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November 7 - 14

November Song

Photo by Trish Romano
Some days unfold slowly, but listen carefully to catch their rhythm, and you may enjoy the tune. There is much to do; bundle up and enjoy! Can you believe it? Three weeks until Thanksgiving!

Honor Bound

Warren County Wounded Veterans Memorial
There are somewhere around 1,200 historical markers in New Jersey, 500 of them in the Northwest Skylands region. Many are monuments to war veterans from all eras and in all sizes.
In Flemington there is a marker that you can't see from the road in memory of in memory of "Vietnam War Dogs and Their Handlers." The Lambertville 8-12 Baseball League erected a memorial to PFC Charles L. Danberry who gave his life serving in the Marine Corp in Vietnam.
The Branchburg Veterans Memorial covers six wars at once: the American Revolution, Civil War, Word Wars I and II, the Korean War and Vietnam, all with art depicting each conflict, surround a small court and a central monument honoring the men and women of Branchburg who proudly served.
And a statue commemorating World War II hero, John Basilone, sculpted by a boyhood friend and installed in 1948, stands larger than life -- like the man -- on a little triangular intersection on Somerset Street in the Borough of Raritan.
Monuments like these decorate Northwest New Jersey in prominent and tucked away places. They are statues and plaques, fine-crafted or natural rock, some are pedestaled and others are so discreet as to appear part of the natural landscape. They all commemorate a part of our history, and often remind us of courageous men and women who have served our country. Remember them this Monday on Veterans Day. More...

The Tripod Rock Caper

Tripod Rock at Pyramid Mountain
Tripod Rock -- begetter of mystery, artifact of glacial motion or signpost of Indigenous People? Two such monuments decorate the Northwest Jersey landscape ­ one on a Morris County mountaintop, the other protected by rock outcrop on the side of Kittatinny Mountain in High Point State Park. The rocks are not-to-be-missed ­ phenomena for all to enjoy.

The Tewksbury Register

Mountainville ahead!
Hunterdon County is home to over forty historic districts on the National Register. Some of those, in Tewksbury Township, are located in some of the most beautiful and serene countryside in New Jersey. With a little historic perspective, your trip through these antique villages will become an excursion of discovery. An afternoon driving or biking along this route is time well-spent; one that you'll likely tell your friends about. Luscious color remains!

Skylands Prime!

Lamington Lifestyles (formerly Lamington General Store)is located in a restored 1890s general store.
Enjoy refreshments and good cheer at this weekend's (Nov. 9-10) Holiday Open House at Lamington Lifestyles, the perfect opportunity to combine an autumn excursion with some serious groundwork on your holiday gift list. A Bedminster destination for 33 years, the shop offers two floors brimming with home decor, unique gifts, women's apparel, baby gifts, jewelry and artwork, and custom furniture. (The store specialty is custom farm tables.) 285 Lamington Rd., Bedminster (just outside of Oldwick Village), 908/439-2034. Is there a better place to spice up a late autumn afternoon?


The straw bale house at Genesis Farm.
The word “consider” has its origin in the early French word for star-like: “sidereal”. Its use suggested that important thoughts, judgments and decisions ought to take into account the perspectives of the stars. We might suggest that “Consider” now has an expanded meaning, the promise that with some corrections in our perceptions we might also be inspired to change our behaviors.

Natural building considers a structure’s impact on the local environment and culture, the global ecology, the needs and well-being of the inhabitants, and the quality of the building itself. Straw bale homes can make a significant contribution toward relieving the many challenges we face due to the effects of climate disruption, the increased scarcity of safe fossil fuels for our energy future, and the increased demands on the planet’s forests for construction materials for our human buildings. The straw bale house at Genesis Farm in Frelinghuysen demonstrates the use of locally available, time-tested renewable materials to construct an energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing home. Have a look!

Ready or Not!



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