Shock and Awe

Summertime Blues

Early this spring (2008) the Department of Environmental Protection announced plans to close or limit access to twelve of New Jersey’s 42 state parks on July 1, 2008. Seven out of the nine parks are in the Skylands of Northwest New Jersey. The closures represent about 45% of the state park acreage in the region. They include High Point in Sussex County: Jenny Jump, Worthington, and Stephens in Warren County; Round Valley in Hunterdon, D&R Canal in Hunterdon and Somerset, and Ringwood in Passaic.

The savings achieved by all of the closures would amount to $4.5 million - about one tenth of one percent of the upcoming state budget’s total $33 billion.

The decision to close the parks would affect the summer getaway plans of millions of people in the NJ-NY-PA metropolitan area. And with those plans would go the fortune of hundreds of businesses that depend on those visitors. State officials have long touted the expenditures of tourists as an ideal way to increase tax revenues while providing minimal services. Most of those visitors would simply move on to Pennsylvania and New York, states who will continue to happily court the incoming dollars.

Not only did the planned closures seem to fly in the face of any judicious financial planning, they seem to confict with years of open space acquistion and preservation policy. Proponents of the controversial Highlands Preservation Legislation have looked to increased recreatioinal use of natural resources in Northern New Jersey as a sustainable force in the region’s economic future.

The budget proposals, which came in response to New Jersey’s dire fiscal crisis, have since rejected. Never-the-less it is clear that we need to re-think our priorities if our state park system is to be used as a bargaining chip. The parks should be firmly implemented, not only as an important component of the state's aesthetic, but in the future of our regional economy.

What do you think? Please leave your comments here and we’ll pass them on. Or contact your legislator directly.

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22 Jun 2009, 09:18
Too many memories have been made at these parks to close them, especially for no good reason...Keep our parks open, esp. Round Valley
Lisa Augustine
31 May 2009, 20:37
I am from Pennsylvania, and we are having the same problem here with our Governor Rendell planning on closing 35 of our State Parks. I contacted him complaining about this decision. The State parks are the only piece of wildland left for the public--who is normally surrounded by graffiti, violence , garbage, grime and car/truck exhaust 24/7. \r\n\r\nIt seems that those in office don't really have any intention of listening to public opinion in the first place. They are all merely democratic figureheads that have already made their minds up regardless of what their constituents want.\r\n\r\n
Ron H.
23 Sep 2008, 23:16
rockcat\r\n19 May 2008, 07:53 \r\nyour letter sounds as if you are running for office-or you are just plain stupid. I and other NJ residents are going to PA. for better recreation. Close the parks. Then see if YOU can find a tree to pee on.
09 Sep 2008, 17:42
What is the New Jersey government spending their budget on? Saving Corzine's ass from speeding tickets and medical expenses from his car accident. It is a shame that the garden state is turning into the shopping strip mall state. How about all those shopping town centers popping up; in Hamilton, Cherry Hill. Like we need to waste land that could be preserved for the splendors of nature. I guess Home Depots, Targets, Bed Bath and Beyond and every crappy chain restaurant is more important. We are a wasteful society and spending money is more important then taking time to breathe and be in peace with the beautiful land that surround. Not to mention that there will be no wildlife left in New Jersey if we keep taking away habits.
23 Jul 2008, 04:59
I hate Corzine! He's not a Governor, he is evil and he hates NJ! I don't even believe he is from NJ, or maybe he is just that RICH that the loss of Jeeny Jump, High Point and others doesn't even affect him and his. He isn''t even a family man, is he!!\r\n\r\nThere is now not much left to do in NJ, but shop!! No camping, get aways, beautiful cabins at Jenny Jump. This is horrible. Garden State!!??? Corzine, you IDIOT!!!--trying to save a few bucks and hurting the average person. But he sure could afford to spend our money on his girlfriend!! \r\n\r\nEssex Co, NJ
Diane Dunwell-Hoffman
25 Jun 2008, 12:38
I have camped at Jenny Jump, Worthington, and High Point. When I stayed at High Point in the late 1960s we actually stayed on the third floor of a huge home there that was like a mansion made into an Inn. I have so many fond memories of these state parks, that include family members who have since passed away. My Dad was in the CCCs in his late teen years, and stationed at Stokes, and High Point. He would be so shocked and disappointed to read this news. \r\n\r\nPerhaps the government should reenact another Civilian Conservation Corp and put low income kids to work, getting them off of the streets. Instead of their parents getting welfare funds perhaps the kid could work for it and send the money home like my Dad did. \r\n\r\nI know the ACLU would jump all over that idea.
25 Jun 2008, 11:27
The fact is, this was someone's political power play, a way to bring attention to the budget crisis and distract from the reason why the crisis had occurred in the first place. (our government is EXTREMELY CORRUPT.) The parks were never going to close, the budget is going to go through, and more or less we're back to business as usual. Maybe we'll get that children's health care thing going next year...\r\n\r\nsee ya,\r\
23 May 2008, 08:54
This is horrible!!! We need our parks! What's next...? Are they going to build a million more huge houses one on top of the other on this land? This is so sad and aggrivating- I don't even know what to say...
20 May 2008, 05:49
Keep our Parks Open.
19 May 2008, 18:51
Very well said rockcat. Hope someone listens.
19 May 2008, 07:53
The Governor, in all fairness, faces an enormous challenge to present a balanced budget to operate the State of NJ. He is also fighting the numerous one-time budget fixes that were implemented by his predecessors in both the legislature and the Governor's office. This is a daunting task that he faces.\r\nState Parks, not being deemed an essential service such as education, law enforcement, roads, etc., have been suffering reductions in funding and loss of personnel through attrition. These losses in funding and personnel have not been rectifired over time. Instead, parks continue to function through the dedicated efforts of a few hundred people in green uniforms. Operational costs continue to rise - energy alone costs the State Park Service nearly 60% of its operating budget, leaving less money to make repairs. Stewardship responsibilities have increased over time as the Green Acres program has purchased thousands and thousands of acres of land for conservation and recreational purposes. Park visitation has risen each year to the point that State Park attendance is over 16,000,000 visitors. \r\nIn 2006, voters approved the reallocation of funds from the Corporate Business Tax, in the amount of $15,000,000 per year to create a dedicated funding source that would pay for capital improvements in parks, historic sites, and wildlife management areas. In ten years the amount more than doubles to $32,000,000 per year. this dedicated source of funding allows the State Park Service to plan ahead in order to make capital improvements and large scale repairs to infrastructure.\r\nThis is only half of the equation, though. The daily operational side of the SPS needs to be addressed also. Imagine a new bathhouse at a State Park beach, but there is insufficient staff to maintain the building, clean it daily in season, winterize it for the off season, and perform other maintenance. How long will it last before it too begins to deteriorate and require more capital funding to make large scale repairs? Fifteen years, maybe, and the SPS will sink another large pot of money in to this imaginary building that could have gone to another project or facility.\r\nVehicles are another matter. How long do you normally keep your own vehicle? Would you keep and maintain a vehicle for 18 years or more? I think not. The SPS does this routinely because there is very little funding to replace vehicles on a regular basis. Usually after 7-8 years vehicles become more costly to maintain and repair costs are skyrocketing. Would you put $2,000 into a vehicle repair on a vehicle that is 15 years old and has a book value of about $100? The SPS does this routinely. It is not cost effective to do this, but in order to keep vehicles operational SPS employees must waste money in this fashion.\r\nState agencies, SPS included, must also pay contractors NJ prevailing wage for all contracted projects over $2,000 in value. A typical roof replacement including tearoff, new felt paper, rubber ice barrier, and 30 year shingles on a 3 bedroom ranch house might cost $6,500 locally. This project would nearly double in cost to $11,000 if prevailing wage is factored in. That's a $4,500 difference. That money could be used for something else.\r\nThe SPS also suffers from a lack of leadership. It is being managed by political appointees with very little or no background in natural resources, parks and recreation, environmental science, or any other related field. Wouldn't you want someone with an appropriate background in charge of a $34,000,000 budget for our 40+ State Parks? Instead, the prevailing thought is that a manager can manage anything, regardless of background or related experience. Leaders must lead, they must have a vision and a plan. They must have a means to achieve that vision. Leadership is noticeably absent in the SPS. Instead, the focus has been on internal processes and away from the natural resources that the SPS is supposed to protect and the recreating public that they are supposed to serve.\r\nThe end result of all of this is that SPS morale is about as low as it can get and spiraling downward. The SPS, having been threatened with layoffs, closures, reductions in service, and park consolications is an organization on its deathbed.\r\nBut what is the solution? The SPS needs dynamic leadership with a true vision, not managers, for the future. It needs to catch up to its stewardship responsibilities through a massive increase in budget and personnel. It needs to develop a plan to replace nearly 75% of its equipment and vehicle fleet immediately and to set in place a regular replacement plan for vehicles and equipment. It needs to re-evaluate slaries for its lower paid employees and pay them wages equivalent to those in the private sector.\r\nHow could this be done? The legislature, Governor and high level staff of DEP need to identify a dedicated source or sources of funding that will address the operational needs of the SPS so that future planning can be done with the knowledge that budgets will remain stable year after year. \r\nParks are vital to the citizens of NJ as a natural resource, a place for family recreation, and solitude. We, the citizens of NJ and the government, need to invest in the future of these treasured places.
