Along the Old Mine Road

In the 1600s Dutch miners discovered copper ore in a beautiful ravine located about seven miles north of the Delaware Water Gap. To access the ore and to transport it to Kingston, New York, they constructed a road, now known as the Old Mine Road. Primitive by present standards, it was a major undertaking in its day, and legends of the road and its Dutch miners have persisted for over two centuries

Along the Vintage North Jersey Trail

A portion of the western part of Warren County, along the Delaware and Musconetcong rivers and their tributaries, has been designated by the federal government as a wine grape-growing region. Take a leisurely ride from one Warren County winery to another and find out what happens with those grapes!

Bald Pate Mountain, Washington's Crossing, Howell Farm

Just a few miles south of Lambertville lies an area ripe for weekend adventure and exploration. Components of local, national, and natural history are well represented, as well as brilliant prospects for craft seekers, hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders, and picnickers.

Big Skylands Country

Warren County's Scott's Mountain, so named since at least 1885, is known locally as Montana Mountain, named for the small hamlet that sits on its scenic plateau. Nearby Merrill Creek Reservoir, with its vast open waters and network of wooded trails, is deserving of any excursion up the mountain. The trip back down into and through the Pohatcong Valley is equally rewarding for students of history and devotees of the outdoors, especially in autumn when you might even spot flying pumpkins.

Both Sides Now

Follow the narrow, twisting back roads along both shores of the Delaware River -- from Phillipsburg south to Milford in New Jersey, and Upper Black Eddy back north to Easton in Pennsylvania -- through countryside rich in local history and lore, old hamlets of which little trace remains, past quaint homes and natural wonders along the way.

Fall Foliage

The annual fall foliage bloom is dependent primarily on moisture and the first frost, but peak leaf viewing in Northwest New Jersey normally occurs somewhere around the first full week of October.

Fall Foliage In Sussex County

Sussex County is a leaf peeper's paradise. You can spare yourself the time, road miles and money of a New England journey and enjoy brilliant colors and friendly, rural charm in New Jersey's Great Northwest.Sussex County contains six State Parks and one State Forest, accounting for almost 1/3 of the county's land mass.

Glory Days of Autumn

Northwest New Jersey's scenic beauty is never greater than during the glory days of autumn. A riot of color transforms the landscape; old villages and quaint hamlets, surrounded by yellow birch and red maple, become even more picturesque.

Hard Facts and Solid Stories

Nearly everywhere you look there are rocks; big ones, little ones, sometimes fields of them. Curious explorers cannot help but wonder why some have drawn enough attention in days gone by to have been given names of their own.

Hardscrabble: A Hike Through The Hollow

Journey down to the northwest corner of Bernardsville, to a road named Hardscrabble, and explore trails that crisscross through a National Park and a wildlife sanctuary, both of which offer wildlife and landscapes of wooded hillsides, open meadows, and streams.

Hunterdon County Arboretum in Fall

Foliage in Northwest New Jersey is different than that of New England because of our wide variety of trees. Where can you find the most diverse panorama of tree species? An arboretum of course!

Mr. Adventure

I meet Terry Lee and his Harley Davidson three-wheeler ifor a ride to important places of historic worth, sentimental value and natural beauty that together makes a great day trip in Warren County.

Pequest Pilgrims

Immerse yourself in the season's beauty, the region's heritage, and a spectrum of natural features along this forty-mile loop that parallels the Pequest River through its upper reaches,

Roads Best Traveled

The historic and scenic river towns of Easton, Portland, Columbia, Belvidere and Phillipsburg all merit in-depth exploration of their own, but this forty-eight-mile loop tour emphasizes the old roads connecting them.

Rock and Roll Highway

Interstate Route 80 can be a scenic tour through an ancient glacial lake, across a glacial morraine, over the New Jersey Highlands into the vast Valley and Ridge province. Enjoy your next ride on the Christopher Columbus Highway with a new perspective!

Route 513, Dover to Frenchtown

Off the beaten track but not too far

Schooley's Elusive Spirit

A tour along Schooley’s Mountain back roads through parks, lore, and legends.

