some sort. Anyone seen any in this area??
06 Apr 2008, 05:31
i can also tell you that one has been spotted in wantage, by a freind of mine, who is an avid outdoorsmen, two were seen in vernon, one in sparta and one in roxbury, all within the last two or so years. their was a project set up with motion sensored camera up at high point, because the rangers were seeing them, it turned out inconclusive, but just over the border a possible scat was collected in the shawangunks, is awaiting testing.
05 Apr 2008, 20:02
Just saw a coyote in my yard I live in Hawthorne which is in Passaic County. We live near the Passaic river and the railroad which I'm sure they use to travel. This is about the third time we have seen one.
05 Apr 2008, 18:11
hi skylands visitor, i can start by telling you that thousands of sightings occur east of the mississippi a place they supposedly do not exist. over hundreds have been reported here in NJ, in vernon a few years back a police officer and his wife saw two, an adult and cub feeding on a stray cat. a farmer in vernon, has also told me he has seen panthers in his fields for years. the mountain lion is a cat of many names, often referred to as cougar, puma, panther, painter, deer tiger, and many more, my personal favorite being klandagi or lord of the forest.\r\n\r\nhttp://www.easternpumaresearch.com/index.htm\r\n\r\nhttp://w ww.trackincats.com/phpBB2/index.php\r\n\r\nhttp://www.easterncougar.org/new ltr_pdf/ecfnew_jan07w.pdf\r\n\r\nread skylands chances. also view the site too.\r\n\r\nall these sites are dedicated to finding this great cats in the east.\r\n\r\nhttp://savethecougar.org/\r\n\r\nthere are also many theories as how they could get to the east coast, up and down the appalachian mountains. many believe the ones in the west simply crossed the mississippi, others beleive that they migrated from canada and some believe the east is being taken back by former pets or released captive cougars who are reproducing and sucessfully reclaiming the appalachains, a place that they once roamed by the thousands
Skylands Visitor
05 Apr 2008, 10:07
d-If you'd like to send us some background about the possible presence cougars and mountain lions in NJ -- where they may be coming from, their habits etc -- we will be happy to build a page. Perhaps even a story in our next magazine issue.. But, if you don't leave a valid e-mail address, we cannot communicate with you.
05 Apr 2008, 09:37
http://www.easternpumaresearch.com/tristatemap.htm anyone interested in mountain lions in New Jersey should check this out. supposedly tracks and a body were found here in the skylands. to the director of this website. i keep posting these cougar and bobcat stories on the coyote forum. it would be greatly appreciatedv if you had a section for bobcats and mountain lions, were people can report there sightings. if you set up a page for this it would be greatly apprecaited.
02 Apr 2008, 15:32
wow what a shame, gov. corzine, or should i say corslime, is closing down state parks, many right here in the skylands. there goes it all down the drain. the repopulation of the cougar, coyote existence and bear safe havens are no more.... o yeah not to mention freeing up land with a strong hold of nj bobcats up at high point, illegal hunters will be all up in there trapping and killing bear and bobcat. corzine is screwing up big time. a**hole.
30 Mar 2008, 12:12
Saturday 3-29-08 3:30 PM\r\nWas driving along Route 46 West in Budd Lake, NJ bordering Long Valely, NJ. Enjoyed watching a 60lb+\r\ndark grey coyote travelling west 50 ft in from the road along the wood line. I hear them when I camp, but never saw one. Really cool!
30 Mar 2008, 10:16
At 2:00 am this morning I heard a series of barks, from an animal I had never heard before. I hear lots of feet rustling in the leaves in the forest behind our home, contiguous to the Hartshorn arboretum in Short Hills. Although I turned on the outside lights, I was unable to see any animal life, and the noises stopped. This morning, my husband and I were making coffee at 8:00 am and talking about the sounds last night, when I spotted a brindle colored, dog-like loping animal run from the pond in our neighbors yard, up the hill deeper into the forest. It was a coyote, larger than a German Shephard, with a bushy tail kept low. It returned and dug around a bush for a few moments before leaving a second time. Yes, my cats stay indoors!
28 Mar 2008, 21:33
We spotted 3 running through a large field on the Skillman, Princeton border. They looked larger then a 50 pound dog and were tanish red. They were running at a very high rate of speed (35mph+) very cool siting! this was about 4:45pm on Wednesday March 26th.
17 Mar 2008, 18:52
spotted two large coyotes in our backyard this evening in Northern Bergen County \r\n\r\neach well over 50 lbs dark grey and not afraid of us even after we turned on porch lights
17 Mar 2008, 14:35
I was driving on Route 10 East in Whippany on Saturday March 15, about 130pm, and i saw what I thought was a dog coming from the westbound lanes jump the center median, and run directly at the car in front of me, which was maybe 75 yards ahead. The car swerved to avoid it and when I got up to it, I saw it was a beautiful coyote! I was almost at a complete stop and got a real good look at it, just wish I had my camera ready. The coyote kept running and into the woods to the right of the Marriott Hotel. Awesome!
