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The Personality of Northwest New Jersey

“Skylands” is simply a perspective; a way of looking at and appreciating Northwestern New Jersey. “Thinking Skylands” endeavors to meld those characteristics shared by the constituent counties, towns, ridges, valleys, country roads and sections of interstate into a comprehensive portrait; one more attentive to geographic, cultural, and historical attributes than county and municipal borders. Explore the remarkable personality of this place!

A Family Affair
They arrive on the earthen dam, the well-nourished female the first to climb up the ravine, nose in the air, white tail up until she feels safe enough to saunter toward the pond that remains at its summertime low. She takes a few sips, her ears twitching, hindquarters quivering from the flies and mosquitoes that will continue to plague her until the first hard frost.
Cava Winery
For the visitor, Cava Winery is unique in that it also contains a restaurant where a tour and tasting can culminate with dinner chosen from full bistro style menu.
Chester For The Holidays!
Beginning November 15th through December 21st, Chester?s thoroughfares will welcome visitors with an exciting mix of merriments sponsored by the Historic Chester Business Association.
Christmas Tree Growers
Tree farmers must plan years in advance, provide year-round care, and invest time, labor, and love into a crop which takes 7-15 years from planting to harvest.
Field Guide
NJ Audubon's thirty-fifth outpost, the Wattles Stewardship Center in Port Murray, is a model for blending environmental awareness, wildlife habitat, and agriculture -- and a wonderful place to take a walk!
Mr. Adventure
I meet Terry Lee and his Harley Davidson three-wheeler ifor a ride to important places of historic worth, sentimental value and natural beauty that together makes a great day trip in Warren County.
Out of the Box: Gift Shopping on Main Street!
Avoid messy mall parking and that faceless big-box MaulMart syndrome. And get yourself some real service from people who care! Pick from hundreds of handmade, original items from any number of gift shops and galleries on the Main Streets of Northwest New Jersey.
Rock and Roll Highway
Interstate Route 80 can be a scenic tour through an ancient glacial lake, across a glacial morraine, over the New Jersey Highlands into the vast Valley and Ridge province. Enjoy your next ride on the Christopher Columbus Highway with a new perspective!
This Week in the NJ Skylands
Right here, right now!
Vintage North Jersey Wine Trail
Sprinkled with nearly a dozen vineyards, the area is also making its mark as a delightful destination for a diversity of wineries.
Wings and a Prayer
Bats are a fascinating group of animals. They've been flapping through the skies for more than fifty million years and are still the only mammals on Earth that can truly fly. But they are largely misunderstood, and have had very hard times of late.

Officially, the Skylands Region refers to Northwest New Jersey and includes the counties of Morris, Somerset, Hunterdon, Warren, and Sussex. Destinations just beyond those borders, in neighboring counties and states (Pennsylvania and New York), are equally intriguing and convenient, so don't be confused if you come across some of those here.

The region contains two national parks at its edges, 60,000 acres of state parkland, and a diverse and beautiful geography filled with lakes, rivers and picturesque hills dotted with farms. The region's rustic nature is perfectly complemented by many vigorous towns and villages that offer wonderful entertainment, shopping and dining opportunities, fine museums, theaters and accommodations. And there is a year round schedule of arts & crafts fairs, antique shows, exhibits and festivals in New Jersey's Great Northwest.

Think Skylands for the Holidays!

Make it a point to get out and enjoy the pleasures of the season. We’ve collected lots of ideas for you and your family. Some may be obvious, some might surprise you. We hope we’re helpful when you’re planning an afternoon, a weekend, or perhaps a permanent relocation to New Jersey.

Most of the material you'll find here has been published in our quarterly guide to the region: the Skylands Visitor Magazine. If you'd like a free copy, move over here.