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Farms, Gardens and Wineries

There are scores of farms in the Northwest New Jersey Skylands, including dairy, produce markets, orchards, berry cultivators, equestrian centers, wineries, herb growers, honey producers, cheese makers. These stories profile just a few of the many places that welcome your company.

Agricultural Products
4-H Fairs
Today's clubs reflect modern trends and interests, but still emphasize the personal growth of each member
Apple Picking
A walk among ageless trees laden with the mythical fruit is a trip through a special kind of garden.
Beekeepers in New Jersey
People keep bees for different reasons, but any successful beekeeper is a meteorologist, botanist and entomologist all at once.
Beekeeping For Beginners
When taking a walk on our property, many of our friends hesitate at the bee hives and ask "Why bees?" Some days we ask ourselves the same question.
Birding on Farms
Wildlife viewers and local farmers can now benefit from a new and innovative partnership that enhances both the ecology of Northwest New Jersey and the economies of our still-rural communities.
Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse
Cows Outside! The farm produces artisanal bread, solar-powered cheeses, and pasture-raised beef. Farm tours are also available on the weekend.
Brook Hollow Farm
Beautiful apple and peach orchards near the Delaware Water Gap.
Cheese Stakes
Artisinal cheeses made at local farms helps the dairy industry survive.
Christmas Tree Growers
Tree farmers must plan years in advance, provide year-round care, and invest time, labor, and love into a crop which takes 7-15 years from planting to harvest.
Christmas Trees In New Jersey
Cut your own Christmas tree!
Exotic Farm Animals
Where cows once grazed, mystery creatures occupy the fields. Most serve two purposes: to educate and propagate. If curiosity leads to profits, all the better.
Farmers Markets
Day and weekend trips in the autumn Skylands can also be delicious, with the rich harvests of our local farms available to the savvy shopper at farmer's markets throughout our region.
Fertile Ground
Lately, more and more of New Jersey's edibles emerge in Community Gardens, which grow communities as well as good things to eat.
Field Guide
NJ Audubon's thirty-fifth outpost, the Wattles Stewardship Center in Port Murray, is a model for blending environmental awareness, wildlife habitat, and agriculture -- and a wonderful place to take a walk!
Food Preserving and Canning
Take advantage of the fall harvest, and "put up" some food for healthy, nutritious eating during the long winter months.
Four Sisters Winery at Matarazzo Farms: A Taste of Summer
In August, Four Sisters Winery will host the Vintage North Jersey Wine and Food Festival, where vintners from along the budding New Jersey Wine Trail will assemble to holding wine tastings and serving accompanying food. On Matarazzo's menu? Homemade flatbread pizza!
Free Range Livestock
Although the classic image of cows grazing lazily, chickens pecking the ground at their feet and pigs rooting around the barnyard on Grandma's farm is long gone from the commercial landscape, some New Jersey family farms raise and sell meats for local customers.
Garlic Growers
It's that white papery bulb that wards off vampires and the common cold.
How Does Your Garden Grow?
Mary's best (and easiest) veggie garden primer.
Jersey Grown Gardens
If toxic chemicals don't fit your vision of "green thumbness," look to the following alternatives for making your lawn and garden come alive!
Jersey Tomato Tasting
Some say that the Jersey tomato is just a memory; a juicy legend from times gone by, when tomatoes weren't born to run across the country in tractor-trailers.
Much of the terrain in the northwestern section tends to be rocky and hilly, suited more for planting fruit trees than for field crop production.
Organic Farming
Because these farmers don't rely on chemical fertilizers and pesticides to protect their plants, they rely on the land and treat it with respect. Some sell at market, others sell from a stand. Some share their bounty along with the risk of poor years with farm co-op members.
Race Farm: A Taste of Summer
The Race family sticks to a rapid pace and a complicated schedule: tending to the trees and produce, participating in multiple farmers' markets, planning events, and making foods and baked goods for the roadside market. Try their blueberry lemonade!
Shear Delight
Jacobs are the sheep of choice at Jenny Jump Farm. Hand-spinners love their natural color, and the wool can be spun into a complete spectrum from white to black.
Sussex County Farmers Market
Permanent market housed at the Sussex County Fairgrounds.
Tassot Apiaries
Jean-Claude and his team are celebrating their 10th anniversary as your experts in beeswax candles, natural soaps and cosmetics, bee pollen, beekeeping equipment and of course, HONEY!
Victory Veggies. Grow a Survival Garden!
Today it seems we're in a war against old habits. Our excesses may be catching up with us. There's a blight spreading through the money tree in America. Is it dead or just dormant? Will it bloom this year or skip a year, or even more? We keep hearing that the housing bubble has burst and we're in a stock market correction. Maybe it is time for an agricultural correction.
Warren County Farmers Fair
The history of the Warren County Farmers' Fair is a checkered one. The event that we know today -- an agriculturally based, family oriented exposition -- was a long time in coming. It almost didn't make it.
Well-Sweep Herb Farm
Touring Well-Sweep Herb Farm in Port Murray is an exciting learning experience; part herbal lesson, part horticulture history flashback, part taste test.
White Township Farms: The End Of An Era
An interesting book about farms in White Township, reminds us of the farmer's ingenuity, and of the values represented by the Warren County's agricultural heritage.
Windy Brow Farm: A Taste of Summer
Pick up some yellow peaches at Windy Brow then try one of their favorite seasonal recipes, Grilled Peach Summer Salad.
General Guides
Farm Preservation
Farmland Preservation is completely voluntary, and there are a variety of programs available to assist farmers to maintain their property in functional agriculture.
Hunterdon County Farm Visits
They are as different from each other as three farmers can be and as different from a non-farmer's stereotype of farmers as they can be. But they have this in common: They love their work, and their work is never-ending. Talk to any of them for long, and you find out that when a farmer is awake, he's at work.
Regional Farm Guide
Regional farm directory
Sussex County Christmas Tree Growers
Sussex County farm profiles
Sussex County Farm Guide
Sussex County farm profiles
Sussex Farm Visits
Sussex County farm profiles
Warren County Farm Visits
Warren County farm profiles
Pick Your Own
Apple Picking
A walk among ageless trees laden with the mythical fruit is a trip through a special kind of garden.
Berry Picking
Beginning with the strawberries and languishing until the frosts of October, berries provide a lengthy time span for berry-lovers in the Skylands region to get out and savor the juicy goodness of a native fruit.
Much of the terrain in the northwestern section tends to be rocky and hilly, suited more for planting fruit trees than for field crop production.
Pumpkin Picking
Fall field trips