18 May 2008, 20:36
Please pass this on:\r\n\r\nI am sad to hear of these closing as a long time resident of NJ and a state that prides itself as "The Garden State", I am not only embarrassed but disheartened to read of such a closing. \r\n\r\nAs other's have already stated, with the price of gas rising and the lack of raises by employers, traveling for families is going to be limited. \r\n\r\nIt would be an outrage to lose the natural beauty our state could offer. Especially since Jersey is sadly known for it's smell off the Jersey Turnpike [aka the Meadowlands] and the cable hit TV show; The Sopranos. Is that what we want to be know for Governor?\r\n\r\nWe then wonder why Mother Natures animal life is pushed into cities where they are likely to be put to sleep. We are invading their rights and space in the circle of life.\r\n\r\nNot to mention the fact that we are going to lose dollars on tourism! Could we not find a better way to keep these Parks open and regenerate the economy by offering jobs to the community, helping business to open around the areas and advertising wonderful "FAMILY" attractions and activities? \r\n\r\nGov. Corzine, you should be ashamed to have made statements that you were going to help regenerate the our fine State when all it seems you are doing is fixing one problem while creating many more that perhaps your generation won't feel but mark my words, future generations will!\r\n\r\nSincerely,\r\nJennifer\r\\r\n\r\n
17 May 2008, 19:37
All politicians suck
10 May 2008, 22:11
How insidious is this??? Especially with the cost of gasoline going so high. More and more people are planning on staying closer to home and now they will have less places to go. Gov. Corzine said in a NY Times article that he was willing to spend as much as his personal fortune as necessary to get elected. Why doesn't he spend some of his fortune to help save precious state parks???\r\n\r\n
06 May 2008, 19:06
Close our state parks and lay off all the people who work in them because NJ can't afford to keep them open.....then spend how much money to inject bear with contraceptives??? How much did you spend having DEP officials go door to door asking me and my neighbors what I do with my garbage??\r\n\r\nDEP Commissioner Jackson has wasted more money on black bear, but has the gall to tell us that NJ has to make tough choices to get the budget under control?? How much is YOUR salary, MS. Jackson??? Why don't you start by giving yourself a pay cut and keeping our parks open.\r\n\r\nWith all the money that gets wasted in this state....why is it the lowly tax payers who get penalized? Corzine gets to go home to his million dollar condo at the end of the day. It's no skin off his nose to close the folks like Corzine don't vacation in New Jersey State Parks. Ms. Jackson probably hasn't visited a NJ State Park outside of her job duties in her entire life.\r\n\r\nHow can you close High Point....after you just made it part of your milti-million dollar tourism campaign??? Are you stupid??? \r\n\r\nAnd why is it that average citizens are coming up with better cost-cutting solutions than you have with all your Goldman Sachs experience, Mr. Corzine???\r\n\r\nPerhaps instead of resting on your much-over-hyped laurels, you should pay attention to some of the good ideas that your fellow citizens are sharing with you....and swollow your pride (and deflate that tremendous ego of yours) and implement some of them!
Bob Louis
06 May 2008, 11:58
05 May 2008, 03:40
I have been camping in NJ state parks since 1968, when I was 6 months old. Our family vacations were always to one of these parks (usually High Point) because a)it was affordable, and b)my parents realized that it fostered an appreciation of the natural world in my siblings and me. To this day, although I now live in upstate New York, I continus to utilize and support NJ parks, and am a member of "Friends of High Point". I can also say that, without question, my decision to pursue a career in environmental science was directly impacted by my childhood experiences at High Point and other NJ state parks. Governor Corzine, please consider that, should the closure plans be implemented, countless young people will miss out on the invaluable and unique educational experiences which they would otherwise enjoy. Clearly, termination of the educational programs and other park services would be equivalent to a dismissal of the value of environmental education. Yet history has demonstrated that investment in education surely pays long-term dividends, while stifling educational endeavors ALWAYS leads to disaster. I realize that the state budget is tight, but this is NOT the area to cut. More than ever, education the public about environmental issues and the value of conservation is vital, and such informal education is going on right now at your New Jersey state parks. Please don’t put an end to these educational opportunities.
02 May 2008, 15:05
There will be a rally in support of New Jersey's state parks at High Point State Park on Saturday May 10th. \r\n\r\nCome out and help send the message that that you want High Point and other State Parks OPEN and funding maintained for camping, swimming, and educational\r\nprograms\r\n\r\nThe Friends of High Point State Park have planned a number of activities to make this a fun day for the family:\r\n\r\n1:00 pm: Guided AT Hike\r\n1:30 pm: Owl & Crow Presentation\r\n2:30 pm: Story Telling\r\n3:00 pm: Live Snake Presentation\r\n3:30 pm: Scavenger Hunt\r\n4:00 pm: Show of Unity - Boy\r\nScout Flag Ceremony & Veterans’\r\nRecognition\r\n4:30 pm: Fly Fishing Demonstration\r\n4:30 pm: Bird Watching Walk\r\n\r\nA Press Conference with local politicians is being sponsored by the NJ Chapter of the Sierra Club at 5:00 pm\r\n
02 May 2008, 09:37
Come to the RALLY to Keep Brendan T. Byrne State Forest (and eight others) Open!\r\nSaturday May 17, 2008 - 1pm, Pakim Pond, Brendan T. Byrne State Forest (Lebanon SF) \r\n\r\nOcean County Competition Riders and Friends of Brendan T. Byrne State Forest will be sponsoring a Rally at Pakim Pond in Brendan T. Byrne State Forest on May 17, 2008 between the hours of 1:00PM and 3:00PM. \r\n\r\nWe are opposed to the NJ government's plan to limit usage of the parks to "Passive Recreation".\r\nNo changes are necessary to existing conditions in the forests.\r\n\r\nWe want the forest workers to keep their jobs\r\n\r\nWe want the offices to stay open\r\n\r\nWe want camp sites rented out\r\n\r\nWe want sanitary facilities \r\n\r\nWe want Special Use Permits to remain available.\r\n\r\nWe need everyone's support to show the Governor that the forest is being used by campers, vacationers, tax payers and should not be put on a Passive Recreation Plan. There is no valid reason to close the forest to everyone but hikers.\r\n\r\nWe are circulating a petition which is available in PDF format. If you would like a copy of this petition please e-mail me directly. I will send you the PDF as well as an address and/or fax number to return the full pages. I won't have e-mail access this weekend, but I will respond on Monday to each request personally. Please title e-mail "PETITION - NJ FOREST" so I can identify these requests easily and provide a swift response. \r\n\r\
02 May 2008, 08:55
I liked Liz' idea to picnic on the Governor's front lawn-good one! Is there a petition to sign to protest this nonsense!!?? Can't make the 5/17 rally (see "Jeff" 4/25) was wondering about a petition?
02 May 2008, 08:55
I liked Liz' idea to picnic on the Governor's front lawn-good one! Is there a petition to sign to protest this nonsense!!?? Can't make the 5/17 rally (see "Jeff" 4/25) was wondering about a petition?
Gary Dunn
29 Apr 2008, 15:29
When are all the people who continue\r\nto vote (socialist), I meant democrat\r\ngoing to wake the ----- up! You keep\r\nfalling for all there "talk is cheap,\r\npeople follow like sheep promises".\r\nI say the only place to go thats down\r\nhill from N.J. is N.Y. I got the hell\r\nout just in time.
Pauline DiBartolomeo
28 Apr 2008, 20:14
Perhaps the Good Governor could take a cue from all the other States who have excellent Park Systems as sources of revenue. Camp Hosting is a program widely used where the State offer free camping to RV'rs in exchange for duties provided. I have seen many empty camping spaces throughout the state where this would be beneficial. There is an entire community of retired people who live and travel in this way. It's not acceptable that the individuals who have been given the privilege of serving the people are not serving the people and looking out for our interests. You would have to be a complete non thinker to believe that this action would serve any good purpose, you are clearly not looking at the long term action and reaction . How much more can the good people of the State of New Jersey be expected to endure. It's time someone looked out for us instead of just looking to dupe us. What ever happened to caring about quality of life? Surely one could be a little more creative about raising revenue, how about those oil companies who pollute our air along the Turnpike or the ones on the Delaware River in South Jersey? Since they are enjoying windfall profits maybe they could contribute a little something back to the people who have put up with them for the past 50years. Maybe we could rename a few spots for them, Luk-Oil Lookout State Park or Valero Valley Recreation Area, Sunoco Hook State Park.\r\n\r\nI bet the powers that be would have more than a few friends within the conglomrates that could use some political favors. If the dirty deeds are being done, why can't we benefit from them too? If you close our parks and we loose our places to unwind and de-stress I think you are headed for a summer of rage within our society. The people are fed up, and when the people are fed-up they rise up.\r\n\r\nIn the meantime I am left without choice since I don't have a shore house,and can't afford lavish hotel vacations I will travel across the border to Pennsylvania and New York, to enjoy the wonderfully organized Parks Systems. No Thanks to you Jon Corzine, not that Whitman left you much to work with, but you should have fixed it by now!
28 Apr 2008, 12:30
Hey Gov.\r\n We did not elect a King!!!! Even\r\nthough you may think so. You and Jackson\r\n in her DEP kingdom.Look at all the double dippers you have in N.J. politics! They haven't enough jails for all you crooks.\r\n James was a fine mayor ha ha fooled you didn,t he?\r\n Now get out of the 'HOOD'and spend time in our beautiful state parks and see how the other half live. Bring the DEP b...?with you and maybe loose her on the trail. \r\n ANGRY N.J. RESIDENT &TAXPAYER.