Sussex County Vistas

Northwest Sussex County is New Jersey's wild land. It reaches the primitive core of our beings. Its landscape is largely untamed, only the hand of the plow turns its soil. It's a land whose beauty inspires the imagination and motivates creative fulfillment. Its colorful history is living.

The Lackawanna Cutoff

Following this route takes you along one of the most innovative endeavors of the early part of this century and through some of the prettiest countryside in the northeast!

The Walpack Valley

A wild and scenic countryside in Northwest New Jersey Skylands.

Trails, Tracks and Taverns

Old roads and new trails in and around Hunterdon County’s Jugtown Mountain offer scenic options for fall explorers as they wander through historic districts, old hamlets, wooded roads, environmental preserves and county parks. The more you look, the more you see!

Trickle Down

Follow the Spruce Run on its way from the top of Schooley’s Mountain to the reservoir that bears it’s name.

Van Campen Inn and Fort Shapanack

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (DWGNRA) covers a 40-mile stretch from the Delaware Water Gap to Port Jervis, NY. Interesting and scenic old roads can be found throughout the area, but none possess more mystery and legend than New Jersey’s Old Mine Road

Vintage North Jersey Wine Trail

Sprinkled with nearly a dozen vineyards, the area is also making its mark as a delightful destination for a diversity of wineries.

Wet and Wild

Newfoundland, West Milford offer preserved deep forests, brooks, ponds and unspoiled landscapes throughout the Pequannock Watershed.

All Along The Byway

The Millstone Scenic Byway includes eight historic districts along the D&R Canal, an oasis of preserved land, outdoor recreation areas in southern Somerset County

Both Sides Now

Follow the narrow, twisting back roads along both shores of the Delaware River -- from Phillipsburg south to Milford in New Jersey, and Upper Black Eddy back north to Easton in Pennsylvania -- through countryside rich in local history and lore, old hamlets of which little trace remains, past quaint homes and natural wonders along the way.

Float the Wild Side on the Wallkill River

Follow the tiny but mighty Wallkill River on its 88.3-mile journey north through eastern Sussex County into New York State. From out of Lake Mohawk, it spills over a dam then becomes a stream unseen by most, running through town parks, woodland, and past parking lots and businesses. It's dammed in Franklin to form Franklin Pond, the town's reservoir, and, in Hamburg, is stocked with trout before it flows through the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge and into New York.

Hampton's Map

Trace a line of forts that protected New Jersey's northwestern frontier along the Delaware River during the French and Indian war.

Lower Musconetcong Valley

Taking Route 519 south from Alpha through Springtown, the narrow macadam curves west as it enters the lower Musconetcong Valley and joins Route 627. This, 627, is the route to stay with for 519 soon deserts us and goes off to Milford. Route 627 hugs the lower Musconetcong River for its last few miles of existence through a little-known collection of ancient settlements and beautiful farms.

Million Dollar Highway

All along the Water Gap’s historic Kittatinny Park in Pennsylvania.

Musconetcong River

How have we loved the Musconetcong River? Let us count the ways.

Pequest River

When the brooklet reaches Warren County, just a few miles from its source at Stickles Pond, it becomes a respectable body of water. For example, in Sussex County the streamlet is most often referred to as Pequest Crik; in Warren County its name is, without exception, Pequest RIVER.

Raritan South Branch: Budd Lake to Clinton

The fledgling river flows south from Budd Lake, under Route 46 where you can follow its general path by turning left on Wolff Rd, right on Flanders-Drakestown, and left again on River Road through heavily wooded residential areas marked here and there by occasional ancient homesteads and antique mills refurbished for family habitation. When River Road meets Flanders Bartley Road, turn right and follow the river as it makes its way, having picked up some steam, into Washington Valley.

Raritan South Branch: Clinton to Flemington

A good place to begin your appreciation of the South Branch is at Echo Hill Park just south of Clinton.

Raritan South Branch: Flemington to Bridgewater

The water begins to spread across wider ranges of farmland and meadows as it approaches the Higginsville Road bridges that span the river between Hunterdon and Somerset Counties.