  • Beemerville Orchards
  • U-Pick Apples: many varieties. Selling fresh cider from our press, pumpkins, mums, already picked apples, etc.. Mon-Sat. 9-6. Closed Sundays. Small groups welcome.

    73 Lusscroft Road, Sussex 07461, 973/875-1029

  • Brook Hollow Farm
  • PYO apples, several varieties including semi-dwarf trees (great for kids). Peaches from our orchards, pumpkins, farm market. Wagon rides on fall weekends. Near beautiful Delaware Water Gap, Rt 80 ex 4 to Rt 94 N, 3 1/2 mi to Frog Pond Rd. You'll be glad you found us!

    Frog Pond Rd., Hainesburg 07832, 908/496-4577

  • Longmeadow Farm
  • U-pick apples (15 varieties), berries, pumpkins (with hayride). Preserves, fruit butters, and home-harvested honey. Open Saturday and Sundays, 9-5

    561 Blairstown Rd (Route 521), Hope 07844, 908/459-5351

  • Ochs Orchard
  • Homegrown fruits and vegetables available when in season. Honey, peanut butter, jams and jellies, homemade hard and soft ice-cream. Cider made on site from Red Delicious for sweetness, Winesap for tang, McIntosh and Empire for body. Honey, peanut butter, jams and jellies, homemade hard and soft ice-cream. Market open June through January.

    4 Ochs Ln, Warwick 10990, 845/986-1591

  • Race Farm
  • Pick your own apples, pumpkins, berries, fruits and vegetables at the family-owned farm, quality growers for four generations. Free admission, parking and hayrides. Cider mill, bakery, concessions, and market.

    93 Belcher Rd, Blairstown 07825, 908/362-8151 (farm); 908/362-8520 (market)

  • Windy Brow Farms
  • Pick your own apples through October with wagon rides on weekends; group tours weekdays. Homemade pies and baked goods, cider, local honey, jams, jellies, seasonal fruits and vegetables, flowers, and country decorations. Rt. 80 to 206 Springdale. Left on Rt. 618, right at blinker onto R. 519. 1/2 mile on right.

    359 Ridge Road, Newton 07860, 973/579-9657

Along the Vintage North Jersey Trail
A portion of the western part of Warren County, along the Delaware and Musconetcong rivers and their tributaries, has been designated by the federal government as a wine grape-growing region. Take a leisurely ride from one Warren County winery to another and find out what happens with those grapes!
Beneduce Vineyards
"It's a family tradition," explains Justen Beneduce Hiles, who with her brother Mike, Jr., are the active partners in the family-owned vineyard in Pittstown.
Brook Hollow Winery
The Brook Hollow Winery, in Knowlton Township, looks out over a five-acre vineyard, then beyond to the Delaware Water Gap.
Cava Winery
For the visitor, Cava Winery is unique in that it also contains a restaurant where a tour and tasting can culminate with dinner chosen from full bistro style menu.
Dirty Little Secrets
Want in on a dirty little secret? "Holy cow, it's in the dirt." Yep, good old Garden State dirt. No, not our usual tabloid kind rife with political scandals, but the stuff beneath your feet. As any farmer and every gardener will attest, it's the stuff dreams are made of. And even if you don't have a green thumb, you'll know its hue, color and timbre, how it compacts and crumbles between your fingers, how its savory aroma wafts up as you bend forward for a whiff, and how nearly you can taste it.
Elixir of the Senses
Making wine in New Jersey
Ventimiglia Vineyard
Gene Ventimiglia uncorks a bottle of dark red wine and pours a taste. "This is my favorite," he says. "This is what my grandfather made. Enjoy the nose, it blossoms right up there! This is a food wine, very different. And the finish, it stays there forever, so when the beautiful women drink this they have to think of me!"
Vintage North Jersey Wine Trail
Sprinkled with nearly a dozen vineyards, the area is also making its mark as a delightful destination for a diversity of wineries.
Westfall Winery
Were you to hanker for a splendid day in the country after a long hard winter--a Jersey version of a lazy, sun-stroked afternoon in Tuscany--Westfall Farm and Winery would be the place.
Winery tour