25 Apr 2008, 17:06
OUR money was used to save open space so WE could enjoy it forever.\r\n\r\nThis is supposed to be the Garden State, isn't it???\r\n\r\nIt is absolutely NOT acceptable that Governor Corzine is deciding to take away the last bit of outdoor recreation the residents of New Jersey have.\r\n\r\nWhat happened to "New Jersey and You...Perfect Together?\r\n\r\nThe 10,000 acres of property that became the High Point State Park were donated by Col. Anthony Kuser and his family in 1923 for FREE to create the FIRST State Park in New Jersey for everyone to enjoy for all time.\r\n\r\nNow our wonderful Governor is trying to take away our last bit of enjoyment.\r\n\r\nI think Governor Corzine should let the New Jersey residents picnic and camp on the front lawn of the Governor's mansion this summer!\r\n\r\nThere are many other unecessary things that can be cut from the State's budget.\r\nDO NOT cut the funding for ALL of the State Parks.\r\n\r\nWhat will be the next thing taken away from us???
25 Apr 2008, 13:37
The date for this rally (5/17) is tentative pending approval of a special use permit by the park. This shouldn't be an issue, but it's worth noting that we're still waiting for the official word...
25 Apr 2008, 12:57
There's going to be a rally in Brendan T Byrne State Forest on 5/17 at Pakim Pond. The target attendance is over 1000 persons, and we're inviting any and all state representatives including Governor Corzine himself. We need everyone available that weekend to attend... The more people that attend, the louder the voice heard in Trenton. Please post any questions here.
Mark Ianni
25 Apr 2008, 09:05
Last one to leave the peoples ultra-liberal socialist state of New Jersey; turn off the lights!
jerry pallito
24 Apr 2008, 08:53
I am writing this letter in regards to the closing of 22 State Parks in New Jersey. We can not sit idly by and let this happen to our beautiful wildlife and recreational facilities in which draw thousands of hard working New Jersians every weekend. You have to find a way to preserve these facilities for our good and the good of all wildlife that will be effected, and mostly our children and grandchildren who learn so much from these parks. There are so many ways to find the funds to keep them open if you just look hard enough. Dont let money get in the way of preserving the last few acres of wildlife and recreational facilities we have. Please if there is anything that I CAN DO please get in touch me. I will do all I can on my end if you do what you can on yours. WE MUST STOP THESE ACTIONS!!!!!\r\n\r\n\r\nSincerely,\r\n\r\nJerry Pallito
Joni Mitchell
24 Apr 2008, 06:53
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot...
24 Apr 2008, 06:52
It is a shame that there is plenty of money to invade other countries but the Fed Govt can't seem to help out the state parks. I'm sure there could even be funds in NJ to resolve this problem too. We will soon need a new state slogan because you won't be able to find a garden or a patch of green (that isn't astroturf -with lead) in the state.\r\n\r\nMr Savio, thank you for putting up info on who to contact. I live out of state now but I had been, and still enjoy the skylands of NJ
22 Apr 2008, 05:09
Everybody wants something done about the budget and the terrible fiscal problems in the state of NJ. Except that is when the spending cut effects something they care about. Wake up folks the finances of the state indicate it can no longer be business as usual. There needs to be an audit that is available to the public and explains where exactly all the money goes. There was the lottery, the casinos, income tax increase, EZ Pass, etc that were supposed to help. It is time to vote out these old time politicians that are not making this state work and not allow this misuse of funds to continue.
My grandkids don't need parks!!!
21 Apr 2008, 08:15
In the words of Rodney Dangerfield from the movie Caddyshack "Golf courses and cemeteries, the biggest waste of real estate". Now appearantly, state parks must be. I wonder if they are thinking in Trenton about all the building and revenue all that acerage can produce.\r\n\r\nClosing the parks from a business standpoint is at best a short term fix. Each year's budget is based on the previous year's budget. So this year they save 4.3 million by closing the nine parks. What happends next year when their spending needs to be last than this years? Do they close more parks? Then if they do open the parks back up, imagine what the cost will be to clear all the sites, make the trails clear and safe, repair all the buildings. It is very safe to assume that there will no maintenance to these parks while they all closed.\r\n\r\nThen how about the employees who work at the park. Last time I checked layoff do wonders to boost the economy.\r\n\r\nHey Corzine there are a few state run hospitals how about cutting costs in them too. You're on fire. Keep up the good work.
20 Apr 2008, 13:12
C - those things around the Monument are part of the final phase of the Monument restoration. They were placed with the assistance of a helicopter a little over a week ago. Lights will be mounted on them to illuminate the entire Monument. The lights that had been in place for many years only lit about 2/3s of it, but the original lights back in the 1930s lit the whole thing as will these new ones.\r\n\r\ may not be able to visit the Monument, but you'll be able to see it from a distance at night, if the power is turned on.
20 Apr 2008, 10:01
What right does Corzine and his lackies have to even think about closing the state parks. Most of these parks have been donated to the PEOPLE OF NJ, not the crooked politicians. The rest have been already paid for by US. Let them cut their pensions and their other perks. Do they think we are All stupid? The golden goose is just about dead, so the Trenton boys and girls better get serious about learning how to run a state, or they should get out. We don't need to keep them living in a style that they have become accustomed to. Corzine must think he is the King and we are the surfs. Think again.
20 Apr 2008, 09:31
We, the citizens on New Jersey, are to blame for this. We keep electing corrupt, tax-raising Democrat's. What did you folks think was gonna happen? Corzine is no different from any other Socialist/Democrat ... tax the people like mad, give it to the politicians.\r\n\r\nTruthfully - what DID you all expect?? It is mystifying to me. Elect REAL Republicans.\r\n\r\nAbout the parks ... Just because the state is no longer staffing these parks or providing services, that does not mean we cannot visit them. I, for one, plan to camp & hike wherever I like this spring/summer/fall. I view the lack of services as a bonus. No-one to tell me where I can/can't go. Want a camp fire? Go for it. No rangers to stop me.\r\n\r\nCatch me if you can, halfwits. Pack a lunch.
19 Apr 2008, 20:01
I'm curious about the installation of those new "army lookout post things" at High Point Park which I don't recall being there last time I was there which wasn't that long ago. They are scattered around the monument...I wonder why.....and does that have anything to do with the closings???
18 Apr 2008, 11:35
Considering all the B.S. from this present so called "Governer", I will have to say it's too bad he survived his car accident last year. He was catered to for physical therapy luxuriously . What a man! Happy day to you to! Gail.
18 Apr 2008, 00:53
Re: High Point in Sussex County!\r\nHow could they consider this park as being one to close with this wonderful monument?\r\n- This park has hiking, swimming and the monument, where you can climb to the top and see two states and mutiple counties!\r\n\r\nWhy is NJ so bad at budgeting? This state must be full of graft! NH's only income is property tax (no state tax, excise, etc.) and the property tax is much lower then here. \r\n\r\nIf NH can budget a higher percent of state land as public domain, why can't NJ maintain the few parks we have?\r\n \r\n\r\n
NJ Hunter
17 Apr 2008, 13:23
Shame on our Govener. He raised all the hunting passes last year telling us the "extra money" is to go to all the state parks. I would like to know where all the "extra money" went. I bought a few of those state park hunting passes and now they are closing them. I will not buy anymore passes this year!!!
17 Apr 2008, 12:26
The mayor of Wantage TWP has written a letter about the closure of HPSP. Go to and read the letter.. HE IS ANGRY ABOUT THIS CLOSURE!!!!
NJ Highlander
13 Apr 2008, 08:55
How about the Governor waiving his salary, expense account, car service, helicopter and other luxury items? After all, the man is a millionaire so why does he need OUR tax dollars to spend on frivolous items? Once again, we the tax payers are getting penalized because of gross misspending and corruption in Trenton. What will be next, the state saying that they cannot afford state park lands and therefore sell off our lands to developers for "rateables"? How dare Corzine put forth the plan to close our state parks. We as taxpayers have EVERY right to access OUR land! And we who live in the NJ Highlands are going to face a down turn of economics no thanks to the park closures. We must show our disdain by going down to Trenton and letting our voices be heard loud and clear. However, I wager a bet that if Corzine listens to the public's outrage and concedes to keep our parks open, we are going to get imposed with more taxes than ever before. And why? The justification being that in order to keep the parks open, there has to be more revenue coming into the state in the form of taxes. Sad.
Ashes to 5!
13 Apr 2008, 06:47
Response to Kate on 4/11/08:\r\nThere are massive numbers of citizens writing letters to Governor Corzine. There is a group(Parvin Appreciation Committee) who are posting flyers, have support from businesses and local governmental bodies, and are circulating a petition which already has accumulated more than 2,000 signatures. Why not attend the rally at Parvins on 4/19 to support all New Jersey state parks and prevent these closures? There will be thousands in attendance with live media coverage. This dire situtation is not only being covered by local media, but in Trenton, Philadelphia and other large municipalties as well. We will be noticed and heard!\r\n\r\n
Bill Nestor
11 Apr 2008, 21:09
Better suggestion!.....close the governers mansion he doesn't use it! It is also part of the park system if I'm not mistaken. Here is a property that hase'n,t been used and won't be missed.\r\n\r\n I guess our local elected officals are correct.... only in the republican Portiona of thec state are effected. Can we throw in liberty Park ...they also just spent $$$$ to refurbish the place so now it becomes ok to but it mothballs.