Steve G
13 Mar 2008, 17:28
I'm from burlington county in new jersey, one night in october i heard coyotes yipping maybe at 9 PM. Me and my cousin went out and i shined a light behind the barn in the pasture and there was at least 5 of them that ran away, I also saw 2 of them in the back field at my sod farm, my mom also almost hit one of them. I think im going to get my coyote permit now.
12 Mar 2008, 19:41
After viewing some pictures. I saw 2 coyotes yesterday in our woods in Upper Harmony, Warren County, NJ.One was the size and looked like a large german shepherd. I was only a few hundred feet away. I looked up and there is was. The one behind it started to run away then it ran away.This was 1:00 in the afternoon.They were very quiet when they ran away. I wish I had my camera. It was a special moment. Will they eat my cat? I heard them howling last summer but not this year yet.
09 Mar 2008, 06:42
lou what an great sighting. the eastern coyote is larger than its western cousin, some can be up to 60 pounds. scientist have done studies and found that eastern coyotes are indeed part wolf. so we kinda do have wolves in new jersey. a study in massachusetts found that coyotes genes were actually 78 percent wolf. and now look, the endangered eastern gray wolf has been killed in western massachusetts. seems a larger coyote, as a result of wolf, coyote breeding, is on the prowl in the northeast.
08 Mar 2008, 09:04
Last week, at approx 9 PM. I saw what looked like a grey wolf less than 15 yards away in my yard. It was not afraid of me, or my small dog. I shone a flahlight directly on it, and is just stared at me. It had a greyish top, and white underbelly. It looked like a VERY large coyote. I almost thought it was a wolf. but I understand they cannot be found in NJ. I am in Mountain Lakes area.\r\nMarch '08
25 Feb 2008, 12:23
http://www.nj.gov/dep/fgw/coyote_info.htm \r\n\r\nhere is a black and a blonde coyote
25 Feb 2008, 09:26
I've been searching for pictures of black coyotes to do a painting from. So far all of them are of dead animals; anybody have any photos of live ones? I'm trying to avoid taxidermy as a reference, since there are so often distortions in the face and muscles.
22 Feb 2008, 07:01
possible mountain lion seen in cranberry lake area, it was observed killing a deer, deer was taken by wildife officers for examination.
21 Feb 2008, 21:57
Was out walking the dog at about 11:30 pm. Saw a coyote cross the road just about 50 yards behind us. Madison, Morris County, NJ
Ana G.
21 Feb 2008, 11:33
On 20 Feb., 2008 at 8:00p.m I heard my sherman sheperd barking a lot, then I turned on the light outsidi and saw a wild dog that looked just like a coyote. Now I am convinced that it was one. Should I be worried about my dog since it is breeding season?\r\n\r\nI am in Wayne, NJ
Cliff Field
19 Feb 2008, 12:27
While going to work my wife and I saw a coyote crossing Warwick Trpk in Hewitt one morning around 430 am. I also saw one in Leonia near Overpeck Pk one night about a year ago.\r\n
12 Feb 2008, 08:54
That release rumor would be just wonderful. The coyote's start chasing the deer andget the deer running mindlessly across roads and highways causing even more accidents. That sounds about the way an insurance company would think.
Deer Slayer
12 Feb 2008, 06:03
In the past month I've heard from 3 different reliable sources that coyotes are being released by the truck load throughout NJ to control the deer population. Some said the trucks were from Texas and hired by car insurance companies and others were hired by the state. Can anyone provide any insight... fact or rumor?
09 Feb 2008, 10:25
My next door neighbors saw a coyote this early this morning (8 or 9 am) apparently running from my property and the two large dogs that field it. We think he may be after road kill or deer entrails from hunters. We are in Long Valley on Schooleys Mountain.
Jason K
03 Feb 2008, 21:00
I just looked up this article after hearing the howls of a pack of coyote in the woods by my house in Pottersville, NJ. \r\n\r\n"If rarely seen, the coyote is frequently heard. In the winter, during the January to March breeding times, listen for nocturnal howls when coyote are at their most vocal. They are happy to tell other coyotes, and the world, their location. Stop and listen. They'll fall silent all too soon."\r\n\r\nAin't that the truth, they sure are loud. I know we have coyote in these woods because when the hunters don't get off a kill shot they sometimes let the deer run off to die, and then we'll find the remains after the coyotes are done with it. But this was the first time they have been so vocal so close to the house.\r\n\r\nI guess I have nothing to be worried about, but it's still a little freaky to hear so many of them...
