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April 11 - 18

Appreciating Assets

Perseverance eventually led to preservation, and today the oldest building in Phillipsburg may be among its most appealing!
Tax time! We look for credit on the declining value of our assets. But this is a season to appreciate the world around us, earthquakes and solar eclipses aside. Do not allow Spring to further depreciate! Time to dig yourself back into Mother Earth. And what finer place to dig than New Jersey’s Great Northwest Skylands? Take advantage of a calendar budding with intriguing things for you and your family to enjoy. Or use the Outdoor Directory for links to all sorts of hikes and outdoor fun!

High Liquidity

Buttermilk Falls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is bursting at the seams!
There are waterfalls scattered throughout the Skylands region, but nowhere so plentiful than in the Kittatinny Mountains, where streams find their way down steep slopes to the Delaware River. Within the Kittatinny range, which parallels a forty-mile stretch of the river in Warren and Sussex Counties,several waterfalls are only a short walk away from parking areas. Now's the time!

Net Worth

The gouges and cuts that scarred the earth made way for early industrial commerce in Northwest New Jersey.
With a little research and a walk in the woods your town might transform from a collection of ordinary suburban neighborhoods to one of great historical significance. Explore the site of the Elizabeth Mine in Rockaway, one of a number of iron ore operations that comprised the Mount Hope Mine, which produced about six million tons of iron ore and, from its forge and furnace, cast iron products such as Revolutionary War cannonballs.

Accrued Interest

Bob Thompson
The pursuit of birds in view appeals to lots of people for lots of reasons. Beyond the activity's obvious natural allure, "chasing" birds keeps watchers physically fit. Learning and identifying hundreds of species on the fly challenges the intellect and intensifies awareness. And for photographers and illustrators, there is no better subject. The concentration of ridges, valleys and wetlands in our area holds a fortune of interaction with the avian experience any time of year, but especially in spring...

Capital Gains

White Township farmer Albert Smith in 1972, photographed by Richard Harpster.
Farms have always been integral to the fabric of Warren County, but farmers have had to adapt to changing economic and community demands. The survivors have diversified their product, and many have ventured into agritourism in order to provide for their families.

Happy Returns

Tap our calendar for the best events for you and your family, or check our current stories. Pick from a multitude of daytrip itineraries and watch out for our virtual efforts to keep you informed. For the more aerobically inclined, the Outdoor Map shows the way to go, or choose among dozens of natural attractions or outdoor activities suggested on our website. Choose your own adventure!
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