11 Apr 2008, 20:16
I see a lot of whining, moaning, conjecture, name-calling and people trying to set themselves apart from the NJ Government so they personally can't be blamed for this mess.\r\n\r\nHow productive. \r\n\r\nA very few have suggested writing letters, but this is only effective if it is a massive action. Rallies in the park get the locals participating, but who else besides the NJ Herald will notice? \r\n\r\nIf you really want this threat to subside, you're going to have to actually make an effort instead of complaining on a message board. It's still a somewhat free country, Patriot Act notwithstanding. We can organize a group, post fliers, ask local businesses for support, and get everyone who has a local park threatened down to Trenton for a rally where they will actually SEE us. A lot of people don't even know this is going on! \r\n\r\nWe're 50 miles outside the largest media center in the world, New York City. Why can't we use them for once to help our cause? How many people from the city watch the news and come to Jersey parks in the summer? \r\n\r\nIt would be nice to see some pride taken in our state as opposed to being the butt of a lot of jokes. These are OUR parks. If we lose them, we will really become what everyone thinks we are: completely urban and toxic. \r\n\r\nSo...anyone willing to part with a few hours a week to help? Or is posting here all you're really willing to do?
doris allen
11 Apr 2008, 14:50
This goverment stinks/ No wonder that this state is broke they spend money on theirselves and don't worry about the ppl in this state. So thats ok we will just go visit the parks in other states and won't worry about nj any more. This governer should be thrown out of office. He sucks . Hes a loser. I don't think we should have to pay his fat ******
11 Apr 2008, 11:10
Stupid Liberal Jerk. They should shut down Trenton. Congrats you stupid Libricrats! \r\nI didn't vote for the idiot!
John Schaub
10 Apr 2008, 15:14
Chase the tourists to NY and PA, what a moron!I am so glad I didn't vote for this. Probably the worst Gov. since Florio.
10 Apr 2008, 09:09
Well having just moved back to New Jersey from Colorado I am met with the idea of closing the Agriculture Dept. of the Garden State (how can that be)and the closing of some of its State Parks. What a welcome home! It's shameful. While living in Colorado I started hiking. I love it. I hiked in state parks and national parks. In a time when we are encouraging our youth to get out and exercise we are taking away something that is so important. I came across the closing of the parks when I was looking for a place to go to hike. What is New Jersey not doing that other states are doing to keep their parks open? These parks were created for the people to enjoy, not to use as any bargaining tool! I do not know of all the politics that go into this decision, but it is all wrong. The people of New Jersey need to be strong and not let this happen. With the rising cost of fuel the people of New Jersey will be looking to staying closer to home, but if they do not have \r\nanything closer to home they will have to travel....does that mean out of state? If it does then we lose again.\r\nThe people of New Jersey need these stay open. These parks are important to New Jersey, as a state and to the people who live here. In the meantime...I will go hiking in one of New Jersey's State Parks.
High Point State Park FAN
10 Apr 2008, 07:28
I live literally a mile away from High Point State Park. It is a beautiful place and we have gone there countless times to swim, see the monument, or have a picnic, not to mention participate in the wonderful educational programs. We have taken family and friends there.\r\nGovernor Corzine must be out of his mind to want to close state parks that people love. You can tell he's not an outdoorsman. We all need to help support our parks. Call your state representatives. Call the Governor's office. When we called they said that they are getting quite a few calls and are keeping a tally of them. The Media needs to hear about this, too. I sure hope CNN reports on this.
09 Apr 2008, 16:46
If I am not mistaken, much of these park lands were donated and/or entrusted to the people of NJ, to be used by the people of NJ, not to be used as a political bargaining chip to cover up the shameful waste of taxpayer dollars in Trenton.\r\n\r\nMr. Worthington and the other generous people who have so kind to donate land, must be turning over in their graves about now.\r\n\r\nDoes anyone in Trenton have any sort of conscience at all? Maybe not. \r\n\r\n4.5 million could translate into an adequate pay raise to reward our statehouse "public servants" for saving the taxpayers 4.5 million.\r\n\r\nIsn't Drumthwacket owned by the people of NJ? We really need to evict the current tenants to save a few mil more in costs.\r\n\r\n
Family Guy
09 Apr 2008, 15:51
What a cryin' shame.\r\nStephens S.P. has lots of great nature and outdoor discovery programs for our kids. No doubt these would be discontinued, since the admin, offices & camping areas would be closed. Not sure about picnic areas, playgrounds, trails, etc.\r\n\r\nThese children's programs are needed now, more than ever, so our kids can breathe some fresh air, learn about outdoors and nature & get away from the video games & tv for a bit..\r\n\r\nEven if the gates were not closed, and public access was still allowed, who would take out the trash from the playgrounds, trails, picnic areas and fishing holes? The park could then become an illegal dump for old brush, refrigerators, tires, household trash, etc.\r\n\r\nNot to mention security. No telling what types of people would now have a place to go poaching, to drink, do dope, or any other elicit activities.\r\n\r\nIf so, they might as well lock the gates.\r\n\r\nNJ & DEP should be very ashamed if this is allowed to happen. What is this teaching our children?\r\n
09 Apr 2008, 13:50
too bad that moron survived the car crash in which HE BROKE THE LAW! Maybe by following laws and genuinely leading government - as in spend less, provide more - things like this wouldn't happen. Amazing how the money is there for their pet projects, ain't it?!
Larry Wennogle
09 Apr 2008, 11:21
This would be a terrible decision. These are beautiful parks and should be enjoyed by taxpayers in New Jersey, not closed. Our legislature needs to get their priorities straight. Please increase the revenue to support these parks, don't close them to save a few dollars.
09 Apr 2008, 10:15
Go to private industry and solicit funds to make up the short fall, four million is not that big a deal. To fix the state budget problem , have the state go bankrupt and renegoiate all contracts in the state, including money given to large cities and public employees
09 Apr 2008, 09:41
I've had enough with Corzine. He needs to get out. Now.
not fair!!
08 Apr 2008, 14:26
no fair! that is not right somone has to do something about this right now it's also just a waste of money too. don't do this to the new jersey.
08 Apr 2008, 14:22
Maybe Corzine gonna close the parks so he can buy the land (cheap) and build condos....I wish I never voted for him....where is the financial report that shows how the state parks are draining the state???? If he is such a great numbers man, how come he doesn't have a report on all the departments which prove in "real Money" what department is losing the most money....I can not trust him...I want to see it in writing...and if not then I know never to trust him,,,I heard he wants to be Hilary's VP....maybe we should give her a heads up...she won't win NJ
08 Apr 2008, 11:36
I can't even beleive this. The main reason I moved to north jersey is to be closer to these natural resources I enjoy so much. This summer I planned for more hiking, fishing and boating. Now I will be forced to go out of state for any fome of outdoor enjoyment. Well, I've had it with this state and will commit myself to getting out asap.\r\n\r\nThank a lot Gov!
08 Apr 2008, 09:07
I contacted the DEP Commissioner's office and asked where our voices about this issue should be directed. \r\n\r\nThe number is 1-800-843-6420. \r\n\r\nThe first call went to an answering machine and the second call was answered. They asked what park in particular I was concerned with and then said somebody would get back to me. \r\n\r\nNOW is the time to make noise - certainly not a month from now!
John Scaffidi
08 Apr 2008, 09:05
I'm sorry I should have also mentined in my following post Land grabber, Speedy NO Belt Corzine or as one post said Corslime
08 Apr 2008, 09:01
Why close the parks and/or services? Why not institute that age old idea called volunteerism? If the parks are truly ours why don't we take responsibilty for them.
John Scaffidi
08 Apr 2008, 08:58
I do French and Indian war reenactments in PA. and NY. but I don't see many held in NJ. I know not many battles form any war other then the revolution took place in NJ. But that dose not mean you can not have a reenactment. You can show how battles took place in other states. You now bring more people to the parks at the same time entertain and educate the public and you can charge a small fee. And it dose not cost much to put on a reenactment a little straw and some fire wood (the parks always have a few trees they have to cut down). Not to mention the reenactors don't chage anything. It works in other states.\r\n Now I may know why this may not work. Maybe it is the person who runs the parks. I live in South Jersey near Batsto Village and in 2002 I tried to put on an event, just an encampment where a few reenactors set up camp and show the public how Native Americans and Frontiresmen lived in the 1700's. You would think I was trying to take over the park or something. The person (Not to mention names knows who they are) was hard to get a hold of and when I gave some paper work to the ranges at Batsto thay all but laugthed at me. Then when I finally or should I say my wife answered his call he was nasty and blunt so I was going to have it at another park north of me and I found out he was in charge that park and most of the others . So I stoped trying and now we have this trouble I wonder why. THINK ABOUT IT \r\n\r\nThank you
08 Apr 2008, 08:11
Round Valley Reservoir is the finest camping site in the entire state of New Jersey, its neighboring states, and any other place that I have camped. Closing this site would rob the residents of New Jersey of one of their finest gems.\r\n\r\nDemocrat or Republican, you will not get my vote if you support the closure of the thing that makes me most proud to be a resident of this state. Lets make some noise!
08 Apr 2008, 05:29
Charging a "small fee" to visitors for access to the park would not be a legitimate solution. I live in the skylands region and most of the parks being closed have a $5.00/car fee already. Those of you suggesting this solution obviously dont visit the parks often enough to be complaining that they are closing. Maybe if more people actually visited them they wouldn't have to close. Get out of the house you fat/lazy New Jersey!!!!
08 Apr 2008, 05:06
Our parks, historic sites and natural areas are integral to the state's economy and ensure a high quality of life in our state. Wildlife-watching, hunting and fishing alone bring in $3.9 billion each year. These area also important places where families can go to spend time together, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors. Our low- and middle-income families are especially dependent upon these public open spaces because they do not have access to private facilities that our higher-earning residents enjoy.\r\n\r\nResolving New Jersey's budget crisis by cutting funding for the DEP does not make economic sense. The DEP is 90% self-sustaining, with only 10% of its budget coming from general state funds. In fact, we will lose important revenues from park fees, permit fees and fines and damage our growing ecotourism industry if we make these cuts. These cuts will also result in the inability of our state to provide the matches required to receive federal dollars for conservation work, further exacerbating the budget crisis. This is not a sound strategy for getting the state back on track fiscally.\r\n\r\nNew Jersey voters have repeatedly approved funding for parks and open spaces, even during difficult fiscal times. Less than six months ago, we approved a $200 million bond issue to fund the state's open space, farmland, and historic preservation programs, even while denying two other funding requests. Clearly this is a priority for the people of New Jersey. I urge New Jersey's government reps to honor that priority by voting NO on any budget that includes the proposed cuts and passing legislation this spring to renew the Garden State Preservation Trust.\r\n
07 Apr 2008, 20:02
Have these oil companies who have recorded record profits pay the bill or have all these political favor no show or do nothing government jobs terminated.