Stephanie C
02 Feb 2008, 04:34
Just this week, I saw two coyotes in the wooded area of my backyard in Hawthorne. They walked from my backyard through all the backyards along the block. My dog was outside and I was yelling for her to come in , which did not even seem to faze these two coyotes. We are paying closer attention now, and can hear them howling during the night.
01 Feb 2008, 17:52
I have heard there are bobcats and that some people have seen them along the Cohansey river but i haven't, I did see an otter last year, in the tidal waters off the river.
28 Jan 2008, 14:15
john can you post a description? was it tan, about how long was the tail?
John Chambers
27 Jan 2008, 11:40
I have seen a mountain lion in the middle of a snowstorm in Vernon in the back of the old playboy club hotel on a tee on the golf couse, just standing hanging out.
26 Jan 2008, 18:17
I saw a large coyote in my backyard today. I went outside to see what my dog was barking at so frantically and came within 20 feet of a large coyote. He was in no hurry. He just stood and looked and me and then slowly turned and took off into the woods. We have bee hearing them since December, but this was the first time I have actually seen them. I was surprised because it was 3:30 in the afternon.
24 Jan 2008, 17:15
Greenwich NJ January 23 2008\r\nMy young son and I had an amazing siting,fullside view big full tail,trully an unforgetable site. The coyote stopped to look at us acted affraid but stopped turned it head, then trotted off in to the cut corn. As I drove off my son said he saw a pack, he was so excited. How large of a group do they usually travel with?
24 Jan 2008, 07:31
I live in Neshanic Station, just north of Flemington. About 2 years ago I was waiting to exit onto Rt 202 when in the field across the road I saw a bobcat walking. It was definitely a bobcat-short stubby face, short tail, muscular looking, tannish color.\r\n\r\nAnother time, there was a deer in the back of my property that had apparently been attacked by something. It's haunches were all bloody and it was exhausted. Saw coyote prints nearby.
21 Jan 2008, 14:26
has anyone ever seen a bobcat or a mountain lion in new jersey? if so please post your info about the sighting on here or on http://www.cronaca.com/archives/000024.html \r\n\r\nit would be greatly appreciated. thanks
Bill T
19 Jan 2008, 08:40
Saw two coyotes today in Pilesgrove (Salem County) running through a farm field on Harrisonville Lake Road. As long as they don't bother with my German Shepard and kill some of the deer which are running amuck all over the place they are welcome to stay!
16 Jan 2008, 06:47
If anyone wants help getting rid of some coyotes on their property, I have just started hunting them and would love to help. Feel free to contact if you have enough property to hunt on.
15 Jan 2008, 16:53
has anyone ever seen a black coyote?? what about a bobcat or mountain lion?
11 Jan 2008, 14:23
saw tree running down a deer this afternoon hopewell township cumberland co.
06 Jan 2008, 12:01
I have seen a coyote two days in a row at edge of Williamstown, Gloucester County. My German Sheppard has run him off both times. Def a coyote, much bigger than the fox I have seen.
05 Jan 2008, 13:30
I saw two coyotes in Long Valley on New Years Day around 7:00 am. both were sitting in our side yard. It is also the area where we get lots of deer. They looked like german shepard statues until they moved!
Ed Purdy
01 Jan 2008, 15:24
Saw an adult coyote crossing a field along Route 73 north just before the White Horse Pike (rt. 30) intersection.\r\nThat's Berlin/Atco.\r\n\r\nWhen the coyotes move in I see more and more "Have you seen my Muffy?" notices on the cork boards at Wawa. Small pets seem to disappear a lot more frequently.\r\n
31 Dec 2007, 04:34
Found a coyote skeleton on our property in Woodbine (Cape May County) on 12/30/07. Has to be a couple of months old...bones picked almost clean and I would have found it walking through our woods in early November. We hear them about once a week howling at night. I am dissapointed to find a dead one...yet to see one alive. Curious if anyone else has sightings in my area.
03 Dec 2007, 12:13
A few weeks ago, a coyote walked through our backyard as I sat in my sun room in our home on Rutland Drive, Toms River (Silver Ridge Park West). The sun room has one wall which has to large sliding glass doors so I got a closeup view as the coyote walked quickly about fifteen feet from the house. It went onto my neighbors yard then unto common ground behind our homes. My wife had discribed a similar animal, possibly the the same one, crossing the backyard a week before. I recognized it as a coyote having been stationed in the midwest when I was in service and being familiar with their unusual tail and head down appearance.\r\n \r\nThe common ground behind our home is about five hundred feet in width and is goes out to Westbrook Drive.
18 Oct 2007, 13:43
Recently while turkey hunting I caught a coyote on fim with a tracking collar around her neck. Just wondering if anyone would know who released her. I am located in Cape May County.
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