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The Personality of Northwest New Jersey

“Skylands” is simply a perspective; a way of looking at and appreciating Northwestern New Jersey. “Thinking Skylands” endeavors to meld those characteristics shared by the constituent counties, towns, ridges, valleys, country roads and sections of interstate into a comprehensive portrait; one more attentive to geographic, cultural, and historical attributes than county and municipal borders. Explore the remarkable personality of this place!

Blair Creek Preserve
Under the shade of oak, hickory, maple and beech, a rutted, over-grown driveway leads to a little cabin by a lake deep in the woods in Stillwater.
Fertile Ground
Lately, more and more of New Jersey's edibles emerge in Community Gardens, which grow communities as well as good things to eat.
Morristown Better With Age
This year (2015), Morristown will observe its 150th anniversary of incorporation as a town, and I will celebrate my 65th year living here. I have long been a collector of memories and stories from the local older people, some born back in 1880s, not long after Morristown broke away from its mother, Morris Township, in 1865.
The Little Black
Sometime before dawn on the second day of November the little black came into the world.
This Week in the NJ Skylands
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Trout Fishing
When snows melt and the grasses and daffodils push up through the softened ground of New Jersey's Skylands, it's time to think trout. For many outdoors folks, thawing snow signals the beginning of trout season. Sorting and cleaning tackle and shopping to replace items gone missing last season, all serve to build anticipation.
View from the Tourne
Rising beyond the eastern shore of the Rockaway River, a Passaic River tributary, stands the Tourne, a modest mountain known for its rocky terrain and spectacular New York skyline views.
Worthington State Forest
Few of the hikers, campers, canoeists, and nature lovers that visit Worthington realize that industrial pumps are responsible for the preserved wilderness and natural wonders that they enjoy there. Charles C. Worthington, a prominent and very wealthy New York socialite, sportsman, fisherman, and skilled rifleman, assembled this park in the late nineteenth century. He called it Buckwood Park.

Officially, the Skylands Region refers to Northwest New Jersey and includes the counties of Morris, Somerset, Hunterdon, Warren, and Sussex. Destinations just beyond those borders, in neighboring counties and states (Pennsylvania and New York), are equally intriguing and convenient, so don't be confused if you come across some of those here.

The region contains two national parks at its edges, 60,000 acres of state parkland, and a diverse and beautiful geography filled with lakes, rivers and picturesque hills dotted with farms. The region's rustic nature is perfectly complemented by many vigorous towns and villages that offer wonderful entertainment, shopping and dining opportunities, fine museums, theaters and accommodations. And there is a year round schedule of arts & crafts fairs, antique shows, exhibits and festivals in New Jersey's Great Northwest.

This Spring, Think Skylands!

Make it a point to get out and enjoy the pleasures of the season. We’ve collected lots of ideas for you and your family. Some may be obvious, some might surprise you. We hope we’re helpful when you’re planning an afternoon, a weekend, or perhaps a permanent relocation to New Jersey.

Most of the material you'll find here has been published in our quarterly guide to the region: the Skylands Visitor Magazine. If you'd like a free copy, move over here.