07 Apr 2008, 18:17
I lived in Alaska for 20 years and even though there were huge protests and petitions, the state closed about 15 parks. It sucked....\r\nThis is North New Jersey is going to be "just another exit".
Wendy Clayton
07 Apr 2008, 16:07
The state budge is corrupted and it started long ago, why do the tax payers have to suffer due to the mistakes of our elected officials - I guess that's why...we elect them. \r\n\r\nI'd rather pay an entry fee like I do for Mohonk than see the parks closed and the park rangers lose their jobs. \r\nPlease don't close our parks!
07 Apr 2008, 15:54
I do not want my vote to be used to close the parks......I have a say and my answer is no.....find a way to make money....
07 Apr 2008, 14:47
this is the most outrageous thing i have ever heard of what ever happened to history alot of this parks are what keeps new jereseys history alive. I for one am i big history buff and I think is is by far the most outrageous mistkae that NJ government has made in years (along with a few other things that I will not mention)
07 Apr 2008, 13:12
07 Apr 2008, 12:55
07 Apr 2008, 07:58
This is absolutley preposterous!\r\n\r\nFirst off as an Appalachain Trail hiker, are we going to be allowed access through those areas as long as we stay on trail??? \r\nHow can you justify taking away a resource that effects the health and happiness of many who live in one of the most densely populated areas in the country. \r\nAs stated elsewhere within this thread, once you close access and (even though your going to keep the designated park police) layoff the park workers you no longer need to operate things these area will fall into decay. Decay in several forms; more illegal dumping, more vandals will hit in active buildings, more crazies and loonies will be attracted to these areas because of the non-use therefore giving them areas to do whatever they will do.\r\nThe retainment of police wont stop what will come into these areas if they are closed. patrols will eventually be lack-luster and "usuall". Good people caught trying to use the resource will be punished while the bad people will for some part go undetected.\r\nThis is not a good sign for our states to start considering these measures. Our outdoor resources need to be cherished and open to use. Sounds like you have several crazy loons in office over there in NJ. I am pulling for these parks to remain open. Also lets not forget, ok they close these parks and SPEND all this money to go through the motions of lockgates, mothballing of facilities, storage of park supplies,etc and THEN in the next regeim they get back open (and they will if they do this, someone will get that ball of common sense back into play) at an additional expense it takes have really just gone into an expense of doing it all for nothing. Your going to spend dollars needed elsewhere for a project to close these designated parks. This really #lows!\r\n\r\n
Paul Nardone
07 Apr 2008, 07:09
Unbelievable!!! There are so many other areas that need to be cut before our parks. I'd start with all the political patronidge jobs then all the double dipping politicians that are on three or four government payrolls. Or better yet, how about cutting the number of school superintendants from 565 to 21. One for each county. They could save billions by just cutting all the bloated government around the state.
07 Apr 2008, 07:01
Should we have to pay to have access to the Appalachian Trail? \r\nisn't it administered by the National Park service.
07 Apr 2008, 06:52
What a shame!!! I can't believe that we do not have enough money to pay for keeping state parks open. What with all the tolls and lottery money and taxes we collect!!! Shame on your Mr. Corzine!!! \r\nWe should keep the parks open and charge visitors a small fee to go there. That should be enough to keep the parks open.
Saumita Lepre
07 Apr 2008, 06:50
That is a shame. We need to find a way to keep the parks open. People should be charged a small fee to visit the parks which will generate enough revenue to keep them open.
07 Apr 2008, 06:36
Well he's at it again..remember 2 years ago he did the same thing and the only salavation was another penny added to the sales tax! It's coming another tax increase in some way to fund the Peoples Republic of New Jersey. hey... how about selling something the Turnpike!....He nows how to make his own money..but he can't manage the States!....This is insane ...and is it just me being uninformed ..but how come this is put onto us who enjoy the outdoors. How about closing Trenton's War Memorial and the museums or the hoity toity places that support the "arts" adds oh so much to our society.....But than again look at all the beautiful art they have in the former Soviet Russia ...oh and they do have the wonderful open space around Chernoble for everyone to enjoy! We need stop letting these social engineers run our state. VOTE. The RIGHT WAY! OUT!
Joe Savio
07 Apr 2008, 06:04
PLease flood the NJ DEP with concerns they are asking for it.\r\n\r\n\r\nStraight from there website:\r\n\r\nAdditional Questions, comments or concerns please Email us at
07 Apr 2008, 05:38
Everyone is tight on cash these days and there are no easy answers. The momant they close the parks the parks will automatically deteriorate, ultimately costing more to renovate than keeping them open. I'd propse to have the parks subcontracted to the private sector. Local business is already hungry and would be eager to jump at such an opportunity. NJ could have regulatory supervision and perhaps use a state grant system to suppliment the program. This way the state saves yet retains some control, private business gets a boost and we all get to enjoy the parks. Everyone wins.
07 Apr 2008, 05:22
I agree with everything already said. I love the outdoors and all the beauty and peacefulness found in them. I walk, hike, kayak and camp. Our parks that will remain open to recreational activities will be so over crowded. Some parks have a limit as to how many can come in, but not all. Some people become very "nasty" when they travel for miles/hours to get to a park, only to be turned away. This in itself, can become a problem.\r\n\r\nOne area, this state and many others need to check into and save LOTS of money, is Food Stamps/unemployment. I have seen for years, and still see it going on, people on Food Stamps/unemployment, that should not be on the system. Why are they allowed to purchase "junk food" with these stamps, have beautiful cloths, expensive cars, and NOT LOOKING FOR WORK". Why doesn't anyone check into the system and get rid of those that should not be on it? Millions of dollars are spent on people that should not be receiving help.
Jeannie Luongo
07 Apr 2008, 04:57
It is a shame that such beautiful parks will not be utilized. I would image even if a small fee was set for entrance to these parks it would offset operational costs. Fees should be reasonable since everyone is just trying to make ends meet the best they can. A fee such as $5.00 a car would be reasonable.
06 Apr 2008, 15:58
Why not charge a fee or fee increase to enter and use the parks. Or have hours of operation open only for specific weeks. Not sure if Jersey is a "Garden state" any more. Somebody sitting in the Trenton seat is very anti-agriculture. There are already plans to do away with the State Department of Agriculture. I find it very sad that other options on how to decrease the deficit were not considered.
06 Apr 2008, 15:55
Someone posted asking who to contact to protest closing parks and cutting services at parks. One of the earliest posts gave contact info for the Governor and the DEP Commissioner.\r\n\r\nYou could also go to or both have on-line style letters you can submit.\r\n\r\nAlso, has a lot of good info.\r\n\r\n
06 Apr 2008, 15:55
Someone posted asking who to contact to protest closing parks and cutting services at parks. One of the earliest posts gave contact info for the Governor and the DEP Commissioner.\r\n\r\nYou could also go to or both have on-line style letters you can submit.\r\n\r\nAlso, has a lot of good info.\r\n\r\n
06 Apr 2008, 15:54
Someone posted asking who to contact to protest closing parks and cutting services at parks. One of the earliest posts gave contact info for the Governor and the DEP Commissioner.\r\n\r\nYou could also go to or both have on-line style letters you can submit.\r\n\r\nAlso, has a lot of good info.\r\n\r\n
06 Apr 2008, 15:49
Someone posted asking who to contact to protest closing parks and cutting services at parks. One of the earliest posts gave contact info for the Governor and the DEP Commissioner. Here are a few other sources:\r\n\r\nTo find out who your local state representatives are, go to(\r\n\r\nCheck out (\r\nOr (\r\n\ r\nBoth have on-line type letters you can submit.
Lori Space Day
06 Apr 2008, 13:18
The closing of state parks is unpardonable. The governor may be a rich man and can afford to go anywhere in the world on vacation. What about the working class poor, previously known as middle class, whom are getting taxed to death in this state? We can not all afford fancy scmancy vacations. An overnight camping trip or day trip to the state parks is not only a vacation from the daily grind of paychecks for taxes, gasoline, rent/mortgage and grocery store. A State Park trip is an environmental education desperately needed by suburban and urban societies. We can only be concerned for what we know, can only know what we are exposed to. If we don’t take care of our limited natural resources, in this case the state parks - home to the wildlife we all want to protect and conserve, all of New Jersey will, within a few years, look like downtown Newark. That would not be a New Jersey I would want to live in. \r\n The closing of the State Parks will impact many factions of our society, the park visitors, the ancillary entities, (the gas stations, restaurants, delis, sporting goods stores, other tourism attractions etc, along the way) and the education of the multitudes of visitors. The loss of this appreciation for nature will have it’s effects for years and generations to come. Gov. Corzine should Keep and Protect what we have now. God is not making anymore wilderness, but man sure is “paving paradise and puttin’ up a parking lot“. \r\n
06 Apr 2008, 10:10
When the sun is shining, and the air is clean, thousands of people seek respite in the wonderful oasis known as The Garden State Plaza. To save the parks, I suggest charging a fee to those foolish enough to miss the beauty all around in nature and wile away the hours instead in pursuit of more needless materialism. The short-sightedness of this initiative is an outrage. We need more parks and fewer malls in New Jersey.
