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June 2 - 9

Alive and Well!

Bob Thompson
Feeling your oats? Here comes the sun, so take advantage of a schedule full of intriguing things for you and your family to enjoy. Or choose among dozens of natural attractions or outdoor activities suggested on our website. How can you complain?

Life of Spice

Perennial garden and sundial at Well-Sweep
Discover the best ways to spice up your garden, and your life, at the Spring Open House on Friday - Sunday, June 4-6, at Well-Sweep Herb Farm. Enjoy a day of free lectures, presentations, and tours of spectacular gardens. Lecture topics include Cooking with Herbs, Butterfly Gardening, Asian Herbs and more. There will be craft and food vendors, and Well-Sweep's largest selection of herb plants will be available. Free admission and parking. Click or call 908/852-5390. Well-Sweep is located between Hackettstown and Washington at 205 Mt. Bethel Rd. in Port Murray.

Take a Float on the Wild Side!

Heading upstream through the Refuge from Bassetts Bridge, the Wallkill is a corridor of beauty.
The Wallkill River shares with great rivers like the Nile and the Rhine the peculiarity of northward flow. From out of Lake Mohawk, it spills over a dam then becomes a stream, bubbling and rushing fast, seeming most determined to be free.

Big Bucks

If you like to hike in New Jersey, chances are you know Worthington State Forest. But few of the hikers, campers, canoeists, and nature lovers that visit Worthington realize that industrial pumps are responsible for the preserved wilderness and natural wonders that they enjoy there. Charles C. Worthington, a prominent and very wealthy New York socialite, sportsman, fisherman, and skilled rifleman, assembled this park in the late nineteenth century. He called it Buckwood Park. More...

Folk on the water

Preparing a meal aboard a Morris Canal boat. More boat people...
From the earliest timber rafts on the Delaware River, to the sophisticated technology of the Morris Canal, inland watercraft have played an important part in Northwest New Jersey's history.
You can learn more about this fascinating part of our heritage along the Morris Canal Greenway, a continuously expanding project to preserve the 102-mile route of the Morris Canal across New Jersey. By connecting points of interest along the canal throughout local communities and serving as a corridor of open space across northern NJ, the Greenway offers a unique educational, travel, and recreational experience along the historic towpath trail. You can plan your trip by referring to a handy collection of downloadable brochures from the Canal Society of New Jersey, each tailored to a specific destination along the former canal route.


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Meanwhile, stay tuned to our Day Trip Map for good ideas for a scenic drive! For the more aerobically inclined, the Outdoor Map shows the way to go, or choose among dozens of natural attractions or outdoor activities suggested on our website. Choose your own adventure!
Northwest New Jersey and destinations just beyond those borders, in Pennsylvania and New York, offer brilliant ways to get out and enjoy the pleasures of the season.
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