Roads Best Traveled

The historic and scenic river towns of Easton, Portland, Columbia, Belvidere and Phillipsburg all merit in-depth exploration of their own, but this forty-eight-mile loop tour emphasizes the old roads connecting them.

Rockaway River

Follow its path not an easy thing, since access is often difficult and you can see things that make you want to cheer and weep. In its 40 miles, the Rockaway serves as a précis of the story of all American rivers and their relationship with people who live, work, play, travel, love, care for and ignore them.

The Black River

The Black River (also called the Black-Lamington) is only about 12 miles long from beginning to end, but on the way it slices through the lives of tens of thousands of New Jerseyans. It hits them where they live, work and play.

The Lamington River

Two tributaries of the Raritan River, the Lamington River and the North Branch, meander through some of the prettiest scenery in the state. Happily, some of the best stretches of the rivers are now open to the public. Confucius claimed that a man of wisdom delights in water; these havens offer ample opportunities to grow wise.

Trickle Down

Follow the Spruce Run on its way from the top of Schooley’s Mountain to the reservoir that bears it’s name.

Whippany River

If ever there was a river that expresses New Jerseyans' attitude toward their state's natural resources, the Whippany River is it.

Architecture in Flemington

Carefully tended to evoke other eras, the historic district offers something increasingly rare in New Jersey: a place where it seems right and proper to walk, to appreciate the view, to slow down.


The Victorian homes on Blairstown’s Main Street and a 19th Century stone mill give this village along the Paulinskill River a distinctive historical flavor complemented by interesting specialty shops, galleries and restaurants.

Branchville Country

On the way North through Sussex County on Rt. 206, there's a tiny, old-time borough called Branchville. Just one-half square mile large, it is packed with history, old buildings, new business and interesting people, and where contemporary meets traditional. Surrounded by mountains and glacial lakes, farms, wineries, campgrounds, state parks and forests,

Califon and High Bridge

Northeast Hunterdon County is a feast for both the eyes and the soul. Rolling hills, charming 18th century villages, farms, horses made frisky by the cooler weather, and brilliant fall foliage bring you back to gentler days.

Chester for the Holidays!

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a Historic Chester Experience you will never forget.

Clinton and the Red Mill

Perhaps no symbol of western New Jersey is better known than the landmark Red Mill at Clinton. Located just below the confluence of Spruce Run and the South Branch of the Raritan, on the west end of Main Street, the mill and its surroundings have played host to a succession of industries and activities spawned by the region's remarkably rich agricultur


On a relaxing walk across the pedestrian bridge from Columbia, NJ to Portland, PA on a sunny day, you would not suspect that this scene of the magnificent thrusts of the water gap, and the architecturally rich arches of the Delaware Lackawanna and Western viaduct that anchors your upstream view, could be anything but tranqui

Denville Detour: Jonathan's Woods and More!

Even today, if you needed a natural hideout--a really good one--Jonathan's Woods could work. This six hundred plus acre pocket of undeveloped property, lies not far from one of Morris County's busiest highways: Interstate Route 80. And yet the tract offers unexpected isolation. You could, as they say, get lost here.

Frenchtown and Milford

This is New Jersey's West Coast; full of enough spirit, color and charm to satisfy the most inquisitive, adventurous and romantic of visitor

Greenwood Lake

Situated half in New Jersey and half in New York, Greenwood Lake is not about political boundaries. It is a state of mind, a Highlands destination in the with the biggest water in the New York are

Historic Flemington

Here you sense a special quality of life, enjoy small town friendliness, see beautifully restored and preserved architecture, and take pride in an historic district where 60% of the buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a borough where people stroll along its streets, where local residents and tourists mingle, exchange smiles and share the Victorian atmosphere of what is still a typical Main Street.


Have you ever followed a highway sign and gotten nowhere? Follow some directional markers off Northwest New Jersey country roads and that's just what you'll get. Unless of course you slow down long enough to take a closer look. A few older homes clustered together, a crumbling foundation, cemetery stones worn with time: these places tell stories worth knowing


134 years ago, in 1871, a small section of Randolph Township was given a name, and an identity. It was born when the booming iron industry in Morris County was the third largest in the nation

Lake Mohawk

To walk along the Boardwalk at Lake Mohawk in Sussex County is to step back into another time, a time when the pace of life was a tad slower and less complicated


Renaissance in river country.