John Apostolidis
06 Apr 2008, 09:49
If Govrnor Corzine visited ever one of the Skylands Parks I am sure he will change his mind about closing them. Thousands of people (many-many of those that voted for him) visit High Point State park every summer, and pay a fee to be allowed to spent the day.\r\nMay be the Governor, thinks that all of his supporters stay indoors in the cities and when they want to have fun illegaly turn city firehydrants on to cool off. No Mr. Corzine- this is not the case. Many families get away to the Northern NJ State Parks to be near Nature and enjoy the cerenity of the environment. Summer fun is not just visiting the beaches of central and southern New Jersey or turning on hydrants. Elections are nor very far. This is anoteher booboo by this administration.\r\nShame!
Tom Pro
06 Apr 2008, 09:34
Maybe Governor Corzine should take some time from his "busy" schedule and visit "his state parks" to see the joy they bring to the people of New jersy especiall the children . I think Senate President Richard Codey's proposal of expanding the sale of State Lottery tickets to the BIG BOX stores is brilliant. I'm sure in no time that the $ 4.5 million (1/10 of 1% of the state budget) will be acquired within 6 months.
06 Apr 2008, 08:39
How come the state parks were kept open after the government shut down, and now they are first on the chopping block? Pretty soon the only public land we'll be able to enjoy will be 401 East State Street in Trenton.
John Mc
06 Apr 2008, 07:17
In all seriousness, turning off the lights and computers in all State facilities at the end of the workday would save million$.
John Mc
06 Apr 2008, 07:17
In all seriousness, turning off the lights and computers in all State facilities at the end of the workday would save million$.
John Mc
06 Apr 2008, 07:17
In all seriousness, turning of the lights and computers in all State facilities at the end of the workday would save million$.
06 Apr 2008, 06:56
This is the most terrible thing that is happening ever. These park closures are horrible dirrectly hitting the boy scouts now and leave them to find somewhere else to camp. This should be vetoed.
Maryann Citro
06 Apr 2008, 06:35
I am very concerned about this action. Our state parks are a place for us to enjoy our state for which pay dearly. Please reconsider your actions on this. I will certainly keep decision in mind when I vote each November\r\n
05 Apr 2008, 19:36
This is stupid gamesmanship by the State. Threaten to close the parks and then when people protest they "restore" back to what we had before or maybe a little less but with no protests. \r\nNo state administrator will admit that they can get by with less. There should be independent outside evaluations looking for cuts in State government. We should cut bureaucratic salaries..not people that do the work.\r\nShame on you Corzine manipulating people like this.
Bo Hica
05 Apr 2008, 19:35
One of the parks to be affected is Washington's Crossing State Park.\r\nWhat would George think?\r\nIf he were still here today, he would probably lead another march and battle of Trenton. Would he have even bothered to cross the Delaware in the first place?
Ono Notagen
05 Apr 2008, 18:00
Just think, we could privatize the park admin, just like DMV. There must be some politically connected company out there in need of a big contract. After all, the Parkway & Turnpike are not yet privatized. Maybe we could get a discount if they can do both.\r\n\r\n
05 Apr 2008, 17:45
Perhaps the Gov could leave behind a legacy - Jon Corzine State Park.\r\nIt will be an empty lot with nothing growing, and a locked gate.... probably in Trenton...
Mary Beth
05 Apr 2008, 15:36
It breaks my heart to see what has happened to Waterloo Village and now the State parks. Why does New Jersey have these problems and other states do not? New Jersey, the Garden State!!!!!!!!!!!!
05 Apr 2008, 15:10
C utting\r\nO ur\r\nR ecreation\r\nZ ones\r\nI s\r\nN otoriously\r\nE vil
05 Apr 2008, 14:55
I am wondering if there are cuts coming in other DEP departments & programs.\r\nMaybe our clean water, land and air might someday be jeopardized in the name of Jon $ Corzine's budget cuts..
05 Apr 2008, 14:52
This is crazy! The parks bring significant revenue to the state. It will all flow to PA and NY instead. Why? Is this Corzine's attack on the Skylands region?
05 Apr 2008, 14:34
if the governor would give some of his money, we wouldn't have to close any parks!! This is just insane and N.J. is getting worse all the time. The Skylands area is the last beautiful natural afrea of this state and now they want to take that also. I have no doubt the state could cut the budget some other way, take all the frilly vacations away from the state workers in higher positions, that should do it.
Raccoon Eyes
05 Apr 2008, 13:27
Closing these state parks is shortsighted and a serious threat to the quality of life in NJ. It took some time to get into this budget mess and it will take some time to get out of it in a sensible and lasting way. There have been many other suggestions to reduce the spending: Consolidate school districts and other services; eliminate double and triple dipping in public employee pensions;eliminate the excessive tax breaks for corporations. We've given corporations huge tax breaks because of "jobs," then the companies screw up big time and end up eliminating the jobs. Some of the big pharma companies (examples are Schering Plough and Sanofi Aventis) are prime examples. Outdoor recreation facilities promote healthy lifestyles and family activities.
Concerned Parker
05 Apr 2008, 11:25
Who do we email about these closures to get it changed? I would like to do something to try to change the closures.
Ringwood Resident
05 Apr 2008, 11:16
What the governor and legislators should also consider is that the revenue that is used to keep the park functions running is revenue that is going to the workers, who in turn are working instead of being on welfare, etc. As many of the other comments have indicated, the visitors to the parks also support other NJ businesses and create revenue. SKylands Manor and Ringwood Manor are significant tourist attractions. I would not object to charging fees or somewhat higher fees to the functions, rather than shutting them down.\r\n\r\n\r\n
05 Apr 2008, 11:14
It is my true belief that this is Corzine's way of saying "Told you so" because his garbage idea of the toll hike went bye bye. It's pretty obvious he's punishing the state of NJ because he lost out. The big losers here are going to be those towns who depend on the tourism from afar to generate their incomes. I don't believe that locals (including regional repeat visitors) are going to stop using facilities because of a locked gate or sign. 'If you can't get in through the door, go in through the window'. But it's up to you NJ. You never know what you had until you lose it. Use it, and take care of it. It's yours - not John Corzine's.
Jeanette E. Kocay
05 Apr 2008, 11:10
This is sad, I can't believe that shutting down state parks would cut down on any cost. when I was little my family would take me to all kinds of parks. Now that is a relaxing place, away from the awful traffic, stress of the world. If you take that away no one will be able to find a place to relax and enjoy a little peace and quiet from this mess. I think they should keep them open. Can't they find other ways to cut costs.
Nan McMurtrie
05 Apr 2008, 10:41
We may just have to go back to using our land as some of my ancestors did (the Lenni Lenape Indians) before the Europeans came. Just do it. If they cut the personnel to keep the parks open, how will they be able to keep them locked to the people desperate to use open space? It will be a cold day in you know where before I will stop roaming our land. Gates may stop cars, but not the walking witnesses to state control gone astray. Why are we called such a rich state when this kind of thing happens? The rich ones are those dipping their greedy hands into our tax money instead of spending it properly. When I travel out west and tell fellow citizens our state problems, they just say, "Well don't you know you have to pay for corruption when you live in a state like New Jersey?" That is our reputation around the country. Who has caused this to happen?
manny pabla
05 Apr 2008, 08:47
corzine is crazy man. parks are valuable source for new jersey and its citizens. Gov should not these parks.
05 Apr 2008, 08:40
The parks were not even shut down in the great depression, I supose that the gov. thinks it's worse now then it was then. This seems extreem. Maybe if he was wearing his seat belt he wouldn't have banged his head so hard! I don't knock the guy for being suscseesful but I don't like what apears to be arrogants and forgetting about the working class and the people that use the parks.
Harry Ilaria
05 Apr 2008, 07:24
Keep voting Democrat New Jersey. This is what you get. Why not just charge a nominal admission to the parks. Thanks again, Mr. Corzine. Oh, wait a minute. Isn't he a multi-millionare? Why doesn't he donate his Governors salary. That should be enough to finance the parks. Also, who is going to police the fine citizens who find it necessary to blow holes into our wildlife so that thay can get a photo opportunity?
05 Apr 2008, 07:24
I agree with the proposal to audit the departments within the government first. I also think an evaluation of expense reports is necessary considering all the recent scandals of using budgets for personal expenses.\r\n\r\nI also think it is necessary for the state to realize they will end up spending money in the long run. These parks will not be closed forever. The people will not allow it and if they allow the parks to fall into disrepair they will be establihing a budget just to rejuvinate them. \r\n\r\nI do not know enough about taxes and how they are structured but I do know that the little guy needs some relief and like someone else said here- these parks are one of the truly food free places that we can visit and share quality time. They are our heritage the thing that we do have to pass onto others.\r\n\r\nA thought-\r\nClosing them is the first step to selling the space because if they do fall into disrepair and the state does not come through they will be a liability. If they sell the parks and more is developed the old homes that no one wants will create depressed ugly and dangersou areas and there will be no beauty left. This creates a horrible and unacceptable picture. \r\n\r\nThe country sends so much money outside of it that we are losing our natural beauty here!\r\n
05 Apr 2008, 07:11
I plan on going to the protest rally at Round Valley today! I hope that there is a great turnout! Once again, our oh-so-smart governor hasn't thought out the ramifications of such actions as closing state parks AND I might add getting rid of the Dept of Ag, but that's another topic! How they came up with the number of visitors to the parks is beyond me as most of the time I do not run into any personnel to note my presence nor have I noticed any traffic monitoring devices. Besides this, it has been determined that our parks are integral to the state's economy, bringing in $3.9 billion in park fees, sales tax, and tourism-related industries, such as hotels, restaurants, sporting goods, etc each year. So how will cutting/ closing parks help NJ and it's budget? It will not, it will put us in the hole even more due to the cut in tourism dollars! Real smart! Not to mention being the final straw for a lot of people to tip them over the edge with their aggravation in our governor's actions. This is the case for many I know and who are now starting to take action to squash the governor's outrageous proposals and try to force our NJ government to address the real issues with our budget - the corruption, the double and triple dippers, and down-grade state employee benefits from outrageously awesome to maybe excellent - there's millions if not billions right there! Hope to see you all at Round Valley in a couple hours!\r\n\r\nOne more point of interest - I live near PA and this is making their news as well! They are reporting it on their radio stations and posting on the news sites. Some posts include the protest rally info so we may have some people from PA joining us! The more, the merrier :)
05 Apr 2008, 06:39
When tolls have gone up, gas also, and people want to spend some time to relax without pinching their pockets, we need our state parks more than ever. You, Mr Corzine, probably never step foot in a park unless it is to dedicate something and you get publicity. We NEED and use our parks because that's what we can afford and expect you to do something to keep them open.
