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June 21 - 28

The Longest Day

Summertime adventure is easy to find on a back country road.
The summer solstice is today (June 21), the day with more light than any other! Good thing; you'll need all that sunshine to enjoy all that Northwest New Jersey has to offer this and every day of the splendid season. Take advantage of a schedule full of intriguing things for you and your family to enjoy. Or choose among dozens of natural attractions or outdoor activities suggested on our website. Spread your wings and reach for the Skylands; summer starts now!

Canal Day

The Morris Canal at Waterloo Village.
For many, Waterloo Village is the place that most completely identifies the heritage of northern New Jersey. Waterloo was approximately half-way along the Morris Canal's 102-mile journey across the state, from Phillipsburg to Jersey City, and had all the components necessary to become a thriving canal town.
During this Saturday's (June 23) Canal Day at Waterloo Village in Byram Township, the Canal Society of New Jersey will offer guided tours of the restored canal village, along with a wide range of programming. A narrated canal boat ride, trades demonstrated at the gristmill and blacksmith shops, period music and eight historic structures open for inspection promise revival for this important historic site. Waterloo Village is stuffed with stories -- and a new one has been added, about the recovery of a lost Morris Canal boat which is now on display! For more information click or call 973-292-2755.

Your Neighbor's Cow

Dairy workers at the Springhouse Creamery.
A gallon of milk from the supermarket is a combined effort of thousands of cows, raised on any number of farms who knows where. But single herd milk is just that: milk exclusively from the cows that reside on one dairy farm. Northwest New Jersey is now home to two dairy farmers who sell their milk directly to the consumer. It may not seem like much, but it is an important step forward in developing a more direct relationship between food and farm. Cream at the top! Read more and go get some!

Heavenly Hues

June brings on the deep pinks of Carolina rose at Jenny Jump.
As the wildflower season unfolds, the tree canopy leafs out, and wildflowers grow taller, reaching for the sun and no longer held back by frosts. Unlike long-blooming, non-native annuals that pervade the nursery trade, native perennial wildflowers bloom briefly, anywhere from one to four weeks, depending on the species. A regular visit to particularly robust nature preserves can reveal different wildflowers blooming each time. Jenny Jump State Forest has a magical variation in elevation and terrain that makes it a rewarding site for late spring forest flowers.

Elemental Experience

Rock scrambling at the Sourland Preserve
A rugged, forested landscape, Sourland Mountain can confuse novitiates. Ancient rocks, over a hundred million years old, rise up from the forest floor: rocks the size of fists, of basketballs, of small cars. After a few hours in the boulder fields, they start to look identical. For some, however, these boulders are a special challenge...
Or just take a seat at this Saturday's (June 23)annual Sourland Music Festival, hosted by the Sourland Conservancy at the Hillsborough Golf & Country Club.

Paradise Lost, and Found

A mile-and-a-half north of Millbrook Village in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, you can turn off Old Mine Road and head straight uphill towards the top of the Kittatinny Ridge. Just below the ridge are a series of small lakes that define a haven for those looking for a place to get lost wandering through mountainside forest full of wildlife and open meadows surrounding crystal clear waters. But, the pristine aura at Blue Mountain Lakes yields scant evidence of the ambitious development for which it was created. More...

Plan Ahead!



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