Morristown and Dover Latino Community

The towns of northwestern New Jersey, built by immigrant Dutch farmers, Irish miners and Polish ironworkers, are being re-shaped by new waves of immigrants from Latin America.

Mountain Lakes: Meant for Meandering

Known for its Arts and Crafts inspired houses, tragically ambitious developer, and strong sense of community, Mountain Lakes has a way of baffling first time visitors. Arriving by car on "The Boulevard," its tree-lined main thoroughfare, newcomers have been known to stop one of the walkers or runners that populate the busy sidewalk, once a trolley track. "Where can I find the center of town?"

Out of the Box: Gift Shopping on Main Street!

Avoid messy mall parking and that faceless big-box MaulMart syndrome. And get yourself some real service from people who care! Pick from hundreds of handmade, original items from any number of gift shops and galleries on the Main Streets of Northwest New Jersey.


Phillipsburg has rolled up its sleeves to brand its industrial heritage as a major component of its appeal as a cultural and recreational destination.

Place of the Arrow Wood

Though transportation, past and present, provides the most striking visual identifiers of southeast Morris County's Hanover Township, the character of the place is rooted in the course of the meandering Whippany River. The water power the river gave rise to mills for agriculture in the 18th Century, and in time, the structures associated with the industrial revolution of the 19th Century.

Rushing Water Places: Parsippany Heritage

Phonetically "pa-sippo-nong", from the native Lenne Lenape name for "rushing water place", Parsippany is a sprawling highway crossroads on the eastern side of Morris County; where the waters still flow, but commuters now do most of the rushing. But the township's Colonial past and agricultural, and industrial heritages have left some interesting places to see.

So This Is Quakertown

Located a mile apart in the heart of Hunterdon County, the villages of Pittstown and Quakertown still retain their old-time small-town charm. And both were both affected by the Revolutionary War.


Take some time to explore the town of Somerville, the Somerset County seat. There are several walking tours available through the Somerset County Chamber of Commerce and the Heritage Trail Association. Lodging is easily accessible within a five mile radius. Places to eat abound.


The best known feature of the Stillwater area is probably Swartswood Lake State Park, but there are myriad treasures throughout the rolling hills and three villages in that corner of Sussex County.


With a little historic perspective, your trip through these antique villages will become an excursion of discovery. An afternoon driving or biking along this route is time well-spent; one that you'll likely tell your friends about.

The Blair Trail

Follow John I. Blair's life through Blairstown, Hope, Belvidere and Delaware.

The Sourlands

Bootleggers, slaves, hippies, criminals: the mountain’s history provides ample inspiration for writers and folk musicians, even if the bootleggers are long gone and the back country shacks have disappeared.

Vernon and Warwick

The topography, the landscape, is what brings people to these mountains and countryside, and it's these people who created a magical mix of history, country, romance and culture.

Historic Hunterdon Taverns

In Hunterdon County, which celebrates its 300th birthday this year (2014), hundreds of the oldest taverns are now mostly forgotten, their scant traces to be found in a few history books or a scattered handful of ruined foundations located only by the most persistent.

Mr. Adventure

I meet Terry Lee and his Harley Davidson three-wheeler ifor a ride to important places of historic worth, sentimental value and natural beauty that together makes a great day trip in Warren County.

Weekend Journey through the Past

Somerset County's annual showcase of historical sites is a free self-guided tour featuring interpreted tours led by guides in period dress, special collections and exhibitions, arts, and a seemingly unending variety of offerings. Visit 29 historic sites on October 14-15, 2017

Company Men

Fire is nondiscriminatory. Lenny Dante, a former Chief at Pottersville Fire Company considers the consequences of a blaze. "It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor.

Planning Growth

Smart growth in New Jersey.

The Highlands Plan

Planning issues and the HIghlands Act in Northwest New Jersey.

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