05 Apr 2008, 06:22
He doesn't care because he doesn't need the parks....\r\nHe's got his beach house get away....\r\nMaybe he can let us use it for our summer barbecues.\r\nWe can use our voter registration cards to light the fire.....
John Quigley
05 Apr 2008, 05:53
What do I tell my kids about High Point S.P.closed to them? The GOV. can afford to whisk away to the French Rivera at a moments notice. Please don't take away some of life's little pleasures from the ordinary citizen. Hey Gov,just take a hike up to the monument, sit down and take in the view. If that doesn't affect you than you should brush up on your French...\r\n\r\n\r\n
05 Apr 2008, 05:44
Great timing, huh?\r\n\r\nJust as we are opening up a brand new park (Great Falls).....\r\n\r\nWith Earth Day later this month...\r\n\r\nWith National Trails Day in early June...\r\n\r\nWith Independence Day coming immediately after the closing....\r\n\r\nThis will undoubtedly lead to overcrowding and overuse of the remaining parks...\r\n\r\nBetter get your parking space now...
Cathy Bosits
05 Apr 2008, 05:32
So many responses above hit every reason why this should not happen - its just one more step to killing the economy of New Jersey, what comes around goes around. Unfortunately their salaries are always the last to get cut and they can all afford the high gas and airline travel to go elsewhere - so why should they care? Another big issue is the children of this state, they don't have enough to do anyway - taking away something else that parents can actually do to show our children some beauty in such a screwed up world is really a shame. Messes up the future in more ways than they can imagine and once they start it they will continue to close more.....
05 Apr 2008, 05:29
Maybe he should take a walk through these parks, our best bear country, and see for himself what he is taking away from us.....\r\n\r\nBut first, someone should stuff his pockets with lots of ripe fruit and berries....
05 Apr 2008, 05:28
I'm a Democrat. I voted for Corzine. Now I vote we impeach the S.O.B. Try taxing some of the rich pharmacutical companies around the state and leave us little people alone!
05 Apr 2008, 05:26
I agree with all the above negative comments on what our "esteemed" governer is doing. I wish I thought that writing letters would help but I don't believe anyone pays attention. I think our politicians read them and laugh. Perhaps it is time for another revolution?
James Wilmott
05 Apr 2008, 04:55
If Governor Corzine gets his way and closes many of our State Parks, it \r\ncould become an economic nightmare for the Skylands Region, particularly Warren, Sussex and Hunterdon Counties, and also for many local businesses and vendors which depend on the visitors, families, sportsmen and eco-tourism for their livelihoods. \r\n\r\nWorthington State Forest, High Point, Jenny Jump, Stephens and Round Valley State Parks contain some of the most pristine woodlands and streams in our state. \r\n\r\nWill those of us who enjoy hiking, fishing, wildlife, family picnicking, camping, swimming, boating and fresh air, still be able to enjoy our favorite "wild places and open spaces", as our NJ state maps call them.\r\n\r\nWill we still have access to the Appalachian Trail, Mount Tammany and High Point Monument, the most scenic spots in our state? \r\n\r\nSome of our best fishing and boating areas, The Delaware and Musconetcong Rivers, Big Flatbrook, and many other wild and stocked trout streams are located in these parks.\r\n\r\nWhat will we pass down to our children and grandchildren - locked gates?\r\n\r\nPerhaps we must then spend our time outdoors (and our dollars)in Pennsylvania and New York. \r\n\r\nGuess we should fasten our seat belts. He is taking us for a ride!\r\n\r\nI also hear that our "Garden State" is proposing to eliminate its Department of Agriculture.\r\n\r\nWhere will it end?\r\n\r\n
05 Apr 2008, 03:24
Sounds like it's time for a "Boston Tea Party in NJ" in stead of throwing the tea overboard Throw the Polititions overboard and KEEP the TEA!!!\r\nAll of the Assembly an Senate and politition making over 50K a 50% pay reduction \r\n
Tony Rego
05 Apr 2008, 03:21
The state of the State of New Jersey is a mess! We are taxed to the point that it is almost not worth living here anymore and where does all our tax money go? We are in debt and Corzine is clueless on how to fix things. Now he will close some of the only free entertainment in the state! It's no wonder that many of my co-workers are putting in for transfers to other cheaper cost of living states. Maybe I will move to pennsylvania where ther are acres of free state game lands and the taxes are half that of NJ.
04 Apr 2008, 22:47
Well, shall I say idiot. As a camper who frequents the beautifull NJ, PA, and Del state parks for vacations, I quess I'll have to just stay in PA or Del from now on and spend my money there. What is he thinking?? Cut the budget by tossing him out from a job as he is doing to all the workers at these parks. Oh, and not to mention the money local business will loose to.
04 Apr 2008, 21:01
It's hard to believe this can be done! This is the most absurd way of saving money I ever herd of. Maybe that car accident effected his brain. This man we unfortunetly have running our state obviously could care less about nature. It's a crying shame that Waterloo Village is still closed. One of the few places that has the morris canal passing through it with the incline plain! and an operating water mill. What an engineering marvel of its time, and a darn shame its closed. He should be putting emphasis on reopening this beautiful historic land mark, not closing state parks. I agree with K.A., This should be all over the news. There's a ton of history in this state, and closing these parks just helps to keep the younger generation further away from learning about it. These parks are very important, and this matter should not be taken lightly. We the people should not watch our state fall apart.
04 Apr 2008, 20:45
And I suppose none of you voted for Corzine . . .\r\n\r\nWhat did you expect?
04 Apr 2008, 20:29
We're all in this sinking ship together. There are neither enough lifeboats nor life jackets, and the captain has no idea what's going on because he us asleep at the wheel.
04 Apr 2008, 20:09
CRAZY!! Gov. Corzine should look INSIDE the government for waste spending rather than shut down parks which offer good family entertainment in the way of summer outings. In addition, what about Scout outings - something that does wonders for the children involved.\r\n\r\nWhy the heck take away from families & children when there are SOOOO MANY politicians wasting money daily???
04 Apr 2008, 16:55
It's amazing that this government of NJ will consider closing parks and not providing for it's citizens. What does that do to the morale of the people? Why don't they consider cutting overpriced salaries of people who do nothing within this government and consider keeping the parks open? Corporations don't stop providing services because they cut budgets, they layoff people. Get rid of the dead weight in Trenton and keep the parks available for the citizens of NJ to enjoy this summer.
04 Apr 2008, 16:52
We need the Smart Tax. Instead of implimenting all of the Gov's other tax proposals that are so regressive, let's increase the state income tax. There's no question that we need to raise more money to run the state, but we also need real changes and real cuts. I wish the Gov would stop trying to hurt the average joe by cutting aid to municipalities, raising tolls on the working class, and closing our parks.
04 Apr 2008, 16:03
This is unacceptable... why isn't this everywhere on the news? Closing state parks which generate tourism and thereby income for untold numbers of people is ABSURD as a measure to fix budget problems. Where is the REST of that $33 billion going??? Look THERE and cut corners on things that can be changed in the future... if you destroy the enviro-tourism and the parks that co-exist with it, you can't revive the parks. What big developers are paying for this atrocity???
04 Apr 2008, 15:24
OK, I understand we have a budget crisis. Ok, shut the parks for a little while and see if that helps. If it doesn't? WIll you reopen them and find another measure to cut costs? In case anyone has plans on these lands, you do not have our permission to sell any of them. They belong to all of us and will remain so. Is there a timeframe we are working on here? \r\n\r\nI have some great suggestions:\r\n\r\nAudit every department every year. Find the leaks. Fix them.\r\n\r\nMake everyone pay their taxes. Businesses included.\r\n\r\nHow about being proactive? \r\n\r\nFeed the people- then less will steal.\r\nEducate the people - then less will beg.\r\nHeal the people - then less will need expensive care.\r\nCarry the people - encourage mass transit and less people will commute and ruin your asphalt highways.\r\n\r\nNeed more suggestions? EMail me! I have a ton of them!\r\n\r\n
Al MacLennan
04 Apr 2008, 14:25
The proposed state park closures is a very bad idea. We are the state whose residents get taxed more than any other state, and get little in return. There has got to be another way to resolve this debacle other than raising taxes again this year. The state parks are beautiful, and and it is most unfortunate that the users of them will be made to suffer because of excess spending of our elected officials.
04 Apr 2008, 14:12
This is absolutely ludacris. First off, I completely agree with many of the points that have already been made in regards to how poorly our state manages it's expenses. We are called "The Garden State" yet we're possibly getting rid of the Dept. of Agriculture (we'll be 1 of 3 states without one) and now the second blow about the Skylands State Parks. I grew up in Bloomingdale and spent many years enjoying Ringwood Botanical Gardens and Thunder Mtn for it's hiking and mountain biking trails. More recently, my wife and have taken up kayaking more seriously and spend quite a bit of time on Round Valley and many other bodies of water in the state. It's a shame with a slowing economy, people cutting back on big vacations to save money because they're not getting the cost of living increases they used to, that we can't even take a drive on a nice day with our family and dog to one of our beautiful state parks. All of us work so hard, and have paid all this money to preservation and acquisitions towards these parks and land, and now we can't even use them??? Shame on Corzine and all those who came before him that have brought us to this point. The corruption needs to end.
04 Apr 2008, 14:09
It's time we get rid of politicians who continue to turn a blind eye to the fact they are instrumental in creating the problem by paying their cronies for jobs on the state payroll that are either non-essential or redundant! \r\n\r\n The Wall Street wizard can't figure out how to put aside $4million that would keep the parks open? Why doesn't he take it out of his savings account? Saving this $4million is NOT going to solve all of NJ's financial problems, but seriously curtail low cost activities for many New Jersey residents.\r\nIt's not bad enough that so many young people are glued to the computer, xbox, tv--now if they feel like hiking, camping, etc., their options are decreased.\r\nElimination of these park services is an embarassment to the "Garden State". The parks are enjoyed by many, myself included, often for free or low cost. \r\n
Joe Savio
04 Apr 2008, 10:28
Why don't they Just Build another neighborhood of cookie cttuer mansions or a strip mall. You can never have to many strip malls...
Diane Tomarchio
04 Apr 2008, 10:26
I just retired last year and am looking forward to going on day trips in NJ to see all the historic towns, and the north Jersey Skylands near where I used to live. It would be a really terrible thing if I can't get there. Tell the state to KEEP THEM ALL OPEN!!!!!!!!!
04 Apr 2008, 10:13
You'll be more pleased to learn that our legislators are still an elitest group!!!! The state is broke, but they continue to receive catered meals - shrimp, scallops, steak, talapia, etc. when they have a cafeteria in the state house!!!! Why don't we send a message to the govenor about "All they can eat peanut butter & jelly sandwiches" for the idiots that have spent us into our present dilemma? Why do we keep giving them $ to do the job they never get done? Why can't we elect people who don't get indicted for criminal activities at our expense? What's wrong with this picture, & what can we do about it?
04 Apr 2008, 09:48
A better solution is to cut salaries and deadweight and curb excessive spending in NJ. If our budget crisis is that severe it sounds like people are not doing their jobs or not doing them effectively. A corporation would cut heads and salaries and curb their spending. NJ should do the same instead of cutting or limiting our state parks.
Joe Savio
04 Apr 2008, 06:45
No one knows what will happen if these parks are closed. The NJDEP said if they are closed they may not be accessable at all, so There is something to fight for...Bull Island for instance is going to be closed. I can't imaging that a place I have went to forever is going to be closed indefinitely. Monmouth Battlefield has been having schools come in of rdecades to learn about Nature and Wildlife...COME ON PEOPLE write a letter at least...
M'ke Helbing
04 Apr 2008, 06:09
I'm going to try to just make the best of the situation. Keep in mind that we can utilize other area parks for similar uses even though these closures appear imminant:\r\n\r\nSwimming: Try Oxford Furnace Lake in Warren County. There's a good beach there, better in fact than some of the state park beaches. Just over the river in PA is Smithfield Beach on the Delaware as well. There are also other small community parks that allow for swimming.\r\n\r\nCamping: Many county parks have great facilities with camping. Mountain Farm in the Teetertown Reservation, Hunterdon County parks is quite nice. There's good wilderness sites. Also look for camping within Morris County's parks or private campgrounds like Camp Taylor and Triple Brook.\r\n\r\nCottages: There are also places that have cabins for rent as well. Mohican Outdoors Center run by Appalachian Mountain Club north of Blairstown is just excellent and hosts many programs at reasonable prices.\r\n\r\nNature Programs: Again, many counties offer many nature programs open to public; again, Morris and Hunterdon County have terrific programs.\r\n\r\nThese closures are really a great opportunity to showcase our great county parks, which in my opinion are better than the state parks. Businesses will still benefit from park patronage and needed attention will be gained by county parks.
carol lellig
03 Apr 2008, 21:20
It is truely a shame and a disgrace, that the citizens of this county, nevermind neighboring counties and states, will not be able to enjoy the family activities in these parks. I would like to know how much is it going to cost the average family to go down the shore for a day, as opposed to coming here in the skylands for family entertainment right here in our 'backyards". With the rising costs of fuel, how much more do out leaders expect us to stretch that weekly income? Let's not even mention what this will do to the economy of the small business owner in the surrounding areas. This is simple, healthy, wholesome activities that all ages of all families from all over our lands can enjoy. What does the governor propose to put in replacement of these activies for family entertainment? Outdoor entertainment and recreation is not only good physically, and emotionally, and spiritually as well, but it is beneficial to our over all well being. I do not understand why our Governor would want to take away the simple pleasures of life, and family activities out in the open air. And please, don't insult my intelligence about state budgets. It just doesn't fly out here in God's country!! You can be rest assured I will pass this on in emails to all my friends online and family members also and forward any signed petittions it will take to have our voices heard out here in the skylands. We might not have homes down the shore Mr. Governor, but our parks and actiivites are our "home" away from home vacations too. please contact:\r\nPlease contact your legistlator or Congress, Gov. Corzine at this webpage (\r\nand Lisa P. Jackson Commissioner of the NJ DEP (PO Box 402 401 East State Street, 7th floor Trenton, NJ 08625-0402) to stop this travesty from coming to fruition. Thanks to Tom for posting this...
M'ke Helbing
03 Apr 2008, 15:06
WHoa, way off there. You must not have read what I put earlier. The parks are not being sold off, none if it will be closed to public. They will still be parks. The ONLY things that are closed are functions. Camping, cottages, beaches, and nature programs...which does'nt make much sense because those are the things that generate revenue, but whatever.\r\nThe parks are still going to be open. No one is developing any of it. Not to worry about that.
03 Apr 2008, 14:44
One tenth of 1% is nothing!!!!!Goverments officals blow that much on trips and entertainment for their own private use... To lose such a wonderful ecological enviroment is absolutely ludiquist...So now they want to take away the average citizens only havens of nature...Lost jobs will most likely cost the state nearly 10 times that much in unemployment benifits...and the lost tourist dollar will be even be higher so who's kidding who..Some rich A%@hole will develope it for the RICH and make millions and line the state officals pockets................
Apple Valley Inn
03 Apr 2008, 14:07
Closing the State Parks will obviously have a negative effect on those overnight and day trippers to Sussex County which is primarily a Tourist Region in the state of New Jersey. The effect of this action will be more far reaching then denying vistors the ability to view our beautiful parks. The trickle down effect will hurt small business trememdously, which in our current economy is hardly tolerable. We implore the Governor to think of ways to stimulate revenue for our state's small business's rather than institute edicts that could lead to the closure of such enterprises that day in and day out promote our Garden State.
Michail Helbing
03 Apr 2008, 13:33
This is just a strategy to try to get people to agree to the toll hikes on the Turnpike and Parkway in my opinion. Note that the state parks are not closing, they should really be saying park FUNCTIONS are closing. There is a law somewhere saying that people have the right to access public open space. The website says the trails will be open. Parking will be more limited as gates will be closed. Camp sites, beaches, cottages, and nature programs will be closed.\r\nI suppose if they had said that only the park functions were closing they would not have the desired reaction. We're not losing this land to developement and we can still hike there. It's sad that people will be losing their jobs, but otherwise it won't stop me from leading hikes in the parks.
03 Apr 2008, 13:19
It would be a shame for this closure to proceed as planned as these parks offer a great outdoor experience for everyone visiting them. I would expect that they will still be available for use by the public on a limited basis. Governor Corzine should rethink this proposal come up with a better plan. The parks can surely run effectively with a smaller budget and better management.
Jackie Ayers
03 Apr 2008, 12:16
The news is showing several state parks that are to be closed in New Jersey. Jenny Jump is on the list. NO,NO,NO - this is a wonderful place - please tell me they aren't really closing down. What will we do, we've been coming there for years! I hope the "powers to be" will find a different way to crunch the state budget!
03 Apr 2008, 07:13
Is Corzine out of his mind? We must fight this irrational frame of thinking, and find other ways to fix our financial woes. This is not the answer, this is horrendous...
Joe Savio
03 Apr 2008, 04:26
This is a very big shame and Can't be allowed to happen Please contact your legistlator or Congress, Gov. Corzine at this webpage (\r\nand Lisa P. Jackson Commissioner of the NJ DEP (PO Box 402 401 East State Street, 7th floor Trenton, NJ 08625-0402) to stop this travesty from coming to fruition. Thanks to Tom for posting this...
02 Apr 2008, 19:52
the state need to cut the budget in some other ways. this is the garden state and little of what is left of the natural beauty need to be preserved!!!! what a shame
02 Apr 2008, 15:52
wow what a shame, gov. corzine, or should i say corslime, is closing down state parks, many right here in the skylands. there goes it all down the drain. the repopulation of the cougar, coyote existence and bear safe havens are no more.... o yeah not to mention freeing up land with a strong hold of nj bobcats up at high point, illegal hunters will be all up in there trapping and killing bear and bobcat. corzine is screwing up big time. a**hole.

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